Books I Plan to Read in September, ft. Raybearer, You Deserve Each Other, & More!

I’m posting something low-effort because school is killing me, look away.

I’m sure you’ve had enough of me complaining about school, so I’ll spare you the excuses! Today I’m just gonna list a few books I plan to read in the rest of September. I am 0% certain that I’ll manage to finish all of these before the month ends, but a girl can dream. (Also, I need to step up my reading game because The Starless Sea put me behind on my reading challenge. 🙃 I’m sure you’re judging me for not just lowering it but I’m too competitive for that okay.)

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Seven Books that I Desperately Need to Read in 2020

Don’t mind me, just crying about the state of my never-ending TBR instead of actually reading.

As the new year dawns on us, I truly do hope to make a sizable dent in my to-be-read pile. I know that almost everyone says that at the beginning of the year, only to add even more books to their TBR, but in 2020, I’m trying to be serious about cutting my TBR down. And to hold myself accountable, I’m gonna be mentioning seven books that I absolutely, absolutely have to read in 2020. If I don’t get to them next year, feel free to punch me through your screen.

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