All My Thoughts on Blog Hopping // Why I Do It, My Blog Hopping Process, & more

I’m a little nervous to write this post.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a blogging discussion, and discussions, especially the ones related to blogging, are the hardest posts for me to write. I feel like I’ve only been publishing “easy” posts lately, like tags, lists, wrap-ups, etc. This isn’t to say that these types of posts don’t take a lot of effort to put together, but they’re easier for me to write since they all have a structured format. Man do I miss uploading a blogging discussion, one that I structured entirely by myself, and getting to hear everyone’s thoughts on the topic I talked about.

So today I’m attempting to bring blogging discussions back to this blog by talking about blog hopping! (Which, just in case you don’t know, is the act of commenting on other bloggers’ posts.) I got the idea to write a discussion on blog hopping from Let’s Talk Bookish, a weekly discussion meme hosted by my dear friend Rukky @ Eternity Books and Dani @ Literary Lion. Last Friday’s discussion topic was blog hopping, and I was supposed to publish this last Friday, but it was taking too long to write. 😅 Please forgive me for uploading late, Rukky…

The Benefits of Blog Hopping

  • It’s great for exposure, especially if you’ve just started your blog. When you’re new to the blogosphere, it’s hard for people to find you, so you have to make them find you first. Of course, there are other ways for people to stumble upon your blog, but blog hopping is one of the most surefire ways. Most book bloggers comment back, so when you’ve commented on one or maybe a couple of their posts, they’ll probably return the favor.
  • Friends! I swear, blog hopping is such a great way to form connections within the community. With many of the bloggers I consider friends, our friendship started by commenting back and forth on each other’s posts.
  • It brings traffic to your own blog. Not only does blog hopping increase the chances of people commenting on your blog in return, but it also helps you get tagged in tags and awards, get shout-outs from other bloggers, etc.
  • Supporting other bloggers. Let’s face it, book blogs are losing to social media. (Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books wrote an excellent discussion on the underappreciation of book bloggers, and she talks about the topic more eloquently than I could.) So it’s important to support each other, because, honestly, not many people do.
  • Getting post ideas and helping you improve your content. I’m not saying that you should plagiarize. But visiting other people’s blogs has helped me improve my own blog so much. I’ve gotten inspiration from so many beautiful blog aesthetics, memorable blogging voices, creative post ideas, and more.
  • It’s fun! Yes, blog hopping can get stressful and time-consuming, especially if you comment back a lot and follow many blogs. But some bloggers consistently put out posts that are such a delight to read and interact with. 🥺

On the Selfish Aspect of Blog Hopping

I’m not gonna pretend that one of the biggest reasons I blog hop isn’t because I know it’ll help bring engagement to my own blog. I’m pretty sure everyone blog hops for themselves to some extent. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, as long as you put at least a little effort into reading the posts you’re commenting on and commenting something insightful. By this I mean, say something that’s actually related to the post, and don’t just say “Check out my blog!!!”. 🙃

Mistakes I Made When I First Started Blog Hopping

The biggest mistake I made was that I followed literally ANY blog I came across. I didn’t even read their posts first. I just clicked the follow button, and told myself that I would find the time to comment on every post on my Reader. 🤡

Of course, it didn’t go well at all. My Reader got so clogged that I couldn’t possibly comment on every single post in it. Sometimes I’d get so overwhelmed that I couldn’t even comment on one.

Moreover, most of the bloggers I followed didn’t comment back, or even reply to my comments. I was following the wrong people.

When you’re a new blogger who’s blog hopping to gain an audience, you shouldn’t follow just any blog. Instead, take note of which bloggers you always see in comment sections, and comment on their posts. They’re the ones who are most likely to comment back. However, I suggest following bloggers who both comment back and put out posts that interest you. There are a lot, trust me.

I also made the mistake of thinking that I had to follow everyone back. I used to follow every blogger who left a comment on or followed my blog, and I regret it. I should’ve checked their posts first to see if I genuinely found their blog worth following. I comment on almost every post in my Reader, and I don’t want to go back to the days when I’d wake up to 40 new posts every morning.

How I Blog Hop

This is just how I personally do it! Don’t take this as an *ultimate guide to blog hopping* because it’s not. What works for you may be different!

What I use to blog hop

I used Feedly for a while. I think Feedly’s strongest point is the fact that you can organize the people you’re following on WordPress into separate feeds. However, I stopped using Feedly because you can only follow up to a hundred blogs on it. If you want to follow more, you’ll have to pay. And I follow more than 100 blogs, so…

If Feedly interests you though, Kal @ Reader Voracious wrote an awesome guide to utilizing it for blog hopping!

using Rhi as an example lmao

Now, I just use the good old WordPress Reader. When I want to comment on a blog post from a person I follow, I just click “visit,” which will open the post I want to comment on in another tab.

I start every blog hopping session by opening every blog post I plan to comment on in a new tab. I find that having them all in individual tabs prevents me from forgetting about a blog post I need to comment on. Though I’ve learned the hard way that your computer will stop working if you open too many tabs in rapid succession…

What posts do I comment on

Like I said above, I comment on almost every post on my Reader. However, I don’t try to force it if I can’t think of anything to comment, and simply leave a like to show my support.

(May @ Forever and Everly wrote a post on what makes her want to comment on a blog post, and I wholeheartedly agree with everything she said in it. If a blog post doesn’t have any of the things she listed, I probably won’t comment on it.)

I also comment back when someone I don’t know comments on one of my posts. I sometimes forget or am too lazy to comment back though… Also, if I’m being honest, I don’t feel the urge to comment back if someone’s comment doesn’t have anything substantial to say (e.g. “Great post!”), and it’s a big turn-off for me when people leave their blog’s link in their comment. If I’m interested, I’ll click on your profile. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Lastly, I comment on all of the posts that link back to me—whether it’s because the blogger tagged me in something or shouted me out—in order to show my thanks to them.

How frequently do I blog hop

I used to have a bad habit of letting un-commented on posts pile up for a few days, but now I try to dedicate time to blog hopping everyday so I don’t get overwhelmed.

What I usually say in my comments

I try to leave at least one-paragraph long comments, which usually talk about:

  • my excitement for a book that the blogger mentioned
  • my thoughts on a book that they mentioned and I’ve read
  • my personal thoughts on something they discussed
  • whether I agree or politely disagree with something they said

I have a penchant for rambling, so I’m sorry if I ever left an essay-long comment on your blog post that took you a long time to reply to. :((

I want to end this post by saying that you absolutely are not obligated to blog hop. It’s totally understandable if you don’t want to or can’t dedicate time to it!

Do you blog hop? IF YOU do, WHAT’S YOUR PROCESS? Do you think it’s important to blog hop? Did you like this post even though I’m clearly rusty at writing blogging discussions? 🙃

122 thoughts on “All My Thoughts on Blog Hopping // Why I Do It, My Blog Hopping Process, & more

  1. As someone who has been in and out of the blogging sphere, this was a really helpful post. I made the same mistakes you did at the beginning and got very overwhelmed. In fact, I’m still overwhelmed now with managing my blog and trying to blog hop… but I feel like I’m starting to finally understand and develop a method that works for me. I’ve just gotten Feedly but I’m being very careful and selective with the blogs I follow so I don’t end up making the same mistakes again.
    I’m also part of a Discord bloggers group so I try to engage with bloggers who post their most recent content there.
    All in all, a great post and I’m definitely going to keep in mind a lot of your tips!

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    1. Thank you so much!! I’m so glad this post was helpful to you 🥺💖 and I totally get that! It took me such a long time to find a blog hopping method that worked for me, & now i’m really happy that I have. Being picky with who you follow is key, imo. ❤

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  2. CAITLIN, I LOVED THIS POST SO MUCH! 💗 I have so much to say on this topic that I’m definitely going to be leaving you with an essay (as I normally do), so I apologize in advance! I honestly will probably write a blog post about this topic someday, and all I may have to do is copy and paste this comment! 🤣

    I really like the way I blog hop, but sometimes I feel as though I don’t do enough. In general Chana and I get emails from bloggers we follow whenever they post and we divide them up based on interest. If neither one of us are interested in that particular post, then we remove it from the inbox. This takes some amount of coordination, but at this point we’ve got our system pretty down pat. That being said, we don’t follow that many people because we comment on about 85% of the posts from people we follow, and during the semester we don’t have that much time. So we only follow blogs with content we absolutely adore and know we’ll be interested in commenting on, even when we get busy.

    We only blog hop to knew blogs when we have time. For example, right now I’m on summer vacation and literally have no plans, so at least twice a week I visit as many new blogs as I can find. But I don’t like or comment on all of them. I have a rule for myself that I only like and comment posts that I read in its entirety, so I need to be interested in a post in order to even read it in the first place. I never like or comment without first reading the entire post. (Which I think some people do just to get attention and it bugs me to no end. That post was published 2 minutes ago and is 1400 words. There’s no way you already read it and are now liking it.) So the first thing I do is look for a post I’m interested in and skim it over to see if it’s something I think I can comment on. Then once it makes the cut I read it, and usually comment. If I’m super drained and/or have nothing to say, I may just leave a like, and I hope that the person knows I’m not doing it to get attention, but I genuinely read and enjoyed their post!

    I think the thing that I’m the worst at is visiting blog of people that consistently comment on our posts, but that we don’t follow for whatever reason. I feel so guilty about it because I very much appreciate their support, but most of the year I don’t have the time to say hi because I want to prioritize the people that I follow. One of the reasons I feel so bad is because there are blogs that I follow and regularly comment on, where the blogger has never come said hi, but I’ve seen them comment on other blogs and it hurts a bit. I think that’s something I’m going to try to rectify this summer. Ideally I’d like to go through our posts from the past few months and leave a comment or two on every blog that has visited, but that might be too ambitious!

    I also tend to leave long comments, and I’m not sure that that’s always appreciated, but I have so much to say! And I want to show the blogger how much I loved their post! Anyways, I can probably ramble on for a bit longer, but I’ll spare you. I’m trying to limit myself to 5 paragraph essays now because I think that anything longer is just cruel for the blogger to respond to, and I’ve reached that limit! Once again, great post that is SO very relatable! 💕

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    1. Oh my, thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment, Malka 🥺🥺💖 If you ever write that blog post, I’ll definitely read & comment on it!

      Being picky with the people I follow has helped me SO much. & what do you mean, you two are definitely doing the most when it comes to blog hopping! trust me, you guys are way better at blog hopping than I am. You actually look for new blogs to comment on—I don’t lmao. I only find new blogs if they comment on one of my posts first or through shoutouts, twitter, etc. I’m honestly fine with not following more blogs, though. I already get overwhelmed sometimes with the posts on my Reader, & I’d rather not add to the stress. (I sometimes wonder if things would be easier if I had a co-blogger who helped me with things like blog hopping & replying to comments 😅)

      Oh, that’s such a good system! Personally, I read almost every post in its entirety, and then I like the post, and leave a comment containing all my thoughts on it. (Sometimes I have to scroll back up & skim through the post to remember what I want to comment on though.) However, there are some posts that are, just, um, boring, and if I can’t bring myself to finish them, I just leave a like or click away without doing anything at all.

      Yeah, I really hope that people will still see that I enjoyed their post even if I just liked & didn’t leave a comment. actually, I’ve never thought of those people as attention-seekers. I think some people like posts as a way to “bookmark” them & come back to them later? plus I think some people like the post before they read it. idk, I’m just grateful for any form of support, I guess :”)

      Wait, that’s such an ambitious goal. I’m cheering you on! Lol, I sometimes forget to comment back too. But I don’t prioritize commenting back all that much, and if a person I don’t follow commented on my posts, & I already commented on their blog like, once, I usually don’t feel guilty about not visiting their blog again. & yeah, i also notice when someone whose blog i comment on visits other people’s blogs but not mine. it’s hard not to feel hurt, but i’ve grown to accept that nobody owes me anything—some people are just short on time. maybe they just forgot to visit my blog or find something about me annoying 😂😂 i don’t take it personally, hehe

      Yes, I feel like long comments show more support! But I know some people find them hard to reply to lol. (Sometimes it annoys me when I leave a long comment on a blog post, and the blogger just leaves a one-sentence reply that isn’t even that related to my comment 😕 like, it makes me feel like the time I spent writing that comment was wasted.)

      Thank you, Malka!!

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  3. 😂😂 It’s fine! You don’t have to post it on the specific Friday lol. I’m glad you still wrote it though!
    I loved everything you said!! (I really do love your discussions 💖) I’m very bad at commenting on everyone that I follow, but I do try. It might take me a month to comment on a post that I liked, but like you said, opening the ones that interest me in tabs helps me make sure that someday I eventually get to them. (You should see the number of tabs I have open right now smh) But…it also crashes my computer all the time and then I’ll be having a mini-meltdown when I lose all those tabs 😂🤦🏾‍♀️
    My process isn’t the best. I usually wait until the weekend or so to go through my reader and find the posts that are interesting and then I open all those up. And then through-out the week I’ll slowly make my way through them all. It’s really time-consuming and energy-draining, and I wish I was more disciplined to do it daily, but I’m not 😌

    Anyways, you are not rusty at all!! I loved this and missed your discussions so much and I completely understand how time-consuming they can be 💖❤

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    1. Omg, I didn’t know that 😂 That’s so good to know, and I’m so happy that I finally particpated in an LTB! Ahaha, you still comment on posts a month later? that’s dedication imo—by then i’d have probably forgotten about the post or found it too late to comment on it. omg a fellow tab-opener? yes!!! ahhh, it’s so satisfying to close the tabs after you’re done commenting on them though. & yeah, it’s so frustrating when you’ve spent all that time opening tabs, but your computer crashes & loses them all 🤦🏻‍♀️
      I think I tried to make blog hopping a weekly thing, but it just made me overwhelmed, & blog hopping a little bit each day has helped me so much :((

      Rukky, this post took me like, 6-7 hours to write. Maybe more LOL i had no idea how i wanted to structure it. But thank you so much 🥺💖💖 I’m so glad to hear that!!!! ❤ ❤

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      1. Lol, Caitlin. I’ve been discovering May @ Forever & Everly’s blog, and just yesterday, I commented on a post she wrote in 2018….lol, it’s too interesting for me not to comment on no matter how old it is 😂🤦🏾‍♀️ Of course, I always apologize at the start for commenting sooo late 😂

        That’s amazing dedication! It turned out amazing tho, so be proud of it!! You’re never going to be rusty love 💖

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  4. Don’t worry, you’re not rusty at all – this is an amazing discussion! I agree with all of your points. There are so many benefits of blog hopping! I’ve learned this through three different phases of my blog – 1) when I wasn’t blog hopping and got no traffic, 2) when I blog hopped like crazy and got a lot of comments and new followers, and 3) now that it takes me a month to respond to anyone and I rarely blog hop, my traffic is very low. But of course it is! Supporting other bloggers is important, and friendship goes both ways. This is a great reminder that I have to be better at that. 😅

    I also agree that blog hopping can really help someone understand more about the community, and can help them get inspiration! Without seeing how other blogs are doing their own posts, it can be hard to find inspiration or see if you could improve your blog in any way. I know I originally just posted whatever and used weird colors for my graphics, until I started to see how everyone else was formatting their blogs and I could figure out some ways to make my content better. 😂

    I can definitely see how blog hopping can be kind of a “selfish” thing… but I guess as long as someone is being nice on their comments (and not just saying “nice post, follow my blog!!”), I don’t really see a problem with it! And yeah, I guess everyone can be bit selfish in their hopping intentions sometimes. (At this point I just feel bad that I’ve been behind on comments for about a year, and I just want everyone to know I still care about them 🙃)

    I tried using Feedly a few times, but I made the same mistake as you and followed way too many blogs in the beginning, so the process of finding the blogs to organize was too overwhelming. 😂 Now I’m just in the habit of checking in on blogs I haven’t visited recently, and that’s how I blog hop for the moment. This was an excellent discussion, Caitlin! 💕 Even your rambling is so good, it’s always welcome! 💕

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    1. Thank you so, so much, Xandra!! 🥺💕 Omg wait there were periods in time when I blog hopped like crazy too, & I don’t think my blog got *that* much traffic—so I’m pretty sure the extra engagement you got wasn’t just thanks to the blog hopping 🥺 & no, that’s absolutely not true!! Anyone who’s a true friend & fan of your blog would interact with you even if you’re not interacting with them! I’m sure most people understand that you’re busy, & I know for sure that I’d continue interacting with your blog even if you never noticed my existence 😅

      I shudder every time I think about my early blog designs 😭😭 they were so cringey & hideous what was I thinking?? Though I don’t think my current aesthetic is the absolute best, it’s definitely better than before, & I have my favorite bloggers to thank for the inspiration 😌✨

      I totally agree! & You don’t need to feel bad at all :(( honestly, it’s so admirable that you still take time to catch up on your comments! I know how time-consuming it is!

      ahhh, ily 😭💖 & I know!! I had no idea how I wanted to organize the blogs lmao + with the 100 follower limit, I didn’t know who I wanted to follow via Feedly vs. on WordPress 😂

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  5. I love this discussion!! When I first started blogging I would never comment on other blogs. Recently I have been trying to comment on more blogs to express my joy in the post or share my thoughts. I have also found so many blogs that I have enjoyed reading! I also often have so many tabs open that I worry my computer is about to crash😂 which can also be really overwhelming! Thanks for talking about how you blog hop it was so interesting💕

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  6. omg its mE!! no but this was a great discussion caitlin!!! i blog hop for similar reasons – mostly for interaction and traffic for my blog, but i agree, there are some blogs that i comment and follow no matter what because!!! content!! is!!! quality!!! this was such an interesting discussion :)) xx

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  7. It’s so cool that you comment on every post on your reader! I bet you make a bunch of bloggers so happy by doing that. I usually only comment on a couple of posts I’m really invested in every week because I struggle so much to comment on enough posts. I can never think of what I want to say so what you’re doing is super impressive.

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  8. This is a great post! I love blog hopping. It’s definitely great to read new blog posts, connect and discuss with fellow bloggers and make blogger friends ❤ It's great that you comment on most posts in your reader too! For me, there are a few bloggers I really love where I basically always comment when I see their new posts, and most of the other ones in my reader I read and like, but don't always comment if I don't have time or can't think of something to say. During the school year, a lot of the times I would read posts/go through my reader while eating in the dining halls (lol imagine actually being social and eating with physical people instead of internet people), so then I wasn't commenting much (because I kinda needed my hands to eat lmao). But now that it's summer I'm trying to blog hop and comment much more often and it's making me so happy to connect with bloggers ❤

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    1. thank you, Kay!! I’m glad you agree! same, a few bloggers are my absolute faves, and i comment on all of their posts. but i don’t force myself to comment on everything anymore, & if i just leave a like, i hope people can still know that i enjoyed their post. omg, one of my favorite things to do while eating is read blog posts too 😂 i like doing it because by the time i sit down to blog hop, i can just skim through the post to remember what i wanted to comment! & you’re honestly such a pro at blog hopping 🥺 i wish i had your skills! even though it’s summer for me too, i still feel like i’m behind on interacting all the time lmao


  9. It’s interesting to see how other people blog hop! I feel like I haven’t really read many posts specifically on the subject. My method is pretty similar to yours- I always open each post in a new tab, but I actually always “like” the post first- so sometimes I will like someones post hours before I leave a comment (if I start blog hopping in the morning and then finish in the afternoon, which is a bad habit hahaha 🙈). I used to follow a lot of blogs, too, but now I definitely scroll through someone’s site before hitting follow, just to see if their content is something I would actually click on and if they have at least some similar taste to me- I don’t mind reading posts from people who read different books than me, but if they only read sci-fi for example, their content won’t appeal to me too much because I never read sci-fi. I agree that most of my friendships in the blogging community started from commenting on each other’s posts first, and it’s one of the best parts!

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    1. I’m glad this post was interesting for you, Jessica! I know so many people who like the post first before commenting, & it’s not weird at all! Personally, I can’t do that because leaving a like is my way of marking a post as read and/or commented on though. 😅 Yes, all bloggers put a lot of effort into their posts, but some just don’t put out posts that interest me, & if i follow them, it’ll just clog my Reader up with posts i don’t want to read or comment on. I think I could still enjoy someone’s blog even if they read books I’m not interested in, but only if their blogging voice, aesthetic, etc. are really good :/

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  10. 🙂 I never stopped using Feedly! I started using it when I was over on Blogger and I continued to use it when I came over to WordPress.


    Because Feedly is very reliable when it comes to following blogs.

    Unfortunately, all of the blogs of the bloggers that I follow on WordPress do not show up on my WordPress Reader.

    In my case, I do not follow every blogger that follows me because it would be extremely time-consuming to check out all of their blogs.

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    1. I totally get what you mean! Feedly is very reliable and convenient! & it’s so sad that the blogs of the bloggers you follow on WP don’t show up on your Reader :(( They almost always do for me, but sometimes they don’t also, & i have to re-follow the person, which usually fixes it lmao

      same here!

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  11. This is such a great discussion, and I agree with what you said!!! When I started blogging, I also felt like I had to follow every blog that commented or liked one of my posts, and that got overwhelming pretty quickly 😂

    I try to comment on as many posts in my reader as I can, but that doesn’t always happen! I try to read and like all of the posts in my reader, and leave comments on most of them.

    For the first few months that I was blogging though I would see comments that were paragraphs long and I would panic because those comments were longer than my blog posts!!!

    You are definitely not rusty btw, and I love your discussion posts 💕

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    1. Thank you!! ❤ You're so kind 🥺 Yes, that was one of my biggest mistakes why did I do that to myself 😂

      same here! sometimes i see essay-long blog comments too, & i'm just in shock at how long they are. though i'm probably being a hypocrite because i always leave long comments 😅😅 i hope the blogger knows that my long comment means that i really like their post, & that they don't curse me for leaving them an essay to reply to lmao

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  12. Great post, May! What I do is that I follow all the blogs whose content I’m super interested in via gmail and then thrice a week I just sit down and clear my mail, aka check out the posts. I like every post but only comment if I have something to say… which means a lot of the time I just end up liking posts, whoops!
    If I have time and energy left I usually hop on to the WordPress reader as well but I have to admit that’s rare. Also haha I love rambly long comments and the absolutely make my day because someone actually took out time and were excited enough to write long paras 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Charvi! i follow some blogs via gmail too, & honestly, think i should unfollow them (only via gmail), because i already follow them on WP. the email notifs i get for their posts are useless skfjdkjfdkfjd. likes are so valid, don’t worry!! sometimes i really can’t think of anything to comment on a post despite the fact that i enjoyed reading it, haha
      i’m so glad to hear that you think that about rambly comments! i’m really worried that i annoy people by leaving them, but it’s my way of showing that i really liked their post & had many thoughts on it 🥺


  13. This was such an interesting post and I’ve not seen anyone else I follow discuss it. For me starting out with my blog (it’s still fairly new) blog hopping helped enormously for me to gain visitors and such to my site. After creating a twitter account for my blog most of my traffic then started to come from there and I haven’t been blog hopping as much as I should. This post has definitely reminded me that I need to do it more! I also need to look at which blogs I’m following because I went a bit wild at first 😳

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    1. Ah, thank you! I’m so glad that it helped you! yes, Twitter is such a great place to interact with other bloggers & grow your platform. don’t feel guilty about not blog hopping though ❤ & "a bit wild" is the perfect way to describe how impulsively i followed blogs when i was a newbie lmao

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  14. i relate *so much* to the multiple tabs struggle. right now, i only have about ten open, but that’s because otherwise my computer totally overheats and dies, hahah.

    i think my biggest struggle with blog-hopping is finding the time and motivation to do so. the past few weeks have been super chaotic and i haven’t had time to check out all the posts i wanted to, and i feel bad because i genuinely like these bloggers and their content and want to show my support, but it can be overwhelming when i spend two weeks M.I.A and then have over 30 posts to check out.

    i am the queen of long comments, and i feel bad sometimes to leave such long comments. even though i know people say that it’s all fun and well, i know how overwhelming and time-consuming it can be to reply to long comments, lol. i still leave them, though, because i think it’s a great way to expand the conversation. plus, there are almost always too many things i want to say about someone’s post. but i think i’ve now set this “bar” to myself and i feel bad if i don’t leave such a long comment in everyone’s post, which shouldn’t matter *at all*, but i still can’t help but feeling like i should do more, even if i don’t have that much else to say.

    anyway! your discussion skills are still GOING STRONG caitlin, don’t worry!

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    1. omg i feel so lucky that my computer can open more than ten tabs, but only if i take care not to open too many tabs in a single minute 😅 it’s so satisfying to close the tabs as you comment on more & more posts though 😌

      i totally get that!! i’m lucky that i make sure to limit the amount of posts i comment on, but back when i was following a bajillion people, i’d feel so overwhelmed by the amount of posts i had to comment on. don’t ever feel guilty about it though ❤ blog hopping isn't a job, & you're already doing more than enough 🥺

      ok, i actually do see you as the queen of long comments, haha 😂 & i mean that in the best way possible!! yes, they're hard to respond to sometimes, but knowing that someone took the extra time to write a long comment on my post makes my heart so warm :(( long comments are my way of showing that i truly enjoyed reading someone's post + if i just comment one sentence i'm worried they'll think that i didn't actually read their post haha

      Thank you so much, Lais!!

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  15. Excellent post, Caitlin. I agree completely with all of your positive aspects of blog hopping. I often try to set some time aside so I can do this, and leave comments on all the posts where I feel like I have something interesting or encouraging to say. I have made lots of friends this way and always like to show my support for them. ✨

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  16. This is an amazing post Caitlin! I definitely haven’t put as much effort into blog hopping as I should but I do try to go through and at least like posts that i read to show support. But I love your system and definitely want to put more of an effort into actually commenting going forward.

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  17. I’m new to blogging so I haven’t really blog hopped yet! I’m slowly but surely finding new bloggers I really like and those are the people I follow. I stumbled upon a bunch of people through goodreads and also through bloggers who recommended other blogs.

    I followed you through a post about teen bloggers and since I’m a teen blogger myself I wanted to visit sites of other teen bloggers.

    This post about blog hopping really helped me though, since I’m fairly new to the blogging world 😅😂💓

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    1. welcome to the community!! ❤ ❤ i'm really glad that you're finding new blogs to follow, & i hope you enjoy blogging ❤ i'm so happy that this post could help you!!

      i'm so glad to have met a fellow teen blogger 🥺 & was the post you found me through the book riot one? i was so lucky to have been featured in it lmao

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      1. yes it was the book riot one!! right now i’m just writing reviews for my blog but you and many other people have inspired me and i definitely want to create different, unique content!!

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  18. I have to admit, I do find it overwhelming keeping up with everyone’s posts because there is just SO MUCH GREAT CONTENT OUT THERE & I want to comment on everything – the funny thing is, the main reason I blog hop is actually out of guilt 😂 Whenever Nish & I publish anything, I’m always constantly checking my phone to see if anyone’s commented, so I want to return the favour, especially for friends like yourself who *always* have interesting comments & great feedback 🥺

    And it really *is* the best way to make new friends & start some really interesting discussions with your fellow bloggers & there’s nothing more rewarding than that! 🥰

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    1. Ahhh, I’m so glad 🥺🥺 you and nish’s posts are so good, & i always try to comment on them in order to show my support! lol i feel guilty about not commenting back very much too, but sometimes i check out the blog of someone who commented on one of my posts, & i just can’t find a post of theirs that’s interesting enough to comment on 😅 sometimes i can’t even find their posts lmaooo

      Yes, blog hopping is so rewarding!! it’s why i’ll never stop doing it even though it gets stressful & time consuming sometimes


  19. “I have a penchant for rambling, so I’m sorry if I ever left an essay-long comment on your blog post that took you a long time to reply to. :((”

    I love your rambling comments! Hehe I’m also guilty of leaving essay long comments too particularly when I have a lot to say because I just ramble ooops xD Blog hopping is something I enjoy doing but also there are times where I just have no energy to blog hop or I can blog hop but I can’t leave comments. So there are times where I put of blog hopping to certain people’s posts because I want to be able to properly focus and engage with their content.

    Following back isn’t something I really did? Not really. I was part of a Discord group that wanted you to follow like everyone’s blog and at first, young newbie Clo thought it was a good idea. I actually made a lot of my current blogging friends through that Discord group but following that many blogs was too overwhelming. Particularly as like you say, you want to be following blogs where you enjoy reading their content! For me I tend to not read a lot of reviews/ARC posts unless it’s by specific people. They’re just not for me and that’s ok, I love discussion posts and for some people that type of post may not be for them.

    My blog hopping system has definitely changed over the years, originally I’d blog hop using a specific channel in a Discord server to people’s posts. Now though, whilst I still use that channel every so often, I’m more likely to use Feedly. (oop hi I do not follow over 100 blogs Caitlin I follow maybe 35 if that and it makes me feel like a terrible blogger because I feel this need to follow more blogs so I can support more people…but also I’m really picky xD)

    I never used the WordPress Reader though I just couldn’t get on with it at all, I will sometimes hop from Twitter though if a post appears in my feed. YES I LOVE THIS POST EVEN IF YOU’RE RUSTY IT’S STILL FABULOUS LIKE YOU ❤

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    1. i’m so glad 🥺💖 i love your rambling comments too! i just love rambly comments in general, because it makes me so warm inside knowing that someone took the extra time to write out their thorough thoughts on a post of mine? & idk, i think long comments show that you truly read the post 😂

      i totally get that! sometimes blog hopping can be super energy and time consuming, & i don’t think anyone should feel guilty for not doing it. & lol, i always have to be *in the mood* while blog hopping for some reason

      i love discussion posts too! they’re usually so easy to comment on. & i totally feel you on reviews—i only read them if i absolutely love the blogger’s blogging voice, & if i do, i rarely have anything to comment on them.

      omg i’m so jealous that you never fell into the trap of following too many people 😭 it was one of my biggest mistakes & i still reap the consequences to this day 🙃

      don’t feel guilty at all!! i really feel you because i *want* to support other bloggers, especially if they’ve shown me support. but sometimes their content just isn’t to my liking, & blog hopping is overwhelming enough

      THANK YOU, YOU’RE MORE FABULOUS THOUGH 🥺🥺💞 I wish i utilized twitter more, but i’m content with the Reader. plus, when i see a post from someone whose blog i don’t follow on twitter, i don’t feel the urge to comment. i haven’t sought out new bloggers to follow or engage with in such a long time lmao

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  20. This post is so, so amazing, Caitlin!! I read this and just felt a sense of “this is the post that finally puts all my thoughts into words”- so thank you for that.💗

    I definitely agree that blog hopping is so important for interaction purposes (though of course no hate to anyone who doesn’t blog hop)! It took me quite a while as a newbie blogger to learn that people probably wouldn’t magically come across my blog, and it was a solid three-ish years before I started to actually blog hop, and it completely turned around my blogging experience in a positive way. I do think that the most positive outcome of blog hopping has been making blogging friends (like you!!) and supporting the book blogging community that I love so much, but the personal growth has also been a benefit for sure!

    I have a very similar blog hopping experience as you- I go through the Reader, and have the post open in one tab and I stay on the Reader in the other, so I can write my comment as I read the post. I really do try to comment on almost every post that I read- so if I didn’t comment, I probably didn’t read it, which sometimes makes it difficult because often during the school year I don’t have time to comment, and then I just don’t read any posts. However, during the summer, I try to stay as caught up on my Reader as possible!

    Commenting back is definitely something I need to improve on. I often don’t do this because I usually let comments pile up, so if I’m responding to 20+ comments at once, I’ll be more focused on replying to all of them rather than taking the time to visit each blog as I go through them- but I should remedy that, because it’s been a while since I found a new blog to follow and that makes me a little sad. I’ll end this comment here because it’s a proper essay at this point- but seriously an amazing post, Caitlin!

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad to hear that 😭😭💞

      Yes, I’m so glad I became your friend through blog hopping 💖💖 & even though I know I wouldn’t have the following or engagement i have now if i hadn’t blog hopped, i also love doing it because it’s so fun to interact & support great content ❤ ❤ i'm really lucky that someone advised me to blog hop when i first started. if not, i probably never would've experienced growth haha 😅

      it's totally understandable that you can't blog hop as much in the school year! the fact that you still take the time to blog hop & write out thoughtful comments when you have time is more than amazing 🥺 i wish i commented on every post i read too, but i resign myself to just leaving a like sometimes haha

      Yes, replying to comments is super time consuming already, & it just sucks out all my motivation to comment back :") also, sometimes i check out the posts of someone who commented on my blog, & i just… am not interested in or don't have anything to comment on any of their posts? so i just click out of their blog without doing anything 🙈🙈

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  21. Loved reading this post Caitlin!!
    I used to blog hop all the time when I first started blogging but now I don’t as much purely because I just don’t have the time with school and exams. But hopefully once summer starts I can get back to it.
    I do try and comment back though and that’s something I definitely want to work on because it’s always nice to support those who support you!
    I do sometimes find it hard to comment though because when posts are super long and I have so many thoughts throughout it, I get to the end and just don’t know what to say because there’s so much to say?? So a lot of the time I tend to just like posts instead, and am now super cautious to only like posts I genuinely loved.

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    1. Thank you, Emme! I totally understand that! Good thing I’m on summer break right now lmao blog hopping can be so time consuming :(( I think you’re still killing the blog hopping game though how do you do it??
      yeah, I try my best to comment back as a way of saying thank you, but sometimes I can’t do so because I don’t have anything to say in response to the blogger’s posts 😅 & I don’t want to just leave them likes because what if they think I didn’t actually read their posts 😭
      when I have too much to say, I end up leaving an essay-long comment & I hope it doesn’t annoy the blogger :”)


  22. Wow I really loved this post!
    As a new blogger (I literally just started my blog today! 😅), this information is so so helpful to me and I will definitely be taking it on board!
    I think it’s so lovely to comment on other people’s posts, besides from being a way to increase traffic I also feel like it’s very helpful to the blogger of the post you’re commenting on for their own engagement and even just to feel like their posts are reaching other people and interesting them!
    I’m so glad I found your blog and am definitely keen for more of your discussions! ☺️

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    1. thank you!! you’re so kind 🥺💖💖 i’m so, so glad that this post helped you ❤ ❤ & welcome to the blogging community! i completely agree with you—blog hopping is both a selfish and selfless act. that's why i love doing it ❤


  23. I love this post so much, Caitlin!! 💜 (But, for the record, your “easy” posts are great, as well!) I agree with everything you said – I do try to comment back when new people pop up on the blog, but sometimes I forget or don’t have the time for it. 😅 And other times, like you said, I get a lackluster comment that makes me unwilling to comment on their blog. Not to mention that there are some blogs where I just have *nothing* to say on any of the recent posts, so even though I set out with the intention of commenting back, I end up leaving likes and nothing else. (These make me feel guilty, but I’d rather not comment than leave a comment like “great post :)”.)

    Like you, I don’t mind the selfish aspect of blog hopping – I think everyone who blog hops benefits from it, which is actually great because blog hopping takes time and brain power. 😅 That said, bloggers who put in zero effort and it’s obvious that they haven’t even read the post before commenting get on my nerves. But I feel (thankfully) like there’re only a few people like this. 😄

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    1. Thank you so much! 😭💕 omg, my thoughts exactly! i really want to comment back more, but some bloggers’ posts just… don’t interest me at all, or i read their posts but have absolutely nothing to say in response to them. you’re kinder than me though: when that happens, i simply click out of their blog without leaving any likes, because i’m afraid they’ll think i didn’t actually read any of their posts 😅😅

      those people get on my nerves too 🤦🏻‍♀️ but i agree that there are few people like this. & i absolutely love how you put it—blog hopping takes time & energy, & we *should* be benefiting from it

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  24. What an absolutely wonderful post! Not only did you put this into words so eloquently, but I always love seeing a little behind-the-scenes of my favorite bloggers and seeing where their process is the same or differs from mine.
    Blog hopping is an interesting thing because, yes, it helps form relationships with other bloggers and all those things you mentioned, but it also definitely has that selfish aspect where you want other people to visit your blog back. And, well, I think that’s okay! Those two things can exist at the same time, especially since I think a major part of blogging IS supporting other bloggers.
    I also usually use ye olde WordPress Reader for blog hopping, though sometimes I do it by ending up in an endless chain of clicking on “related posts” that people link to (which is great for discovering new bloggers!). I’m definitely impressed that you comment on most posts in your Reader – I’m a little less diligent with that 😅
    I loved reading this post, Caitlin, and thanks for the insight into your blog hopping process!

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    1. Ah, thank you so much, Margaret! 🥺💖
      Yes, I like that blog hopping is both a selfish and selfless act! I think we *should* benefit from it some way because blog hopping takes time & energy. (it just annoys me when people put -10 in their comments 🙃)
      i mean, i read most, but don’t comment on all 😅 plus, i think not really commenting back helps me prioritize the bloggers i follow, hehe. i’m so… uninterested in the related posts section though? i never seek out new blogs to follow or check out anymore 😭😭


  25. Love this discussion! Such excellent links to other posts as well!
    Bloghopping has loads of positives- it’s a great way to make connections and support other blogger and I agree it’s fun and definitely inspires me!
    But yeah there’s a selfish side to it as well- I think the best way around this is to just make sure you prioritise bloggers you enjoy and make it as fun as possible.

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    1. Thank you ❤ ❤
      I totally agree! I think this is why I'm not that guilty about not commenting back a lot. instead i prioritize bloggers i love & already follow. of course i want to show support to everyone, but i just feel fake when i comment on a post i have no interest in 😭


  26. Caitlin!! I’m late but this is an amazing post 🙂 I think there’s definitely a sense of benefitting yourself through blog hopping, but for the most part I think people still do their best to leave amazing and supportive comments (except those I loved this, check out my blog bc I hate that) so it’s completely fine. I have an email subscription feed in one of my inbox columns that’s reserved for book blog posts and I go through those pretty regularly just leaving the posts that have piqued my interest and I know I’ll want to comment on later. This usually piles up until there’s 10+ posts and I have a free day to go through them all (I’ll admit sometimes I just get tired and give up on a few but for the most part I try to comment on them because there’s a reason I kept them in my inbox!), I definitely feel you about following back every commenter and also just all the blogs without looking at what they post, it’s a great idea to look at the comments sections of others’ posts to see who’s the most active and often comments back! On that note I really should comment back more but I feel like I’ve shifted from a direct process of commenting back whenever someone comments on my blog to just following most the people who comment (and I usually comment back on occasional commenters if I see them and know they’re not in my subscription feed) and commenting on all their posts that I find interesting.

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    1. you’re not late at all trust me i’m the queen of commenting on posts late 😭 thank you!! yes, i completely agree! ahaha, those comments make me wonder if they actually read the post (probably not…). ah, it’s so interesting that you make use of email notifs! i get them for some blogs that i accidentally subbed to via email, & they’re useless because i just use the Reader 🤦🏻‍♀️ ahaha, same, when i’ve let too many posts pile up i just give up on some. i’m glad you agree! it’s great that instead of commenting back all the time you just switch the following back (that’s such a great system), but as I use the reader, my feed would get clogged SO FAST. i’ve resigned myself to just feeling guilty that i don’t show more support to the bloggers i don’t know who comment on my blog :”)

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  27. Ugh Caitlin LOVE this post!! I am trying to better my blog hopping, lowkey didn’t know what it was until fairly recently, but I’m trying to stay up to date with commenting. I also like to leave long comments, I just eh don’t care about the likes (also I forget most of the time welp) but yeah they’re so thoughtful.

    I also made the mistake of following every single blog that followed me but a) never really liked their content or b) they didn’t interact with me anyways. Ah I kinda still don’t have a big audience where all my followers interact, I just get random likes and its annoying but we’ll get there.

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    1. thank you!! you’re doing so great at blog hopping though wow i can’t relate 🥺🥺 i appreciate long comments so much, & i get that! likes aren’t everything & comments take way more time to put together!

      omg, yes! why did i follow everyone back 🤦🏻‍♀️

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  28. Lovely post! I I am 12 and recently started a book blog one month ago….and was soo busy creating content… forgot to comment and like others blog….also I came to know the term blog hopping like today ! When I read your post and a similar post to it

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      1. I have started blog hopping and it is quite fun to interact with bloggers…
        Mostly I comment on blogs of my followers now I am finding more blogs !

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  29. I agree that discussion posts are the hardest to write. I think I never know what to make them about. Or even if I have an idea I worry that others won’t be interested as they can be kind of text heavy (I’m not great at finding GIFs like some people).
    I also think that blog hopping is wonderful. You get to read some fantastic posts, find out about lots of amazing books and meet some lovely people ☺️ and yeah it’s good for getting others to check out your page too. Which I definitely understand as it’s so disheartening if you make an effort on a post and hardly anyone notices it.
    I agree about people leaving meaningful comments too and you absolutely shouldn’t apologize for leaving long ones. I’d rather have a lengthy comment that takes a while to reply to than the kind of basic comment that makes you half wonder if your post was even read. I’ve actually seen someone leave a comment on someone else’s post once saying great review and I was just staring at it thinking ‘but this isn’t even a review’??? I worry that I overwhelm people when trying to catch up by commenting on too many of their posts at once. I also worry if I don’t respond to a review of someone that I’m following that I’ll offend them but I am somewhat selective about the reviews that I read. If I’m super hyped for a book I’d rather avoid all reviews of it until I’ve read it for myself. Then find out how my opinions match up and differ with other bloggers. And I’m not someone who can simply hit like without reading a post. It feels so dishonest to do that.

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    1. yes, they can be text heavy but you can combat that by highlighting, italicizing, etc. the text. and gifs are pretty easy to find on google images lmao
      exactly! i’d rather know that they actually read my post. one time someone commented on my post (that literally had tbr in the title) that they were so happy to learn that i rated a book i mentioned that i wanted to read 5 stars?? i hadn’t even read it yet 😭 yes, i also don’t hit like unless i haven’t read the post. and i don’t think you’re overwhelming or offending anyone. any form of support is welcome!

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      1. Yeah that’s true. And I know, I just worry about whether or not you’re meant to use them 🙈 omg that’s so annoying!! I don’t get why people do it. Well I guess I do, to get you to look at their page, but I couldn’t do that. It feels so dishonest. Plus I like reading other people’s posts and have discovered so many amazing sounding books by doing so 😍 aww thanks, I hope so (:

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  30. Oo I love this post, Caitlin! So honest and really well written. I haven’t blogged for over a month now and I’m just getting back into it, I’m a bit worried that my followers have completely forgotten my blog exists to be honest🤣 and I’ve missed tons of awesome posts from people, like this one!

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  31. I loved this post!! I started blog hopping when I first started this blog, and it helped my blog grow so much!! I like doing it, and because I don’t follow AS many blogs, I just do it every couple days. 🙂

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  32. Hi Caitlin! I love this insightful post on blog-hopping. I agree that it is a great way to make new blogging friends and maintain them (and not to mention boost views!) I admit that I haven’t been blog-hopping as much as I should, although I always make the effort to comment back and to check out the posts of my favourite bloggers. I like to find new bloggers from links from other blogs 🙂

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    1. thank you, Sophie! i’m so glad that you agree!
      don’t feel bad about it at all! you can blog hop as much or as little as you want ❤ & it's great that you make the effort to comment back, keep up with your favorite bloggers' posts, & check out new blogs ❤ i confess that i'm not good at commenting back or finding new blogs 😅

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  33. Blog hopping is one of my most AND least favourite activities related to blogging xD I adore it, because I can know what everyone else is reading/liking/hating/talking about and I can talk to people about interesting topics and I can meet new people and I can make friends and well, yes sometimes those people follow + comment back and it’s amazing! I also hate it, because it takes me forever to do it, and now I can’t possibly read every single post every one I follow publishes. I usually try to blog hop every week, so that I don’t feel overwhelmed, but due to exam season, I let everything pile up, so even after I selected the posts I wanted to read (I use Feedly for organization purposes) I still had 100+ posts to catch up with. ): Great post, Caitlin!! 😀

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      1. That’s too kind!!! 🥺 🥺 yes, I don’t usually comment ~everything~ but it’s stronger than me xD

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  34. i truly love this discussion so much, caitlin! blog hopping is such a fun and also important part of blogging, and the mean part of me is shocked over the fact that i’ve seen some bloggers who have rarely commented on other people’s posts their entire blogging career lmao. but i relate a lot to following a BUNCH of people when i first started blogging! i think it’s because of that that i’m afraid to follow more people, but i’m trying to let go of that because i need to follow more great bloggers!!

    blog hopping is so much fun, i agree! it’s so time-consuming, and it can be energy-sucking, but i’ve found that more often than not i’ve gotten a boost of energy from visiting other people’s posts. and i love supporting bloggers and comments are some of my favorite things to get, so i love giving that energy to other people! and there are so many wonderful creative post ideas out there, i love reading them ❤

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    1. thank you 🥺🥺💕 i know!! i completely understand that everyone is entitled to their own time, but also… blog hopping is such an integral part of blogging 😭😭 & this is why i don’t seek out new bloggers to follow anymore lmao. sometimes i feel guilty about it, but i also hate it when i can’t keep track of the posts in my Reader 🥺🥺

      i completely agree with everything you said!! it takes so, so much time & energy to blog hop sometimes, but i love supporting the community, having insightful conversations, & reading amazing posts 😌

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  35. I always comment back on EVERY comment I get, even the “great post” ones, at least with a “Thanks” or something. I try to check my comments every day or almost every day even if I don’t blog hop, because I hate when someone replies to my comment a week later and I can’t even remember what I said, lol.

    I also used to follow back everyone who followed me, and at some point I stopped because, well. It’s too many people. Also, and this seems relevant to this discussion, I had ANOTHER person today who liked about fifteen of my posts but didn’t comment on a single one OR follow me and every time that happens I’m like, does this *work* for you? Do people *actually* follow you when you do that?

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    1. same, i like replying to all my comments as a show of thanks to the person who commented! lmao i’m guilty of replying to comments like, a month later, bc i get super busy sometimes 😅 but i try not to let them pile up now.

      i get that! sometimes someone takes too long to reply to my comment that their reply doesn’t make sense to me anymore since i don’t remember what i said. & maybe that person simply wanted to like your posts & didn’t desire a follow back? 😅

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  36. This is such an interesting blog post, I love it so much Caitlin! And thank you for sharing my post, it means a lot 🥺 I have… a lot of confusing thoughts about blog hopping, especially now, compared to before.
    Blog hopping has always been an integrant part of my blogging process. I love reading other bloggers’ posts, I love starting conversations like that and feel like I have gained so much, both in terms of my blog and, personally, in terms of things I’ve learned, connections I’ve made and so on, so I am so grateful for it and I love it. I always feel a little weird seeing and knowing that some people NEVER blog hop and rarely ever leave a comment on people’s blogs. For me, it’s the best way to show bloggers your support and it matters to me, a whole lot, so it breaks my heart a little bit knowing some people don’t do it at all.
    That being said, I halfway understand where they come from. I’m barely able to keep up with blog hopping on my list of regular blogs I love and it takes me so, so much time to read and comment that sometimes I give up in favor of doing something that I want to do more. I don’t want to give up on blog hopping and won’t, I’m just sometimes really exhausted to do it, because it takes a lot of energy and time I don’t seem to have like I did a couple years ago when I first started out 😦
    ANYWAY I rambled on, I love this post very much!! 🥺

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    1. thank you so much, Marie! and of course ❤
      I totally agree with you!! I would not be where I am today in terms of friendships, success, and overall contentment if I didn't blog hop. I feel like it's such an integral part of book blogging that like you, it makes me sad & a little appalled that some people never do it—but to each their own, of course!
      I really get where you're coming from too! I don't blog hop nearly as much as you, but it's already so overwhelming. sometimes it takes multiple days to catch up on all the tabs I have open, & as soon as I catch up on them, new posts start popping up. 😅
      I hope you know that it's okay to take breaks though 🥺 You're already doing more than enough—everybody can see it! our support isn't contingent on you supporting us back, & we won't be happy if you're not 🥺🥺


  37. This is such an amazing post Caitlin! And much much needed! As a new book blogger, I often feel myself lost about various aspects of blog hopping. For the first month or so, I ended up following every single person who followed me, irrespective of whether I liked their content or not. As a result my feed was so overpopulated that I could barely engage with even the content that I genuinely liked! I switched to feedly a few weeks back, and its GODSENT!!! I am still trying to build a community in the blogosphere, so end up feeling a bit disappointed when I leave LONG PASSIONATE comments on fellow bloggers posts and receive zilch in return, but then I pick and choose where to focus my energies on. Thank you so much for putting it across so clearly!

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    1. thank you!! i’m so, so glad that this post could be helpful to you 🥺 i definitely get that! i followed so many bloggers whose content i didn’t even look at as a new blogger, and i don’t recommend doing that at all. i’m so happy that feedly is working for you—it’s such a great way to curate your feed. i hope you enjoy your time on the blogosphere 💞


  38. This is a great post and discussion! And thank you for the tips concerning following back everyone who follows you. I’ll keep that in mind whenever it happens.

    As a new blogger myself, I agree that blog hopping is the most efficient method to let people know about your blog. I was scared at first to comment on people’s posts because I don’t want them to think that I’m trying to get their attention or whatever. There’s also this fear of saying something stupid, especially in discussion post. But then, the people I’ve met here so far have been kind and respectful. It made me feel at ease. I gain a bit of confidence later to comment more on other’s posts. And you’re right, I also get to know many book bloggers and found the ones that put out contents I’m interested in reading and following!

    As for my process, I usually click on the people who left comments on the blogs I followed. Sometimes I type the word “book blog” in the search bar of WordPress Reader to find other book blogs. I check out their posts and find the one I’m interested in and then read it. If I have nothing to say, I just give it a like. But I always try to find something from the post that I can mention in my comment later on so that it won’t look half-hearted.

    Also, I’ve never heard of Feedly before. I might need to check out that one.

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    1. thank you! i really stand by the advice that you shouldn’t follow everyone back, haha. ah, i totally get that, but there’s no reason to be afraid of blog hopping! every blogger is super kind. & i’m so glad to hear that ❤

      i think clicking on the blogs who've left comments on other posts is a very useful way to find new blogs, since you already know that they regularly interact! sometimes i really don't feel the need to comment on a post lmao. i can only hope that the blogger still feels my appreciation for them even though all i did was like!

      feedly is a great way to organize the blogs you follow on wp!

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  39. I’m someone who gets burnt out with conversation a lot so I generally keep commenting and blog hopping for specific times when I have the time and energy for it. I generally blog hop through Reader first (because need! to catch up with the blogs I actually follow). But obviously, those itself link to other blogs many times, which takes me to other blogs or I find blogs through comments. Lately I’ve also been blog hopping through twitter hashtags and blogging threads. They get me to read blogs from other categories and especially about topics I generally don’t follow (like finance!).

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    1. i totally get that! you’re definitely making the right choice only blog hopping when you’re in the mood for it 💖 same, haha. like, 99% of the posts i comment on are from my reader. i don’t comment on a blog i don’t follow unless i’m commenting back (which i don’t do very often, honestly), or the post was so interesting that i had to comment on it. it’s actually been so long since i actively sought out a new blog to follow & comment on, so it’s great that you do that!


  40. Hello! I am reading this super late, but this is SO helpful, especially as a new blogger. My rule for myself is to only follow people if 1. I actually want to interact with them, and 2. to only follow people who’s blogs I truly care about. I need to start doing this more, but I find that following a smaller amount of bloggers is helpful for me personally since when I follow too many people, I get overwhelmed.

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  41. This is great content!
    I have been trying to get more involved in the book blogger community recently and wasn’t really sure how to do it, so this blog post really helped me. I think it’s pretty important to make real connections rather than just follow a tonne of blogs and not comment on any one. It’s also a really good idea to check around the book blogosphere just to see if there is any interesting books out there that you absolutely have to read!


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