All My Thoughts on Blog Hopping // Why I Do It, My Blog Hopping Process, & more

I’m a little nervous to write this post.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a blogging discussion, and discussions, especially the ones related to blogging, are the hardest posts for me to write. I feel like I’ve only been publishing “easy” posts lately, like tags, lists, wrap-ups, etc. This isn’t to say that these types of posts don’t take a lot of effort to put together, but they’re easier for me to write since they all have a structured format. Man do I miss uploading a blogging discussion, one that I structured entirely by myself, and getting to hear everyone’s thoughts on the topic I talked about.

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What It Takes For Me to Rate a Book 5 Stars // What I Look for in Characters, Plot & More, ft. Examples!

As you may or may not know, I almost never rate books 5 stars.

I could write a whole post about why that is (and I might), but for now, I’ll just talk about what impossibly high standards a book must reach in order for me to give it the highest rating possible. I’ll be breaking this post down into sections entitled “plot”, “writing”, “characters”, etc., where I’ll talk about what I look for in each and how much this particular aspect of a book affects my rating. I hope this post’ll make sense—I feel like I’ve got my whole rating system figured out, but who knows? Human emotions are complicated. 😔

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What I Dislike About Goodreads

Goodreads could really be that b*tch if it changed a few things about its interface. (Also, hi, I’m joining the bandwagon of people who begin their posts with a funny heading.)

This post is about Goodreads, and all the things I hate about it! When I first came up with the idea for this blog post a few weeks ago, I was so excited because I have lots of beef with Goodreads, and I think lots of people do too. The only reasons I still use it is because the reading challenge motivates me to read more, I can keep track of the books I’ve read in a year and the books I’m currently reading, and get reading stats.

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Discussion: How Do You Choose the Books on Your TBR?

We book lovers always complain about our never-ending TBRs (to-be-reads) that we’ll probably never cut down to a sizable amount. I’ve always considered myself to be pickier than most when choosing what books I want to add on Goodreads, download an ebook of, purchase for myself, or add to my TBR. But if I were to estimate, my entire TBR—virtual and physical—would be around 150 books give or take.

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Are We Really Friends—or Do You Just Want Me to Comment on Your Blog? || a Discussion

I don’t know if you’re aware of this piece of blogging advice, but it can be summed up in one word—interact. Comment on other bloggers’ blogs, and in turn they will check out your blog and comment on it too. It’s an almost surefire way to grow your blog’s following. In addition to that, you’ll gain blogging friends more easily.

I’ve been interacting, or blog hopping, as we call it, since I first started blogging. I attribute most of my blog’s growth during the nearly six months I’ve had it to blog hopping. But I went through a phase a while ago wherein I stopped commeting on the blogs that didn’t interest me anymore even though we were leaving each other nice comments. And guess what? They didn’t comment on my blog anymore, and I haven’t heard from them since.

I also noticed this trend of people commenting on my blog and others’ blogs with detached one word sentences that simply seem to call out, “Hey! Check out my blog.” And that got me thinking about why we even comment on other people’s blogs.

A question formed in my mind that I couldn’t ignore—Are we blog hopping purely for our stats, and not because we’re genuinely interested in the content we’re consuming?

Think about it—you start commenting on someone’s blog, or someone starts commenting on yours. Either way, you both end up following each other. For every comment you leave on their blog, they’ll leave a comment on yours. I can think of dozens of blogs who specialize in this. I’ve even started doing this.

So what happens when you stop commenting? What if you suddenly get busy? Will they stop commenting–just like that? Even though you left each other such nice comments before you stopped blog hopping, will the other person stop commenting on your blog just because they won’t be getting something in return anymore?

Frankly, the thought disturbs me. Why are we leaving nice comments on other people’s blogs just so that they’ll check out our blogs in return? If so, which friendships are real and which are contingent on blog hopping?

Let me be clear that I’m not trying to bash anyone in this post. I have fed into this mindset myself. I’ve stopped commenting on people’s blogs just because they stopped commenting on mine. I have blog hopped solely because I want other people to check out my blog and not because I genuinely love their content. I’m not trying to call out anyone who has done this because I’m guilty of it too, and the reasons for doing it are perfectly understandable.

I’m also not saying that you shouldn’t blog hop. It’s a great way to grow your blog and ensure that the posts you’ve worked hard on are actually read by someone. I’m just not a fan of the symbiotic relationships that blog hopping creates. In my humble opinion, it’s perfectly okay to blog hop for views and stats—I know I do it. But this shouldn’t be the only reason we comment on other blogs.

I still comment on blogs who don’t follow me or interact with any of my posts. And even if I won’t get a comment back, I still comment on their blogs because I like their content. That’s the level I want to reach. I want to be able to not blog hop, and still have people commenting on my blog at the end of the day because they genuinely enjoy my content.

I only follow and continually comment on about 40 blogs now, and I know that this is surely gonna kill my stats—but you know what? It’s for the best, because all of the posts on my reader, in the words of Marie Kondo, “bring [me] joy.”

Also, shout out to my blogging friends. You know who you are. I think it wouldn’t be wrong of me to believe that if either of us stopped commenting on the other’s blog for whatever reason, we would still be friends.

This amazing post by Ilsa @ A Whisper of Ink, entitled Do You Genuinely Loving the Content You’re Creating and Consuming? partly inspired me to write this post. I wrote my own discussion on the topic because I wanted to share my own perspective, and because I feel like this discussion has to be brought back.

Please tell me your thoughts down below! Is there anything you disagree or agree with? What is your perspective on blog hopping? Sadly, I can’t reply to you yet because it’s exam season for me right now, but I’ll be back in no time!