CAITLIN READS: 2020 Releases with F/F Romances // ft. The Midnight Lie, You Should See Me in a Crown, & more!

I really had to speed-read in order for this post to go up before the end of Pride Month, and I’m so happy that I made it!

This month’s Caitlin Reads is Pride-themed. As you can tell from the title, I’ll be reading f/f books that were released this year. I’m so excited, because I absolutely love boosting f/f books. It sucks that so many people say that there there are no f/f books, or that there are no good f/f books. I’m excited to prove them wrong in today’s post! (Also, I’m so sorry there was no Caitlin Reads in May. I wasn’t able to finish the books in time. 😔)

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CAITLIN READS: Book Bloggers’ Book Recommendations // ft. Scythe, Graceling, & more!

I’m sorry the second part of this blog series took so long to come.

As you all know, I’m a Mess™—and not the cute kind. I’m sure ya’ll don’t want to hear the same old lousy excuses, so let’s just get right into the post—because I’m so excited to unveil Caitlin Reads #2!! This time the theme is Book Bloggers’ Book Recommendations.

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