The Women’s History Book Tag // Intelligent Female Characters, Award-Winning Books, & Bad-ass Historical Women

In true Caitlin fashion, this post is late.

International Women’s Day has come and gone, but here I am doing the Women’s History Book Tag! But every day is a perfect time to celebrate feminism—which is what I’m telling myself to comfort myself about the fact that this post is late. Thank you so much to Caro @ Bookcheshirecat for tagging me! And thank you to Margaret @ Weird Zeal for creating this wonderful tag that does a great job of highlighting women’s history. ๐Ÿ’—

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February Wrap-up // celebrating TWO birthdays (mine + my blog’s) & unexpectedly getting appendicitis

Hello! Sorry for disappearing a bit.

I’ll be explaining why later in this post! But long story short, February was a hectic and eventful month. I celebrated quite a few milestones, and also cried a lot (internally, thankfully, though I did actually cry once). Anyways, I’m just glad that February is behind us, and I’m looking forward to March being better!

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Books I’ll (Probably) Never Read tag

This post is a bit more ~spicy~ than usual.

I’m picky with the books I add to my TBR. This results in a lot of books that I’ll never read, no matter how hyped they are, because I just know I won’t like them. Today, I’ll be talking about said books by doing the Books I’ll Probably Never Read tag. Thank you so much to Emma @ A Few Chapters Til’ Love for tagging me in it! She tagged me back in July 2019, so this post is extremely late!

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Caitlin Reads… Book Bloggers’ Favorite Books of 2019 // ft. Love From A to Z, The Last Namsara & more!

Friends, I’m so excited to introduce you to my new blog series!!! *screeches in enthusiasm*

This new series is entitled Caitlin Reads…, where (hopefully) every month, I’ll be reading a couple books that fit a certain theme. The first post in this series’ theme is—as you can probably tell—book bloggers’ favorite books of 2019! Other themes may include underrated books, book bloggers’ book recommendations, and more! Watch out for those posts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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December Wrap-up // I went to Japan and experienced snow for the very first time!!

This post is late, but for a good reason.

Hi, friends! I know we’re already halfway through January and I’m just posting my December wrap-up now. I had to publish all of my end-of-the-year posts first, so here we are!

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