Favorite Posts of the Month: May 2020 // Introducing a New Feature!!

You may have noticed that I don’t have a “favorite posts I read this month” section in my wrap-ups like many other bloggers do.

This is due to multiple reasons: my wrap-ups are long enough, sometimes I forget to save posts I like, etc. However, since I still want to promote my fellow bloggers’ content (and I’m running out of post ideas…), I’ve decided to start a new monthly feature boringly titled “Favorite posts of the month“! It’s pretty self-explanatory: at the end of each month, I’ll be dedicating an entire post to mentioning posts published in the previous month that stuck out to me, along with some commentary on why I liked them.

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May Wrap-up // Lots of Relaxing but No Productivity… (Also, Let’s Show Our Support for Black People!!)

Black Lives Matter.

I’m sure you’re already aware of current events, but if not, please take the time to educate yourself. Use your platform to uplift Black voices and fight racism. Remember, being silent is siding with the oppressors. This link contains a masterlist of resources, including petitions to sign, guidelines for protestors, donation links, numbers to call, and more. If you’re unable to expend money, protest, etc., the least you can do is take the time to sign petitions, retweet important links, watch this video without skipping the ads, call out your racist friends and family, and more (there are so many easy ways to show support for the BLM movement and be anti-racist).

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