The Women’s History Book Tag // Intelligent Female Characters, Award-Winning Books, & Bad-ass Historical Women

In true Caitlin fashion, this post is late.

International Women’s Day has come and gone, but here I am doing the Women’s History Book Tag! But every day is a perfect time to celebrate feminism—which is what I’m telling myself to comfort myself about the fact that this post is late. Thank you so much to Caro @ Bookcheshirecat for tagging me! And thank you to Margaret @ Weird Zeal for creating this wonderful tag that does a great job of highlighting women’s history. 💗

The Rules

  • Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their post.
  • Link to the creator’s blog in your post
  • Answer the questions below using only books written by women
  • Feel free to use the same graphics
  • Tag 8 others to take part in the tag
Rosa Parks
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Though I have a complicated relationship with The Folk of the Air trilogy, I gotta give this one to Jude Duarte, who is immensely determined to carve out a place of power among the fae, even though mortals like her are incredibly at a disadvantage in Faerie. One of the most Slytherin characters I’ve ever come across, she definitely breaks a lot of rules in the name of ambition, and refuses to back down against faeries who are more powerful than her.

Ada Lovelace

Kestrel from The Winners trilogy lives in a society that highly values fighting prowess, but throughout the series, it is emphasized that her skill does not lie with the sword, but rather in her strategic mind. I loved seeing the way she thought herself out of tough situations throughout the trilogy!

Queen Elizabeth I

In The Never Tilting World, we follow two twin goddesses who hold the fate of the entire planet in their hands, and are gifted with powers that nobody else in their world has! Please pick this book about climate change up. 🥺

Virginia Woolf
29748925. sy475

Whenever I mention Strange the Dreamer, I always just gush about its writing, but can you blame me? Laini Taylor’s writing is so flowery and whimsical. I can honestly taste the magic in some of the lines she writes. *chef’s kiss*

Joan of Arc

The Poppy War follows an orphan named Fang Runin who, against all odds, ends up in the top military school in her country. There, she trains to be a soldier and graduates into a war. Rin goes through so much in these books (they make for PAINFUL reading experiences), but she never stops fighting.

Mae Jemison

Oof. I haven’t read a lot of books set in space, especially by female authors, so this one goes to Tarnished Are the Stars by default! It’s such a quaint sci-fi novel with a great queer found family. 💖

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Rosalind Franklin
40150608. sy475

Ya’ll are hardcore sleeping on The Dragon Warrior!! If you like Percy Jackson (I mean, who doesn’t), then pick up the Chinese version of it! (And I’m not just saying this because they’re both middle grade fantasies; The Dragon Warrior genuinely reminds me of PJO because of its sarcastic characters and modern take on mythology!)

Marsha P. Johnson
41951626. sy475

Crier’s War is about an angry bisexual who falls in love with the useless lesbian she’s supposed to murder! Also, fantasy world with zero homophobia!!

Amelia Earhart
32075671. sy475

I feel like The Hate U Give is a book that transcends books. I say with all seriousness that I see no way you could dislike it. And even if you do, I think you’d still be able to appreciate how expertly it tackles racism, police brutality, and more. It 100% deserves the numerous awards it’s won. And I’m so happy that it’s being read in schools, and has stayed at the top of the NYT Bestsellers list for so long!

Your choice
Princess Diana

Princess Diana became Lady Diana Spencer after her father inherited the title of Earl Spencer in 1975. She married the heir to the British throne, Prince Charles, on July 29, 1981. They had two sons and later divorced in 1996. Diana died on August 31, 1997, from injuries she sustained in a car crash in Paris. She is remembered as the “People’s Princess” because of her widespread popularity and global humanitarian efforts.

For free choice, I decided to go with Princess Diana. Last, last year, I studied a speech she gave on the landmine issue in Angola for English class. I have so much respect for her benevolence, and the fact that the effect of her good parenting is evident in her children, even today.

37683751. sy475

A book that inspires me is From Lukov With Love. It’s a romance novel, but what I loved most about it was its strong message about never giving up, no matter how many failures you go through.

I’ll just go ahead and tag Belle, Tiffany, Vera & Sabrina, Marie & Nyx, Daria, and Nish & Ngoc for this! No pressure to do this tag, because I know International Women’s Day has already passed! But feel free to say I tagged if you want to do this. 💖

Also, I know things have been hard right now because of this pandemic. So I sincerely hope that this post finds you well! Please stay safe, everyone! *hugs*

Who are some of your Favorite female characters and writers? Have you read any of these books? What did you think about them?

On a completely unrelated note, how are you? Are you undergoing quarantine? Are you practicing social distancing and washing your hands? I’d love to know how you’re coping with COVID-19. ❤

62 thoughts on “The Women’s History Book Tag // Intelligent Female Characters, Award-Winning Books, & Bad-ass Historical Women

  1. I’m so happy you did this tag! And you’re never too late to celebrate women’s history 😀 I LOVED reading all of your answers for these, and I really need to read a lot of these books – The Never Tilting World and The Poppy War are both ones that I’m really excited about! And Princess Diana is such a great choice for the last question!! I’m definitely going to be checking out From Lukov With Love.

    Hope you’re staying safe and healthy! Take care of yourself! ❤

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    1. Aw, I’m so happy to hear that 🥺 Thank you!! I hope you enjoy both when you read them! And ahah, the last question honestly made me a little guilty because I realized that I have very little knowledge about historical women? But i’m so happy that this tag helped me with that! I’m so glad that you created it! And From Lukov With Love was good ❤ I don't know if I would've liked it as much as I did if I hadn't connected with it so much. But either way, its overall message is so good ❤

      Thank you so much, Margaret! You too ❤ ❤


  2. Oooo I love that you chose Princess Diana because she’s definitely super amazing and I wish I knew more about her. I definitely agree that The Dragon Warrior is underrated. I really want more of my younger cousins to read it! and big mood about THUG. I saw a tweet recently about how it’s been on the NYT Bestseller’s List for over a year now, and it’s so deserving! ❤️

    Thank you so much for tagging me 🥰

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    1. Same!! I hate that the only official description I could find of her focused more on her marriage 😢 I really wonder what would have happened if she hadn’t died an untimely death.
      Ah, the Dragon Warrior is the perfect read for young people! I should definitely give it to my ten-year-old cousin, too. She loved PJO, and it would be so great if she could see herself represented in an MG fantasy ❤
      Yes! It's been dominating the NYT list ever since it was released, and it doesn't deserve any less ❤

      no problem!! ❤

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  3. I LOVE this tag!! I’ve not seen it around, but it’s awesome and I loved reading your answers! The Cruel Prince, Strange the Dreamer, and The Hate U Give are all on my list of books to read this break!

    Great post!!

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    1. Me too!! It’s so educational and empowering 🥺 also, it was just created recently, so maybe that’s why you haven’t seen it around much, hehe. i’m sad that it’s not that well-known though. it’s such a great tag:(
      Ah, I hope you enjoy all of them!! they’re pretty hyped, but for me they lived up ❤ enjoy your break! thank you ❤

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  4. I really love how original this tag is! It’s both educational and fun to do so far I’ve only read four of these books you’ve mentioned. I’m quite curious with Tarnished Are The Stars since I’ve never read a queer found family :> Love your post Caitlin, and it’s amazing to see how you’ve finally established your blogging voice so well in these discussions.

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    1. Me too!! this tag is so empowering and informative I love it 🥺💗 I hope you enjoy TATS! it’s def not a perfect book, but it’s so filled with heart!
      Ah, thank you, Divine! that’s a lot coming from you, because you have such a distinctive blogging voice ❤

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  5. Can I say I have not read Percy Jackson?? Honestly, people mention it all the time and I just sit there and smile and wonder why on earth I haven’t read it. Within this past week, I’ve heard Percy Jackson mentioned multiple times and I think this is a sign that I need to finally read it. And I’m adding The Dragon Warrior too! You’ve convinced me (and I just love the cover). I’ve also heard how heartbreaking The Poppy War is and I think it’s time that I read that one as well. Honestly, I need to read all of these books because if you loved/really liked them, then I’m totally missing out 🙂

    Awesome post and I love how original and wonderful this tag is!! I might just do it!

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    1. don’t worry! I might as well have not read PJO, because of how little I remember of it, HAHAHA. it’s such a good MG series though! and sameee. i feel like it’s gained even more popularity lately, if that’s even possible. i’d love to reread, but I’m hesitant that the writing won’t work for me anymore, because I’m not the target audience 😦 YAY! I’m so happy that you want to read TDW! It’s so slept-on!! I really need more people to read it. And I know right? It has the most EPIC cover ❤ Omg, prepare yourself for The Poppy War:( those books put me through so much pain, haha. (though I highly recommend it because its worldbuilding and character development is *chef's kiss*) I saw that you added a bunch of books from this post to your want-to-read shelf, and I just want to say that I'm so honored 🥺❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I sincerely hope you enjoy them if you get around to them!

      thank you!! I love this tag so much as well 💖💖 please do it!!! I need this tag to receive more awareness, haha. consider yourself tagged by me!

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  6. Ah, a list of great women-authored books I still haven’t read 😅 (except The Hate U Give!). These books sound a lot more appealing now that you’ve described them ⭐️ haha. I actually have a physical copy of The Cruel Prince that I won recently, but I was hesitant to read it because I wasn’t the biggest fan of some other Holly Black stuff I’ve read 😕. You’ve convinced me to try it out anyways for Jude though! I really need to see these Slytherin characteristics you like so much 😂. And The Never Tilting World sounds really cool! Love a good book about climate change 👌🏽.
    Thank you so much for the tag, Caitlin 😄💛!

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    1. Oops, I also just wanted to add that the whole pandemic is surreal, and I can’t believe we’re all living through this. I’ve been fine—just sheltering in place and doing lots and lots of walking lol. How are things on your end? Stay safe!

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    2. Thank you, Belle 🥺 Don’t worry about not having read most of these books. happens to me every time I read a post, honestly :”) The Cruel Prince can be kinda polarizing, but pretty much everyone agrees that it’s the perfect trashy read 😂 Jude is definitely one of the most Slytherin characters I’ve ever read about! Yes!! the never tilting world is so underrated, and I’m sad about it. its worldbuilding can take a while to grasp, but it’s such a diverse and relevant read!
      you’re welcome, Belle ❤ ❤

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  7. Thank you for tagging us! Jude is a wonderful pick, even though I do have complicated feelings about the series (and her character development, to an extent) she definitely fits the first question. I need to read Strange the Dreamer! So many people love it, and it’s actually one of Sabrina’s favorite books. I need everyone to read Crier’s War!! It’s such a great book, and I love the characters, can’t wait for the sequel.

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    1. No problem! ❤ Oh, same about Jude. I don't think I *love* her, but I can definitely appreciate the amount of ambition and drive she has. Ah, I hope you enjoy Strange the Dreamer!! And I'm so glad that you loved Crier's War ❤ I know that it's one of the most popular sapphic books right now, but for me, it's not that popular by "book" standards if that makes sense :/ I also can't wait for Iron Heart! the cover is gorgeous 😍

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    1. I love this book tag so much, Crystal! It’s so informative and important ❤ and YAY, i'm so glad that you've read and loved The Dragon Warrior! It's so underrated that it makes me happy to know someone who loves it 🥺 Yes! Jude is the definition of a Slytherin, haha
      Ah, it seems like you're being productive with your free time! thankfully, I'm on summer break rn, so no need for online classes. my final exams and make-up tests got canceled though, so i'm worried about my grades 😅

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  8. THE POPPY WAR !!!! i accidentally teared up a little when i saw that in your list, the more time that passes, the more my love for it grows <33 and yes the dragon warrior — i hope some more people pick it up because it was fantastic!!

    the hate u give is 100% a book that transcends books, as you said! every time i see a new screenshot of the nyt bestselling list and see thug at #1 or #2 even like 2 years after it was published, i get so happy haha

    great post, caitlin!!

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    1. OMG SAME!! i have some problems with the books, but whenever i look back on them, i just think of the emotions i went through reading them. and how amazing the worldbuilding is ❤ so excited for the burning god even though it's gonna wreck me like the previous books did:(

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  9. ahhhh i love this post so much!!! love me some strong, positive women 🥺❤️ jude is definitely fitting for a character who doesn’t do what she’s told and has ambition and drive. we love her for that

    fdjlkafjlak THANK YOU for choosing kestrel for an intelligent female character. i absolutely adore how smart and strategic she was. i love seeing characters who are strong in different ways. catch me crying at 1am over the poppy war. omg say female warrior and my first thought is rin. she really is one of the strongest characters i’ve ever read about and gahh that book, destroyed meeee

    chinese version of percy jackson you say??? well then LET ME PICK IT UP RIGHT NOW!!! caitlin is your goal to make me pick up from lukov with love?? because the urge right now IS STRONG!! i’m in such a romance mood this month (hm probably bc the world is on fire right now and i need something soft) but it literally sounds so wholesome and sweet I NEED IT

    amazing post as always, reading your posts are like the highlight of my week thank you kind sir ❤️

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    1. thank you, may!!! I love how educational this tag is 😭💖💖 and Jude is one of the most Slytherin characters I’ve ever come across in literature! right up there with kaz brekker

      yes!! i think she was the first female character i encounter in YA who was bad at fighting, but good at strategy ❤ we love showing the nuances of strength! omg rin 😭😭 i have a love-hate relationship with her, but I just wish with all my heart that she gets a happy ending in The Burning God 😭

      YES READ THE DRAGON WARRIOR! it's the definition of underrated, and I'm sad about it 😦 Omg, yes! can't wait to know your thoughts on From Lukov With Love if you pick it up! it's sooo slow-burn omg. and i get what you mean! the world is on fire, which is why i'm binge watching k-dramas right now 🥺🥺

      omg, this is the highest of compliments 😭😭 reading your comments and posts is the highlight of my week as well. your art post snatched my wig, honestly 🥺💖

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  10. I love this tag!! And I loved seeing your answers and it includes many books that I need to read. The Never-Tilting World does sound amazing, I will have to pick it up asap!! The concept and the world, just YES!!
    I am definitely interested in The Winner’s Curse definitely sounds like a interesting book so another one I need to check out!!
    Rin is definitely a warrior!! She definitely goes through A LOT!! And I just saw the cover for The Burning Gods and it is amazing, I love it!!
    I’m so excited to read Crier’s War, it is on my shelf and I can’t wait!!
    Princess Diana is amazing, great choice!!
    I hope you are well and staying safe!! I love reading your answers and yes every day is perfect to celebrate feminism!! ❤

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    1. Me too! I love how informative it is! Yes, rin chupeco comes up with the BEST book ideas! the worldbuilding of the never titling world can get a little hard to understand, but I think it’s worth the read ❤
      yes!! if you want a female character who sucks at fighting but excels at strategy, you need to pick the winner's curse up!
      yes, rin!! i have a love-hate relationship with her, but i sincerely hope that she gets a happy ending because she deserves it so much. Me too! the cover is so good, and i have no doubt that the burning god will destroy me :((
      I hope you enjoy Crier's War! and i admire Princess Diana so much ❤
      thank you! I hope you are too, Sophie ❤

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  11. This tag is so cool!! You also chose a bunch of books that I have to read 😅 I will definitely check out The Dragon Warrior because honestly, I could go for some sarcastic characters and mythology pretty much anytime. I’ve been on the fence about reading Criers War for a while now, but your description sold me better than the 35 times I picked it up in the bookstore and studied its synopsis 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right! I love how feminist it is! I hope you enjoy both ❤ The dragon warrior is the definition of underrated, and I'm mad about it. definitely pick it up to fill that PJO void! and i'm so honored that my description finally sold you on Crier's War 🥺🥺 I can't believe i'm better at marketing than marketing professionals NAH I'M JUST KIDDING, BUT STILL—I'M HONORED ❤ ❤

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  12. That is such an amazing tag!!! Princess Diana is a great choice for that last one, also. And now I have to go read the chinese version of Percy Jackson immediately.
    I’m also social distancing right now, and also sheltering in place, as I live in Oregon and as of Monday, the whole state is sheltering in place. I’m coping by reading (a lot more) and playing with my cats and dog.

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    1. I know right! I love how educational it is 😍 I hope you enjoy the dragon warrior if you pick it up ❤ it really deserves more recognition ❤
      haha, my introvert self is thriving because of social distancing :") I'm just spending my time blogging and reading. though k-dramas are kind of distracting me from those 😅

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  13. Thank you so, so much for tagging us, Caitlin, I loved reading your answers so much! ❤ Jude is PERFECT for that first prompt, I think that's what I appreciated about the book so much, as well, how… well, unique, the main character felt, because we too rarely see this ambitious, this slytherin kind of characters in books and we need more of them!!
    I really need to read Strange the Dreamer someday, I keep hearing incredible things about this story 😀

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    1. No problem, and thank you so much 😭💖 Jude’s ambition was definitely the most memorable part of The Folk of the Air trilogy for me! I loved reading about how driven she was to carve out a place among the fae.
      I hope you enjoy Strange the Dreamer!! It’s such a magical story–it reads almost like a fairytale 😍

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  14. So happy to see that you did the Tag 🥰 The Hate U Give is truly one of these phenomenal books that you’ve got to appreciate no matter what, I definitely need to do a reread soon! (I also loved On the Come Up and I cannot wait to read a third book set in Starr’s neighborhood, I really hope it comes out next year 😊) You also remind me that I’ve got to read Strange the Dreamer someday, or at least the Daughter of Smoke and Bone books – they’ve been collecting dust on my physical TBR 😱

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    1. thank you so much for tagging me, Caro 🥺💖💖 ah, i’d love to reread THUG! i read it SO long ago, haha. I have no doubt that my feeling on it will change. and same!! Loved On the Come Up so much, especially the rapping aspect. I’m so sad that we’re not getting an Angie Thomas book this year, but I’m crossing my fingers for the next year. ah, I hope you enjoy them! I honestly didn’t enjoy DOSAB very much 😅 But Strange the Dreamer hit the mark for me!

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  15. i seriously love this tag so much! i’ve been having a lot of fun going through everyone’s posts and getting a bunch of recommendations, as well as learning more about the women they chose for the last question. i wish more tags were “interactive” in that sense, where you can share something as a prompt, because it really makes it fun to read everyone’s post.
    i ended up never finish the winner’s curse because i picked it up right as i was falling out of love with the fantasy genre, but i do remember finding kestrel a really smart and strategic character too, which i find so hard to write about, so i definitely praise the author for achieving that. (intelligent characters can only be written by intelligent people i find, so that’s probably why all my characters are dumbasses, lol).
    i legit thought dragon warrior was part of the rick riordan presents series! i really like the idea of all these diverse middle grade fantasies, and i have to make it a priority of mine to *actually* read some of them, lol. i find that middle grade fantasy is a lot easier for me – a non-fantasy reader – to digest.
    it makes me happy to see you mentioning princess diana. up until around a year ago, i didn’t know much about her, but after watching a couple documentaries on netflix, i gained a lot more respect for her figure. it’s really intense how much she went through being part of the royal family and the media’s pressure on her every move, but i love how it never stopped her from being her truest self and, most of all, helping others.
    amazing answers, caitlin!

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    1. i love this tag too, lais! i love that it’s so educational and feminist 🥰 my heart actually does a leap of joy whenever i see that someone did it! and i think that more tags need to be interactive too. choosing the questions would be the best 🥺
      OMG relatable!! i’ve been toying with a wip idea for ages, but it requires at least three characters to be intelligent.. which is why I haven’t made a lot of progress with the wip. i hope that you can pick the winner’s curse up again though! the second book was the best in the trilogy for me, and kestrel’s strategic side is the most evident in the winner’s crime:)
      you’d be forgiven, because it really seems like a rick riordan presents book! uncle rick is really doing the most when it comes to boosting diverse voices 🥺 YES YES YES!! read the dragon warrior! i promise, it’s easy to understand and read ❤ i love it so much, and more people need to experience its greatness!!
      the last prompt actually made me sad, because i couldn't think of a lot of women i truly admired:( i remembered studying her in school and watching a few documentaries of her though, so that's why i went with her! unfortunately, i don't remember much about her, but i do admire all her humanitarian efforts. it's clear that the effect of her parenting still influences her children. and i hate that many people know her just because of who she married:(
      thank you so much, lais ❤

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  16. Awww thank you so much for the tag, girl!!! Omg I feel like Kestrel is SO underrated – she was so, so clever in those books & really showed that there is more than one way to be powerful! And YES, I adore Laini Taylor – her writing is so magical *chef’s kiss* 😍

    💛 Ngoc

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    1. You’re welcome 🥰🥰 Yes, Kestrel was the first female character I came across who was strong in a different way than most! I loved reading about her strategies. And yes!! there’s no other way to describe laini taylor’s writing except magical, honestly

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  17. This is such a great tag that celebrates women! Thank you so much for tagging me!💛 I’m super excited to do it!
    I really need to read The Poppy War as soon as possible. I heard it’s a great Fantasy book and now that you said Rin is such a perseverent main character…
    I also need to read more about Princess Diana. We read a bit about her some years ago in English history and she’s a great public personality but I would like to read more about her.
    Again, thank you for the tag!!💜

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    1. It really is! I’m excited to see your answers if you get around to it 🥺
      OMG YES THE POPPY WAR IS SO WORTH THE READ! i mean, it’s painful. but the worldbuilding and character development are A++ ❤
      oh, same! i might've chosen her for this prompt, but i've forgotten most of what i learned about her 😦

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  18. I love the idea of this book tag! I am complete agreement with you that The Hate U Give deserves the hype that it receives. I don’t remember what year it came out, but I do remember that that year THUG was my favorite YA book. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a mention of The Winner’s Curse in the book community (wow how time flies ahh! I can’t believe that book is considered “backlist” now), but I loved Kestrel’s character. I think that series is due for a re-read soon.

    claire @ clairefy

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    1. same! i love how educational and empowering it is 🥺 i’m so glad that you loved THUG! it’s such a powerful book, and i think everybody needs to read it. haha, yeah! the winner’s curse is basically a “staple” of YA along with the grisha trilogy now 😂 i loved that kestrel was a strong female character in a different way, and i hope your reread of the series goes well if you decide to go along with it!


  19. The Folk of the Air trilogy really is a strange one, in terms of how people feel about it. I think the first book in the series was my least favourite, but I also had so many issues with the last one. Anyway – Jude is a perfect pick for that question!
    The Never Tilting World sounds so interesting – I will definitely be adding that to my TBR.
    And, as Vera already mentioned, Strange the Dreamer is one of my favourite books so I am so happy to see you chose it for the beautiful writing question! Chef’s kiss indeed :’)
    Thank you for tagging us and I hope you are doing okay! ❤

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    1. My feelings on The Folk of the Air trilogy are so strange 😂 I *adored* the first book, and it actually rekindled my love for reading. However, I let the hype get to me when I read The Wicked King. And The Queen of Nothing was just okay for me—I can see why people love it though! But yeah, Jude is definitely an ambitious character. I loved seeing her ruthlessness!
      Ah, please read it! The worldbuilding takes some getting used to, but it’s such a creative book with awesome diversity and themes
      chef’s kiss is the perfect way to describe Laini Taylor’s writing, haha. I’d love to read more books by Laini Taylor, and I’m highly anticipating a new book from her!
      Ah, no problem at all! I hope you’re doing okay too 🥰

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    1. It really is a cool tag! i love how educational and empowering it is 🥺 Ah, thank you for the recommendations! I’ve read most of these authors already, but I really have to read something by Claire Legrand. I’ve also never heard of Meg Grehan and Katie O’Neill. Brb! looking them up right now!

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  20. Firstly I love this tag; it’s so interesting to learn about such fascinating female figures from history and pair them up with characters from the books that we’ve read. I 100% agree with you about Jude; she definitely does not do what she’s told and it’s incredible really that she’s so strong after everything that she’s gone through. I should really re-read The Winners Curse trilogy sometime as my memories of it are hazy. And I so want to read all of Rin Chupeco’s books; they all sound incredible. I love that you picked Princess Diana, she’s such a great choice.
    Thanks for the well wishes to everyone. I hope that you’re well too during this pandemic and that you’re keeping safe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same, Charlotte! I love how this tag highlights powerful fictional AND real women. Yes, Jude’s journey from being a weak human girl in the realm of faeries to where she is now was really interesting to read about. I hope you can reread The Winners Trilogy soon! I have my problems with it, but it definitely has its strong points. I hope you enjoy Rin’s books too! A lot of people I admire in the community absolutely adore her work, but they’re honestly hit or miss for me, and I feel really bad that I don’t really like The Bone Witch trilogy, which is her most beloved work, haha. Yes, I really wonder what it would’ve been like if Diana hadn’t died in a car crash…
      Ah, you’re welcome, Charlotte ❤ I hope you're doing well & staying safe too!

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      1. Yes it’s great, especially as some of them are new to me!! Thank you, hopefully I’ll get to as I kind of want to read it again before picking up Midnight Lie (I hope I’ve got the name right, Midnight something anyway). Aww that’s such a shame, that’s actually the only series I have of hers so far (totally kicking myself right now as Wicked As You Wish in ebook form was on offer the other day and I didn’t buy it straight away and it went off offer the next morning 😔). I guess everyone can’t love every beloved book though. All of her ideas sound awesome though!! Yeah that’s true, I honestly don’t know how different things would be.
        Thank you ❤️

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