All My Thoughts on Blog Hopping // Why I Do It, My Blog Hopping Process, & more

I’m a little nervous to write this post.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a blogging discussion, and discussions, especially the ones related to blogging, are the hardest posts for me to write. I feel like I’ve only been publishing “easy” posts lately, like tags, lists, wrap-ups, etc. This isn’t to say that these types of posts don’t take a lot of effort to put together, but they’re easier for me to write since they all have a structured format. Man do I miss uploading a blogging discussion, one that I structured entirely by myself, and getting to hear everyone’s thoughts on the topic I talked about.

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How My Blog Has Changed Since I Started It + 1-year Blogiversary Feedback Form // It’s almost my brain child’s first birthday 🥺

On February 26, 2019, I wrote and published my first ever post on Caitlin Althea.

And it’ll be February 26, 2020 in less than a week—less than a week until I hit my one-year blog anniversary. That’s… surreal. One year is such a huge milestone, and a lot can change in a year, as evidenced by my blog. If you’ve been following me since the beginning, you must know that my blog has changed a lot—in terms of content, post types, blog aesthetic—you name it! And as I near my one-year anniversary, I think it’ll be fun to look back on all the ways my blog has changed since I first started it.

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Hard Truths I’ve Learned About Book Blogging (& a few ways to cope with them)

I love book blogging, but there are some things about it that have been a little hard to accept.

I think that it’s natural for a community to always talk about the bright aspects of things. Would any of us be book bloggers if the cons of book blogging outweighed the pros? I don’t think so. But today I’ve been in a melancholy mood (guess the reason: it starts with s and rhymes with pool), and I wanted to get a little more real on the blog.

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