March Wrap-up // K-dramas, Thriving in Quarantine & Meh Books

Happy April, friends!! πŸ₯°βœ¨

First and foremost, I sincerely hope that you’re doing well! I’m very privileged because my life hasn’t been affected much by COVID-19. But I know that’s not the case for many others, so if you’re having a hard time right now, I’m sending you all the hugs and positive energy. ❀ (I think we can all agree that 2020 is trying to kill us… Remember when I said that 2020 was gonna be my year? Whoops, the clownery really jumped out.)

I got appendicitis in late February, which forced me to take a week and a half off school. I was supposed to go back in the first week of March (when our final exams were set to take place), but because of the coronavirus, my school canceled them, granting us an early summer break! Make-up assessments were also canceled, unfortunately, so I have no idea where my teachers are going to base my final grade off of. I’m suing if they give me a zero in everything I missed

But besides the fact that I’m uncertain about my grades, March was AMAZING. I know that it’s the month wherein COVID-19 really bit our asses, but I was thriving because of all the free time I suddenly had! Since we all have to do our part to flatten the curve, I haven’t left the house in days, and I’m living my introvert dream. 😌

Because of my newfound free time, however, I’ve found something that has been keeping me away from reading and blogging: Korean dramas. It all started when my mom watched and fell in love with the newest trending k-drama, Crash Landing on You. I decided to watch it myself to see what all the hype is about, but little did I know that I would sacrifice 16+ hours of my life to the devil.

CLOY made me feel all the feelings!! I feel like it could’ve been shorter, but it was still worth the hype for me. Watch it to gain unrealistic expectations for romantic partners. πŸ₯Ί

After CLOY, I started watching more k-dramas to fill the void it left, and now I’m ~obsessed.~ Lately, my days have been spent thinking about my fave k-drama couples and listening to k-drama OSTs. Someone please whisk me away to drama-land, where happy endings and true love are almost always guaranteed. πŸ˜™βœŒπŸ»

Besides Korean dramas, I also watched a few movies—Knives Out, Little Women (2019), and Jojo Rabbit—last month. I would highly recommend all three, but most of all, I recommend Knives Out!!! Please watch it so we can scream about it together!

Knives Out (2019) - IMDb Crash Landing On You k-drama

I read 11 books in March, which means that I’ve finally achieved my lifelong goal of reading 10+ books in a month!! I don’t consider it a true victory because I had endless free time though. πŸ˜…

In terms of quality, I continue to be disappointed. I gave almost all the books I read last month 3 stars. I’ve also yet to find my first 5-star read of 2020, because I changed my mind about all two of the books I rated 5 stars this year. I would just like to fall completely and utterly in love with a book again please and thank you!!

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Instead of replying and blog hopping a little bit each day so I don’t get overwhelmed, my brain decides that it’s a good idea to neglect interacting for a few days, feel guilty about it, and then spend the next few hours blog hopping and replying to comments! I have GOT to stop letting comments and blog posts on my Reader pile up.

I also promised that CAITLIN READS would come back in March, you know, like a clown. 🀑 …But I’m pretty sure that it’ll come back in April! I just have one book left to read, and then the second post can go up. ❀

Favorite Posts from the Blog:

I had so much fun writing this post, and I would defend 3-star reads with my life!

Oh, look! Proof that I’m not always a complete mess.

This post honestly did way better than I expected, and I’m soft. πŸ₯Ί We love women empowerment in this house. ❀❀

I hope April treats you well! Stay safe always. πŸ’–

(Also, I’m participating in the O.W.L.s Magical Readathon next month, and I’m hyped!!)

How are you coping with COVID-19? Has it affected your life in any way? Do you watch k-dramas? Which ones would you recommend? Also, how was the month of March for you? What was your favorite book you read in March?

66 thoughts on “March Wrap-up // K-dramas, Thriving in Quarantine & Meh Books

  1. Oh ugh to a month of meh books. I do agree about Tweet Cute. I definitely felt like there was definitely some clearly separate plots happening that really messed it up. You had some books on here that I wasn’t fully committed to picking up, and now I’m going to fully skip. Hopefully April will be better!! β™₯️β™₯️

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    1. I know right!! I’d rather have a month wherein I strongly hated everything i read than a month of meh books, honestly. and I’m so glad that someone else agrees with me about Tweet Cute! the twitter aspect felt so squished in at times.
      Ah, I’m a super hard to please reader (idk what’s wrong w my brain), so I think you should take my ratings with a grain of salt πŸ˜… Many people would probably enjoy these books more than I did!
      Thank you! I hope you have an amazing April ❀

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  2. I’m glad you had such a great month of reading, Caitlin! Let’s hope April is when you will get that long-awaited 5-star read where you won’t change your mind! 😊
    The main difference for me with COVID-19 is having to stay and work at home, but my social life was already not very busy lol.

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    1. Thank you, Stephen ❀ I hope April is when that 5 star read arrives too, because I can't take this steady stream of meh books anymore 😭 Oh, same! As an introvert, I've never had much of a social life anyway, so this quarantine thing is working so well for me!

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  3. i can totally agree with you about uncertainty with your grades, my school was officially cancelled as well and i’m worried about what that will mean. the quarantine is scary, but it’s also giving me more time to do basically… everything. like you said, i’m really thriving right now haha πŸ˜…

    Knives Out and Little Women are both SUCH amazing movies!!! i loved both of them!! πŸ˜‰ and that’s so amazing about reading 11 books in March, i’m so happy for you! i agree with your rating of The Weight of The Stars, it was a little lackluster for me. i really want to read Tweet Cute and Sick Kids In Love, though, and i’m glad you enjoyed them! also, i definitely get what you said about posts piling up in your reader; i either stay on top of blog-hopping or fall dayyys behind and then struggle to make it all up πŸ˜‚

    anyways, i hope you have a beautiful April, Caitlin! xx (also, hello! i’m new to your blog but i already love it. ❀ ❀ )

    – Ash |

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    1. Ah, sorry about the uncertainty, Ash! I know how you feel :(( But I’m glad that we’re both thriving during this time! The only complaint right now is the fact that time is flying so fast, because I’m having so much fun πŸ˜…

      I’m glad you loved Knives Out and Little Women! Both are god-tier films!! And thank you ❀ I'm glad that someone else agrees with me about The Weight of the Stars. I felt super bad about rating it low, because I knew that other people would enjoy it more than I did :(( Ah, I hope you can get to Tweet Cute and Sick Kids in Love soon! They are the *perfect* happy books to read while dealing with the pandemic. (Okay, maybe not Sick Kids in Love because it deals a lot with being sick, but I highly recommend it nonetheless.) OMG are we the same person?? that's exactly how I am with blog hopping! I either dedicate a few consecutive hours of my day to catching up on the posts I missed, or spend days not even commenting on a single post. It would be so much better if I did just a little bit of blog hopping each day, but my brain refuses to work that way πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

      Thank you!! I hope you have a wonderful April, Ash ❀ I'm so glad that you love my blog πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί I recently checked your blog out too, and I LOVE your design and blogging voice. Hehe, I commented on a post, but I think I accidentally left my name anonymous, oops

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  4. YES KNIVES OUT!!! it was such a good movie… both in terms of entertainment and also just. really good subtle social commentary. and also i feel you on the not rating anything 5 stars yet thing!! this year i actually got lucky with my first book of the year (the poppy war 😭😭 i need to shut up about it) being my first 5-star, but last year it took me until june to rate something 5 stars…

    and i relate to the blog-hopping/commenting thing! i thought i was doing pretty good until online classes started again and then i find myself having no energy to do blog things until late at night when i just end up… passing out lmao

    i hope you have a good april!! πŸ’“

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    1. I know right! Knives Out is just a genius movie 😭😭 The plot twist was executed so perfectly, and they incorporated social commentary into the plot so *masterfully*. I’m so in awe of the writers! And yeah, I’m still 5-star-less this year, and it sucks. I’m literally that Squidward longingly looking at Spongebob and Patrick meme… But I’m glad that your first book of the year was also your first 5-star! The Poppy War is a god-tier book, and I’m not surprised that you loved it ❀ Honestly, at this point i just want to rate something 5 stars–it doesn't matter if it happens in June as long as it does 😭

      ugh, it sucks that all my motivation to be productive comes out at night. I wish I could stay up late blogging, but my parents are so good at guarding my electronic devices at night πŸ˜™βœŒπŸ»

      thank you so much, may! I hope you have a good April too ❀ ❀

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  5. The end of February / start of March sounds like it was a rollercoaster for you! I am just glad your appendicitis got itself out of the way before this month! Fingers crossed that everything works out okay with your final grades. It must be annoying and unsettling not knowing what’s going to happen with that.
    I know how it feels to be waiting to β€œfall completely and utterly in love with a book again” – just know that it will happen!! I went through a couple years where I thought I was never going to have that experience again – I thought maybe I’d got too old, or just didn’t like reading like I used to. But no, I just wasn’t getting to the right books.
    (Also I’m secretly glad to see that you didn’t totally love Warcross because I couldn’t get through it, but everyone seemed to think it was incredible).
    Looking forward to the next Caitlin Reads! Whether it comes in April or later πŸ™‚ ❀

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    1. It really was! I was really stressed about catching up on schoolwork and then… I found out that everything was canceled 😭😭 Thank you so much! It’s annoying, but to be honest, I don’t really care anymore. I had a horrible school year, and I’m just eager to put it behind me :”)
      AH, I CAN’T PUT INTO WORDS HOW REASSURING THAT IS! right now, I’ve been questioning whether I’ve fallen out of love with reading, because it seems like I’ll never find a new all-time fave again :(( so knowing that it happened for you makes me so, so happy ❀ ❀
      Yeah, I think it'll really work for a certain audience πŸ˜‚ for me, it just wasn't a memorable story by any means lmao
      Thank you! Hopefully I can post it this week 🀞🏻🀞🏻 I feel super guilty that the second post is taking so long:(

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  6. it’s clowerny all around luv, i thought 2020 was going to be the year i blossomed into a beautiful flower but lol i’m back to the circus where i belong

    IM STILL SO SORRY TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR APPENDICITIS!!! I hope you’re feeling much better and you’re all healed up. that seriously suckkss. i’m so glad you’re thriving in these conditions, it’s been rough but the introverts stay winning (sorry to all the extroverts out there, sending you strength my dudes)

    YAY YOU LIKED TWEET CUTE!! and the FINAL EMPIRE!! I CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR ALL YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE NEXT BOOKS BBY!! just going to pretend you didn’t just say that about brando sando (in ref to skyward) MOVING ON

    IM DEFINITELY GOING TO READ SICK KIDS IN LOVE YOU CONVINCED ME 100x over. you really did the most this month and im so happy and proud of youuu!! good luck on the o.w.l.s readathon. also are you going to be joining the reading rush 4 day readathon one??

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    1. omg the sentence “i thought 2020 was going to be the year i blossomed into a beautiful flower but lol i’m back to the circus where i belong” perfectly sums up how my year is going, so thank you πŸ˜”βœŠπŸ» i think it’s time to accept that the circus is my true home…

      Ah, thank you!!! But I’m just grateful that the surgery and recovery went well at this point πŸ₯Ίβ€ I know! I feel so sorry for all the extroverts out there, but it’s us introverts’ time to shine now 😀😀

      YES, TWEET CUTE WAS JUST HAPPINESS BUNDLED INTO 300+ PAGES! exactly what we all need in this era :(( And I’m reading The Well of Ascension right now! Not far enough to give an opinion yet, but I’m excited to continue the series ❀ ❀ (I'M SORRY!! brando sando is a genius, but his writing style just doesn't vibe with me 😭)

      PLEASE READ ITTTT. it's such an important book omg πŸ₯Ί But it's also a fun contemporary story in general! AH, THANK YOU! it really wasn't the most because as always, I spent many hours being a lazy potato.. but i do acknowledge that I was marginally less of a potato when it came to reading πŸ˜”βœŠπŸ» and omg you're the best thank you again!! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– I hope I do well in the OWLs πŸ₯Ί and i really wanna join the reading rush! i've wanted to participate for years, but because the readathon always takes place in July, I can't :(( So the fact that they're holding one in April is perfect! I just have so many books I plan on reading this month lmao πŸ™ƒ But I'm finding a way to work it into my reading plans for the month!!

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  7. Ack appendicitis sounds awful, I’m so sorry that happened to you! 😞 I’m glad to hear March was good for you, though 😊 Gotta love all the free time! I COMPLETELY agree that Knives Out is incredible – I watched it a few months ago and it blew me away! And that’s awesome that you were able to read over 10+ books last month πŸ˜€ I hope you have fun with the OWLs and find some amazing books!!

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    1. It was! But I’m thankful that the surgery and recovery went well ❀ Thank you! Yes, Knives Out!! Literally the most perfect plot twist I've ever come across 😍 Ah, yes! I'm quite proud of myself because I've wanted to read 10+ books in a month for so long, and I finally accomplished it! (Though I had nothing but free time in March, so that kinda dampens my pride lol.) Thank you!! I hope you have fun with the OWLs and that you read a lot of amazing books too ❀


  8. Hurray for lots of reading! My favourite March read is probably Chain of Gold. And oh my, same about 2020; like jeez it’s my last year of high school why you gotta mess it up but ah well. I hope your grades aren’t affected because of appendicitis and covid-19, wishing you the best ❀

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    1. Yes, I’m so grateful for all the free time I have on my hands now! Though I still can’t read as much as I would like because I keep getting distracted by shows and dramas πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I’m glad you enjoyed Chain of Gold! I really wanna read it, but only when I catch up on the Shadowhunter Chronicles… right now I’m just in City of Bones lmao.
      Ah, yeah, I feel so sorry for everyone who was going to graduate in 2020:(( Thank you so much!! wishing you all the best too ❀

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  9. Okay, your teachers better not give you zeros πŸ™…πŸ»β€β™€οΈ. But also, how has your appendicitis recovery been? I guess it’s kinda nice that you had and have the extra time off from school πŸ˜….
    The introvert dream πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½!! Honestly, you described a lot of my past month πŸ˜…. I am also super cognizant of the fact I’m privileged to not be affected too negatively.
    HAHA idk why but I laughed so much thinking about you binging Crash Landing On You, looking for more k-dramas to watch, and then stumbling on my rec post πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I hope you share all the k-dramas you’ve been watching πŸ˜„!
    Also, I can’t wait for you to finally read a five star book this year 😦! 11 books is a lot of books, and that really sucks that none of them stuck πŸ˜•. I really want to read Scythe, but I feel like I probably won’t rate it high too. I’ve tried reading Neal Shusterman stories on multiple occasions, but I just couldn’t get into the writing 😬.
    And, I’d tell you not to stress about blog-hopping, but I totally feel you HAHA ✊🏽😩. I finally went Marie Kondo on the blogs I follow, so I’m hoping that keeps posts from piling up πŸ˜“. (There’s just too much good content πŸ₯Ί.)
    Stay safe and well, Caitlin! Enjoy those dramas!

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    1. I know right!! It’s incredibly unfair considering I didn’t even choose to get appendicitis :(( my recovery process was amazing! I got better in about a week, and i’m back to peak health now! thank you so much for asking ❀ and yeah, it's funny that getting appendicitis gave me an early summer break πŸ˜‚ the last time I went to school was in February HAHAHA
      Yeah, I feel a little guilty that this coronavirus situation has been making me, for lack of a better word, happier. I'm super grateful that my mental health hasn't been too affected.
      HAHAHA, yes!! I'm a little mad because CLOY made some choices that prevented me from wholeheartedly loving it, but it got me right back into watching k-dramas! your rec post was very helpful ❀ Oh, and I've been watching Scarlet Heart, You Who Came from the Stars, W Two Worlds, & more that I'm probably forgetting. I honestly think that I'm getting tired of dramas though..
      I know! what's the point in reading a lot of books if none of them stick, honestly? 😭 But even though I rated Scythe 3 stars, I'd still recommend it to everybody. I was very close to giving it 4 stars, but I didn't connect with the characters very much :/
      yes, there's just too much good content! I went through a phase wherein I went Marie Kondo on the blogs I follow too! I refollowed some people though, but thankfully, the posts on my Reader are still manageable. Sometimes I think that the fact that I view blogging and interacting as a job takes the fun out of them though :/
      Thank you, Belle! I hope you stay safe and well too! Tell me if you watch any good k-dramas ❀

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      1. Glad to hear you’re fully recovered and feeling happier πŸ’–! I’ll definitely let you know about the dramas πŸ˜‚! I just started watching Itaewon Class and it’s really good so far πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ˜.

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  10. *Remember when I said that 2020 was gonna be my year? Whoops, the clownery really jumped out.* laughs and cries with you!! But I hope you are keeping safe and well!! I’m glad that this had led to lots of reading and k-dramas though *silver lining*. I haven’t watched any yet but I keep hearing people talk about them occasionally and as I love TV, I’m obviously interested. I’m glad you enjoyed them. And despite loving movies I haven’t seen any of those three despite them being really popular. I’m glad you liked them!! I heard a lot of good about them all!!
    11 books!! Yes, that is amazing!! *dance party* I’m glad you enjoyed Tweet Cute. I’m thinking about getting it for my sister, I always buy her books but she doesn’t read that much so I always promise I will stop buying but now I have a massive list for her. oops—
    I need to read some Brandon Sanderson, I hear so much and I’m just outside of the loop. I want to read his fantasy series first!!
    I need to read Sick Kids In Love as well!!
    Yes I always promise to keep on top of replies and blog-hopping, like just a few a day seems manageable but then I decide to not instead for no apparent reason and make it worse for myself *pained smile* The thing is I used to do it day by day but then I went on holiday and never recovered, haha!! (I’m so dramatic). Sorry for the tangent!!
    I wish you are great April and best of luck with your OWLs!!! ❀

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    1. I should’ve known that I’d jinx it when I said that 2020 was gonna be my year πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ But it’s okay—when 2020 inevitably ends up being a bad year, I’ll just blame it on all the outside factors πŸ˜™βœŒπŸ» Ah, thank you, Sophie! I hope you’re safe and well too! Yeah, I feel like the free time I now have led to me inevitably finding a new hobby (this time, watching shows and dramas) that would keep me from reading and blogging :”) Yes, yes, yes! Watch a k-drama! I recommend starting with Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo—it was the first ever k-drama I watched, hehe. It gets a little tiring to watch too many k-dramas in a row, because they tend to have the same tropes (as I am now learning), but they’re GREAT to watch once in a while! They make you extremely happy, and usually feature an amazing love story. πŸ₯Ί They’re great forms of escapism, especially in the time of COVID-19. OMG, you *have* to watch Knives Out, Little Women, and Jojo Rabbit, Sophie! I don’t even like movies, but I absolutely enjoyed all three. If you watch just one of them, just let it be Knives Out—I’m 99.9% sure you’ll thank me later πŸ˜‰
      I know!! I’ve never read this many books in a month before :00 Though i wouldn’t give myself too much credit, because I had SO much free time in March πŸ˜‚ Ah, you and your sister should definitely read Tweet Cute! that book is literally happiness packed into 300+ pages πŸ₯Ί Ah, it’s so sad that she doesn’t read the books you buy for her! Maybe bring up the fact that it’s a waste of money? :”‘) But either way, you should do your best to make her read Tweet Cute, hehe.
      Yeah, that’s how I felt before I finally picked up The Final Empire! He’s regarded as one of the best fantasy authors ever, and as a lover of fantasy, I kinda felt like I was missing out! He’s written so many books, so even though I’ve read one book of his, I still feel left out, but it’s a start! I hope you enjoy his books when you get to them!
      YES!!! READ SICK KIDS IN LOVE! that’s an order!! (no, not really but please please read it i’m begging πŸ₯Ί)
      OMG that pained smile… sums up my life right now. I’m beginning to realize that there’s just not enough time in the day for me to always be on top of replying and blog hopping πŸ˜‚ Now that I get like, nine hours of sleep and watch a lot of shows, there’s just not enough time to get a lot of reading and blogging done, haha! But you honestly do so much already! you’re wayy more on top of blog hopping and replying than I am, seriously ❀ ❀
      Thank you, Sophie! I wish you a great April too! Fingers crossed that I do well in the OWLs 🀞🏻

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      1. Yes definitely blame on outside factors. haha!! Thank you Caitlin ❀
        Hhaha I know whenever I have free time that I could use to be productive something inside me decides to do something else, mostly Brooklyn 99 haha!!!
        Ohh thank you I will remember that!! Hhah oh right I see so spacing them out is best!! Yes we love forms of escapism!!
        Ahh.. I'm excited, I will definitely watch them!!
        I think you still get to give yourself credit for it!! haha!! Ahh.. we love happiness!! To be fair because she isn't seeing her boyfriend due to COVID-19 she actually picked up the book so finally she is reading it. haha!! By the time in July (her birthday) she will be ready for some new books !! πŸ˜‰
        Yeah he is really popular and I definitely feeling like I'm missing out!! Haha he does seem to have written loads but it is definitely a start!! Thank youuuuu!!
        Ahh.. I will have to, it is on my list!!!
        haha it summed up my life for years!! *laughs through tears* πŸ˜‰
        Hhah I know it can be hard to make time for it, no matter what you're doing!! ❀ ❀ I think you do awesome as well, your comments and replies always have so much put into them. It is always so nice to read so you have high qualities comments which is the best!!!
        Thank you so much!! ❀

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  11. I hope you remain safe throughout the crisis right now ❀ you read so much books this month, and some of them you mentioned are ones i'd love to read soon. in march i only read 1 book, but it's because life is very busy now and i'm adulting while dying in college. I have friends who also loved CLOY, maybe i'll give it a try!

    jillian @ jillian etc.

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    1. thank you so much, Jillian! I really hope you do too πŸ’– Yeah, I’m so grateful that all the free time I suddenly had allowed me to read a lot more books in a month than I ever have before! I hope you enjoy those books if you get to them!
      Ah, I’m sorry about that!! Definitely don’t feel guilty about not being able to read very much because it seems like you have so much on your plate ❀ I hope you find yourself with some more relaxation time to. (And CLOY is the perfect drama to watch if you want to relax! It features a very good romance, and I think it's the perfect story to consume in the time of COVID-19 πŸ’–)


  12. I’m very happy March was a great month for you! πŸ’– It’s weird you got early summer break, everyone I know seems to get online classes. But I’m sure your teachers will have to find a fair way for you to pass! I’m sorry you got Anna K ruined for you! I’m reading it right now and really enjoying it! 😊

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    1. Thank you, Marta!! And i only got an early summer break because the only thing we had left to go to school for were final examinations. we were done with the actual learning! (or at least, my classmates were. i was absent for a week and a half…) I hope they find a fair way to grade us :””( I actually knew the ending of Anna Karenina, and I came across a review that made me *think* that Anna K would follow the ending of the original classic. I was so sure that that was gonna happen that when the actual ending of Anna K came, I was like… “what”? Plus, I didn’t connect with the characters as much as I would’ve liked, so Anna K got a high 3 stars from me. I’m glad that you’re enjoying it though!! there are many things to love about it, and I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it!

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  13. I’m so happy to hear that you have been doing well despite everything going on πŸ₯° It looks like you did a lot of reading but I hope that there is a 5-star book in your future that you’ll love 😊 I have been lucky with them so far and the best feeling is always when a book becomes an unexpected favorite. I have noticed that I read a lot more now that my thesis is turned in and I’m home, so I’m kind of thriving as well πŸ˜„

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    1. Thank you, Caro!! I really wish that 5 star read will come soon bc I can’t take this constant stream of meh books anymore 😭 But I’m glad that you’re enjoying most of what you’re reading! It’s been a whiiiile since a book became an unexpected favorite for me :(( I’m glad that you’re doing well too! Social distancing has truly helped me relax more (though instead of reading and blogging I’m just watching shows and dramas…)

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  14. Omg I was also living my best introverted life when my job released me from work because of Covid-19. I used the first two weeks to read as much as I could, and then I reached a point of burnout, but then I got back to a place I was comfortable binge reading again. Although I’m fully aware I need to complete my distance learning courses to receive the credit, I will say I’m sad I can’t just be spending my days reading off my tbr stack. Also, I watched Knives Out! I just wanted to watch a who-dunnit and I’d seen Bad Times at the El Royale a while back, but I’d heard Knives Out was much better — and it was!! So much better!!! Ana de Armas is my whole life now and it was so great seeing Chris Evans not be a corny American superhero!!! Haha I hope the rest of your April goes great πŸ™‚

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    1. Ah, I’m so glad, Ericka! I can’t imagine having a job in the time of COVID-19, so I hope that you’re doing okay financially ❀❀ I experienced a similar situation, honestly, because I started pressuring myself to read allll the books in order to take advantage of the free time. It ended up backfiring because I lost all motivation to read, and just binge watched shows instead πŸ˜‚ But now I’m taking it more easily, and I hope to get lots of reading done this quarantine season! Good luck with distance learning & reading—I know you can do it! YESSSSS, KNIVES OUT!! So good!!! I don’t watch a lot of movies in general, but that plot twist had me so shook. Literally the most perfect twist I’ve ever come across in fiction—it’s so smart that all the clues leading to the plot twist were obvious, but it was still hard to guess the actual twist! I don’t know much about Ana de Armas, but I now! It was great to see Chris Evans as someone other than a superhero! I hope the rest of your April goes great too!


  15. ahhh, i am SOSO happy you’ve had a great march! at least one of us is thriving in social distancing! (not me though lol i am unproductive AF).
    i really need to get back on korean dramas. i used to watch SO many back in the day, but i’ve completely lost track of new releases. i’d never heard of crash landing on you, but i’m glad you enjoyed it so much! since it is on netflix, i’m likely to start watching it.
    i really want to watch jojo rabbit and i hope i find the motivation to do so during quarantine. i have a lot of movies i want to watch, but the thing about movies is that i find very hard to sit through them sometimes, so i have to be in the perfect mood, hahah.
    i’m glad you had such a good reading month! and that you liked anna k so much! i’ve been hearing a lot of good things, but since i disliked loveboat taipei so much last month and they follow similar themes – rich asians, i guess? – i’ll probably think more about this one before picking it up.
    the way you described we are totally normal reminded me a lot of this quote from 10 things i hate about you. (i know you can be overwhelmed, and i know you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be… whelmed?) the fact i remember this quote though, lol. definitely a sign i’ve watched this movie way too many times.
    sick kids in love is indeed SO good! i really liked our main character, sasha was a cutie and i really liked how the author didn’t shy away from showing the hard, awkward and not pretty things that come from having a chronic illness.
    hope you have an amazing april! i am already looking forward to the next post in caitlin reads!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m unproductive too don’t worry 😭😭 My productivity peaked in March, and now I’m back to being a potato!! Though I’m still thriving, because of no school and nine hours of sleep a day 😎😎
      Same!! I watched a few Korean dramas a few years ago, but stopped. It wasn’t until I was recently introduced to Crash Landing on You that my love for them was rekindled! (But now it’s waning again, actually, because most k-dramas reuse the same tropes and drag a lot.) But please watch CLOY!! It’s so, so good! Some parts of it dragged for me, but the main romance and main guy πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί *chef’s kiss* And Jojo Rabbit is super fun too! I’m kinda tired of WWII movies, but Taika Waititi did such a good job! It’s so interesting that you feel that way about movies though—that’s exactly how I feel about books right now πŸ˜‚ Books just take so long to finish, and for me, it takes way more brain power to read, because you actually have to read words, while with movies and TV, you just have to fix your eyes to the screen. That’s why I’ve just been watching shows and dramas right now :”(
      Ah, I wouldn’t call it a good reading month, because I didn’t really love anything I read, but I’m happy with the amount of books I finished! YES, PLEASE PICK UP ANNA K!! I was pleasantly surprised by it, and it’s a good example of 3-star books not being bad. I don’t think Loveboat, Taipei and Anna K are that similar though. Both of them do follow rich Asians and a bunch of drama, but I feel like Anna K handled sensitive topics much better. Anna K is also extremely plot driven, and its writing is super fun to read, so I hope you still give it a try!
      ahh, I’m sad that I still haven’t watch 10 Things I Hate About You! I’m so out of the loop when it comes to movies :(( But I was inspired to use that quote because of a BookTuber who said something in the same vein!
      So glad that you loved Sick Kids in Love! Sasha was definitely a cutie, and I loved that he was perfect, but also… not? Like, he has his flaws, but he’s still the perfect love interest! And the representation was one of the best I’ve ever read in my entire life. Definitely made me realize my privilege as a healthy person & start being more mindful of how I treat and view sick people.
      I hope you have an amazing April too!! I’m truly a flop because I still haven’t started the final CAITLIN READS book, but I will upload the post as soon as I can!

      Liked by 1 person

  16. I can’t believe we all collectively thought 2020 was going to be incredible! I remember this tweet where someone was all “yay, roaring 20s!!” and then people pointed out that the economy crashed at the end of that, AND LOOK AT US NOW. On top of the virus, so many people are losing their jobs, and I’m stressed 24/7, haha..ha. (Like, I’m a student, I wasn’t even affected that much, but so many of my friends and family were.) 😭

    Knives Out is my favorite!! I loved that movie so much – the acting was INCREDIBLE, and I loved how (for the most part) the story did not go the way I expected it to at all. It was so entertaining too. I enjoyed Tweet Cute, but it was a weird one! The mother was suffocating and inconsiderate to an unbelievable level, and then it was simply brushed off?? And the explanation for this feud was… weird. Not a fan at all. HOWEVER, the romance was cute and I enjoyed the MCs, so four stars. Ahh, I’m so happy you loved The Final Empire! I adore that one. Oh, and I need to read Sick Kids Love!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know!! Our inner clowns truly jumped out… At least we’ll all have a horrible year together? 😭 But either way I would like to know why 2020 decided to take a complete nosedive!! And I’m worried too! My parents don’t even wanna tell me if they’re still getting paid, and I really hope my country’s crappy government does something about this whole COVID-19 situation soon.

      the plot twist in Knives Out changed my life 😍 And your thoughts on Tweet Cute are so interesting (and valid)! Pepper’s mom definitely shouldn’t have been forgiven as easily—I’ve been coming across so many toxic moms in fiction, honestly. The mom in Wicked Fox by Kat Cho did some emotionally abusive things, and I hated how it was handled 😭 and I found the explanation for the feud a little weird too, but I think I just decided to take it as part of the cheesy charm of the book! Yes, I’m reading The Well of Ascension right now, and I hope I enjoy it more than I did The Final Empire ❀ Please read Sick Kids in Love 😭 I rarely say this about a book, but I think everybody needs to read it. the representation was so, so good, and its love story was cute yet so real!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m sorry about your parents, and not knowing what’s up with their job. 😦 I hope they are alright.

        Pepper’s mom deserved no rights, I swear. And how was Jack’s dad forgiven so easily for stealing her recipes? It was awful of him. I know everyone loved The Poet X – I can’t remember if you do – but that’s another one where the mom should not have been forgiven so easily.

        I’m participating in a romance readathon right now, and Sick Kids in Love would fit the own voices prompt… I might push that into that spot. πŸ˜€

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you so much, Vera! We’re alright so far, I think ❀

        OMG yes! why did I somehow forget that Jack's dad stole the recipes?? that was unforgivable–but maybe they decided that it was even, because what Pepper's mom did with the Twitter war was a low blow, considering BLB had so much more followers? And I've read The Poet X. I gave it 4 stars, but I think it's more of a 3-star read, looking back. Truthfully, I don't remember much from the book or how the conflict with the mom was resolved :")

        I hope you do/did that! Sick Kids in Love is such an important and good book–I think that so many more people should be reading it ❀

        Liked by 1 person

  17. Knives Out was so good!!! I saw it in theatres (which is rare af for me!) and it was so much fun. I actually want to watch it again, so I will be streaming it later. I’ve also been watching a lot of stuff because I just can’t focus on reading right now.

    I’m sorry to hear about your exams and appendicitis, I will riot with you if they give you zeros! I am happy to read that you are making the most of all the free time you have… introvert dreams are right. I hope you and your loved ones are healthy, and that you have a fantastic April!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same, I’ve been watching so much stuff right now! I can’t focus on reading too (but I think it’s because I’m putting too much pressure on myself to read while I have the time and it’s backfiring). Omg, I can’t
      remember the last time I was in a movie theater πŸ˜‚, but Knives Out was so good! the best plot twist I’ve ever come across in fiction, honestly.

      Ah, thank you, Kal πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί right now, I’m just using my free time to be a lazy potato, but the introvert in me is still happy :”)) I hope you and your loved ones are healthy as well! Wishing you a wonderful April ❀

      Liked by 1 person

  18. Hope you get to find a 5-star read this month, Caitlin! Sick Kids in Love was everything and I’m so happy you loved it. Also that’s exactly how I felt about the first Anna-Marie McLemore book I read (Wild Beauty). Like I loved the writing when I first started getting into it but at a point it’s just . . . there. Also, everyone’s talking about Tweet Cute and I need to read it so badly omg. Hope you’re staying safe and healthy πŸ’–

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did, Faith!! Thank you so much!! Sick Kids in Love was indeed everything, and I’m so glad that you understand my feelings on Blanca y Roja! There are so many books that I feel “it’s just… there” about, honestly it terrifies me. I hope you can pick Tweet Cute up soon! Now is the perfect time to read it because the world is on fire, and Tweet Cute is the perfect fluffy, happy read! Thank you so much πŸ˜­πŸ’• Hope you’re staying safe and healthy too!

      Liked by 1 person

  19. I hope you’re feeling better after having appendicitis! I’ve heard so many people rave about k-dramas and now i just need to try them because they sound so good?! I’m so glad you like Tweet Cute! It was so fun but i totally get what you mean about it feeling like two different stories at times! I hope you have a great April! ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you, kerys!! I’m feeling so much better–like it never happened–thank you πŸ–€πŸ–€ yes, watch k-dramas!! some of them are trashy and have overdone tropes, but some are GOLD. like, they will make you feel all the feels and think about them long after you finish them! I recommend Crash Landing on You and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, haha.
      I’m glad that you found Tweet Cute fun! And that you understand what I was getting at with that two different stories thing ❀ I hope you're having a great April!


  20. My mother is also watching Crash Landing on You right now! She’s been obsessed with K-drama’s the past few months and has continually tried to bully me into watching them with her, but I’ve been avoiding doing so because I know I would become obsessed and end up spending all my time watching them πŸ˜‚

    Woah, you ended up reading so much in March!! Tweet Cute and Sick Kids in Love are two books Malka is trying to get me to read, so I’m happy to see that you liked them too!

    I hope things end up working out with your grades, and that you have a wonderful April!! πŸ’•πŸ’•

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ok, your fears are valid though πŸ˜… K-dramas are super easy to binge watch, especially when they end the episode on a big cliffhanger. <i<But, they are the perfect comfort watches, and some will literally embed themselves into your soul!! (CLOY did that to me lmao)

      Yes, I’m so surprised! But it’s nothing close to how much you and Malka read πŸ₯Ί I hope you can read Tweet Cute and Sick Kids in Love soon! Tweet Cute is so happy and fluffy, and Sick Kids in Love is fluffy too, but it also has extremely realistic chronic illness representation. SKIL is so underrated ahhh!

      Thank you so much, Chana! I hope you and Malka are doing well with online school and having a wonderful April ❀ ❀


  21. Sorry, you’ve been left in limbo about where your final grades are coming from. That must be frustrating but I’m sure they won’t give you 0, that would be harsh. And is Crash Landing on You really that good? I’ve been meaning to watch for a while but I’ve come up with numerous excuses not to. Maybe I should put my 4 day weekend to good use and watch that? Congrats on reading 10+ in a month, who cares why you managed to do it, feel proud you did. Hopefully, April will be just as good for reading. We’ve definitely all got a lot more free time on our hands.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, you’re right! I think I’m just being overly paranoid, but there’s nothing I can do now except hope for the best ahhh. Okay, I had some problems with CLOY, like I didn’t think it needed to be that long and the female MC annoyed me sometimes (these are probably unpopular opinions though). But I think it’s 100% worth the watch because the romance in it redefined by expectations for *all* romantic couples. The bar is now sky-high for me after watching CLOY, haha! I think your 4-day weekend has passed by now because I’m replying to you so late, but I hope you were able to watch CLOY or will find the time to watch it in the future!
      Thank you, Beck! ❀ so far, April is also a good reading month, and I'm so happy. And I've got a lot of free time on my hands, but the fact that it's passing by so quickly is *scaring* me, and I worry everyday that I'm not making good use of it :"(


  22. OHMYGOD CAITLIN, I’VE JUST BEEN THINKING I SHOULD START CRASH LANDING ON YOU!!! πŸ˜‚ One of my colleagues has been going on & on about it, and I’ve been seeing it all over Subtle Asian Traits so I thought…what better time than now to get addicted? πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Can’t wait to share all my angsty feelings with you πŸ˜› I read the Final Empire YEARS ago & remembered loving it, but I never picked up the sequel, and now it’s been too long but I can’t be bothered re-reading the first book again πŸ˜…

    Ooohhh I’ve had Scythe on my TBR for awhile & I own the ebook, so I’ll have to keep in mind not to expect too much from the characters & the romance!

    Hope April is treating you well πŸ₯°

    πŸ’› Ngoc

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES, NGOC, WATCH IT!! i’m replying to this comment super late, so you may have watched it already, but please watch it if you haven’t yet! you’ll probably get obsessed and laugh and cry, haha :”) Please do share your angsty feelings with me!
      Ok, that’s a problem I have with so many books! I read the first book so many years ago that I forgot everything about it. But I still wanna read the sequel, but I also don’t wanna reread the first book. Maybe just look up a spoilery synopsis and then move on to The Well of Ascension πŸ˜‚

      Ah, I hope you enjoy Scythe! Even though I rated it 3 stars, it was still a good book, honestly. The romance and characters weren’t that bad—they were just the definition of “meh” ://

      I hope April is treating you and Nish well–you two deserve it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha I haven’t gotten around to starting yet, actually! I am the WORST with TV shows – I’ve only ever finished 3 in my entire life 😬 But I will get around to it, I promise!

        I rmb aaaaages ago there was a website that did AMAZING summaries of previous books in series for this exact purpose & I can’t for the LIFE of me rmb the name 😭

        Thank you so much, Caitlin, I hope you’re having a lovely April so far as well! Happy reading! πŸ₯°

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Omg, same, I’m so bad at watching TV shows too πŸ˜” that’s why I love k-dramasβ€”they’re usually only one season, haha. I hope you can watch CLOY soon!!

        Ohh, was it recaptains? That’s the only recapping website I know πŸ˜… But I think you can find a spoiler recap of The Final Empire somewhereβ€”it’s quite a popular book!



  23. Amazing wrap-up Caitlin! I genuinely thought 2020 would be a great year for me too…so far that’s not the case πŸ˜‚

    Looks like you read some great stuff! I also unfortunately DNF’d We Are Totally Normal, pretty much for the same reasons as you. But I can’t wait to read Warcross and Sick Kids In Love!

    Hoping April is a great month for you πŸ’–

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Amy πŸ–€πŸ–€ Don’t worry, I think we all thought 2020 was gonna be *amazing*, haha. Let’s just cry about how wrong we were together. But in all seriousness, I hope it gets better for you!

      I’m so glad that you agree with me about We Are Totally Normal! I knew that it was going to be a little messy because of the controversy it ignited, so I was willing to overlook a lot of things, but some of the things should’ve been challenged by the book, in my opinion. I hope you enjoy Warcross and Sick Kids in Love! SKIL is so underrated, and everyone needs to read it πŸ₯Ί

      I hope April is going wonderfully for you!!


  24. Ruby is eternally bummed that you didn’t rate Tweet Cute higher smh

    Yeah bye


    sending strength for school, that really sucks. Hope you’re trying to stay positive xx

    I super want to read Anna K omg it sounds like something I’d LOVE!! Omg, I FEEL ya because I haven’t found a five-star either. Which is lowkey stressing me out?? but also i’m excusing myself because I haven’t been reading much this year. My only five-stars have been my Hunger Games rereads,,, whoops

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lol considering how seldom i truly love a book, 4 stars is a good rating already πŸ˜‚ and thank you, Ruby πŸ’–πŸ’– I hope you can read Anna K!! I know I rated it 3 stars, but it’s honestly an underrated book, and I feel like everyone could get something out of it!

      ahhhh, it’s a freackin’ miracle! i actually rated a book 5 stars this year already 😭 I hope you have too—I have no doubt that you will!


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