What It Takes For Me to Rate a Book 5 Stars // What I Look for in Characters, Plot & More, ft. Examples!

As you may or may not know, I almost never rate books 5 stars.

I could write a whole post about why that is (and I might), but for now, I’ll just talk about what impossibly high standards a book must reach in order for me to give it the highest rating possible. I’ll be breaking this post down into sections entitled “plot”, “writing”, “characters”, etc., where I’ll talk about what I look for in each and how much this particular aspect of a book affects my rating. I hope this post’ll make sense—I feel like I’ve got my whole rating system figured out, but who knows? Human emotions are complicated. 😔

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Some of My Good Reading Habits // spreading the self-love for a change

I feel like we readers–and honestly, people in general–tend to focus on the negative side of things.

We always talk about what we’re doing wrong or need to improve on (hello, I’m the Queen of Self-Deprecating Jokes here). So I love that the Good Reading Habits Tag helps us look at the bright side of things for once! Thank you so much to the lovely Olivia @ Purely Olivia for tagging me! Please check her blog out if you haven’t yet—her blog is perfect in every way. 💕

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Being a Grinch on Christmas Day, aka my Most Disappointing Books of 2019


It’s Christmas, which, in my opinion, is the most famous holiday of the year! Though I must admit that I’m not much of a fan. My family and I don’t take part in most Christmas traditions, and it’s been years since I felt the holiday cheer. So I thought that it would be fitting to celebrate this holiday by being the neighborhood grinch. Today, I’m going to be talking about the most disappointing books I read in 2019!

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Why Is Reading so Unpopular?

I’m not like other girls—I read. 🤧

Little anecdote: My classmates and I had nothing to do in class one day, so we split into groups and started talking. I mean, they did. I, however, sat on the floor next to a group of girls and opened my phone in order to… read my ebook—what else? One of the girls asked me what I was doing, and I told her that I was reading. She responded with an “Are you a loser” look.

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Discussion: How Do You Choose the Books on Your TBR?

We book lovers always complain about our never-ending TBRs (to-be-reads) that we’ll probably never cut down to a sizable amount. I’ve always considered myself to be pickier than most when choosing what books I want to add on Goodreads, download an ebook of, purchase for myself, or add to my TBR. But if I were to estimate, my entire TBR—virtual and physical—would be around 150 books give or take.

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