Books I’ll (Probably) Never Read tag

This post is a bit more ~spicy~ than usual.

I’m picky with the books I add to my TBR. This results in a lot of books that I’ll never read, no matter how hyped they are, because I just know I won’t like them. Today, I’ll be talking about said books by doing the Books I’ll Probably Never Read tag. Thank you so much to Emma @ A Few Chapters Til’ Love for tagging me in it! She tagged me back in July 2019, so this post is extremely late!

A really hyped book you’re not interested in reading


Can we get more hyped than the book that basically pioneered YA?

No, I don’t think we can.

I was so young when the Twilight craze started—too young to read it. Now that it’s been years since this book was at its peak, I think it’s safe to say that YA has changed a lot. I’m a hundred percent sure that I’ll hate the romance in this, and that I won’t have fun reading it.

A series you won’t start/won’t be finishing

Divergent (Divergent, #1)

A series I won’t start is the Divergent series. I know what happens in the final book, and I don’t think reading this series is worth its ending.


A series I won’t finish is the Throne of Glass series.

This series and I go way back. I read the first book when I was eleven. Tiny, immature me loved Throne of Glass to pieces. She thought that Celaena Sardothien was the most bad-ass main character alive, and she hardcore shipped Celaena with Dorian. Okay, I’m gonna stop referring to myself in third person now.

When I read Crown of Midnight, my Celorian-obsessed heart was not pleased, and it was even more unhappy when Heir of Fire came out.

I was only reading this series for my ship, so when it became more and more clear that it would never sail, I aborted ship (get it??). I’m glad I did (even if it was for a stupid reason), because I loved the premise and stakes of the first book, so as SJM made increasingly drastic changes to the plotline of this series, I probably would’ve hated it more and more.

A classic you’re not interested in


All of them except a select few. I do not like how classics are written. However, one popular classic that I have absolutely ZERO chances of reading is Moby Dick. Reading about a whale hunt sounds super boring to me. This book also has an average rating of 3.49 on Goodreads, which is even more incentive for me to stay away from it.

A genre you never read

I’ll go with erotica or smut. I will read the occasional romance, but I don’t think I’ll ever pick up a book that’s purely made up of sex and little to no plot, because I read romance for the relationships, not the smutty scenes. Plus, frequent *explicit* sex scenes will probably make me super uncomfortable and blush a lot, because I’m a baby.

A genre I have read, and will probably never read from again is self-help. I’ve read a few books in this category, and most of them are not that helpful. (I think the ONLY piece of advice from a self-help book that I’ve ever actually implemented in real life is the line from Notes on a Nervous Planet about work minimalism.) Let’s face it: The chances of someone actually following the advice they read in a book are pretty slim, especially if the advice is super abstract, like “be grateful” or “believe in yourself.”

For me, we learn life lessons by living it, not by reading a book. On top of that, some of the advice in self-help books are only applicable if you have a certain amount of privilege. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A book on your shelves you’ll probably never actually read

Back when I first discovered the book community, I added EVERY book that I saw talked about to my TBR—and even bought some of them. Whenever I look back on those days, I feel so guilty for wasting my parents’ money on books that I wasn’t even gonna read.

7171771 17332556

Why did I buy these two books???? The Monstrumologist has a cool title, but it doesn’t sound appealing whatsoever. And The Burning Sky has absolutely nothing going for it—its cover is kind of hideous and its premise sounds like every fantasy novel’s ever.

I tag Olivia, Arin, Amy and May!

What are some books that you’ll never read? Have you read any of these books? What’s one genre that you never reach for?

49 thoughts on “Books I’ll (Probably) Never Read tag

  1. I have actually read Twilight but it was for school and the teacher recommended it. I didn’t particularly want to read but my sister was obsessed (she now hates it though) and I remember always telling her, no this no good but always going to the cinema nonetheless 😂😂

    Throne of Glass has a sentimental place in my heart because it is the book that introduced me to the book community. My favourite character is Chaol though but I agree the series does change and Sarah J Maas isn’t the best author so I probably won’t focus on her books in the future but I have a little connection with ToG.

    Moby Dick does sound like a drag but I have read a retelling of it but it was short and actually alright 😂🙈

    It was only something I noticed the other day but you are right that self help books relate to privledge a lot. So I like you method of learning lessons by living. 😊

    I can’t think of any books I’ve never read at the moment but I know there are some. It will come to get later I unsure (that will be helpful) 😂

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    1. omg, i can’t believe that a teacher actually recommended it 😂 i don’t know, it just doesn’t seem like something that a teacher would tell a student to read, haha!
      Ah, ToG has a semi-sentimental place in my heart too! it’s one of the very first books I read because of the book community, and teenage me was LIVING because Celaena and Dorian. I feel like I would like Chaol way more if I read the books now (because all my preteen brain could think of was Celorian, oof). I’m excited to see what her new series will offer, though, honestly
      is it the one by neal schusterman? i don’t know if it was him who wrote a retelling of it, but i know what the cover looks like! i think it’s gray and there’s blood on it? 😂
      yeah, it’s pretty annoying whenever people try and say “money isn’t happiness,” or “just quit your job,” because other people can’t afford to do that, and you shouldn’t look down on them?? And it’s a very firm belief of mine that you really can’t learn anything in life any other way than the hard way. everything i’ve learned in life (even though someone older than me told me about it) was internalized because of an event that impacted me. but i don’t know if that’s how it is for other people ://

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      1. I know I can’t either to be honest 😂 I did a book project on it and I live in fear of what I wrote 🙈

        I do like Dorian a lot to be fair– he liked books and brought a dog so those are very important qualities 😂 I am definitely curious about her new series and I know it will increase when I hear everyone talking about it!!

        The one I am thinking of is by Patrick Ness. I’m not sure how many there is but I think the cover is grey and red so… 😂

        So true. Some advice is said with the privledge of time, money and a support system and it is unfair to act like it is their fault because they can’t so what someone else did.
        I definitely thinking living through something makes you learn the lesson and get past it. You can’t really live your life by someone else’s rules/advice!!

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      2. “he liked books and brought a dog so those are very important qualities” LOL MOOD. I’m so excited to see how Crescent city (if that’s the name of the series) is received! Who knows? I might actually read it, because for all the slander that SJM gets, I feel like she *does* actually have talent as a writer

        OMG yeah! we were thinking of the same book! idk, I just confuse neal schusterman with patrick ness a lot because for me, both are pretty popular authors who have released a bunch of books (most bestselling) in their careers 😂

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  2. Noooo, Caitlin! You have to read Twilight! For the comedic value alone! I feel the same way about Divergent though, I had just started high school when the first movie came out and everyone was OBSESSED, so I was coerced into reading the first book. I then heard what happened in the last book, and lost all interest.

    I’m also not a smut/erotica reader. No shame for anyone who does read it, I just personally like focusing on the emotional relationship between characters, rather than the sexual ones. 😂😂 Omggg, “The Monstrumologist” is such a good title. I had to sound that out like 3 times and I still don’t know what it’s supposed to be pronounced like.

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    1. omg, no!! i just know that i wouldn’t have fun 😭 but maybe someday if i wanna ~experiment. i actually only heard of divergent when the last book came out, and by then i’d already heard of the ending, so I was like “NOPE. not worth it.” thank god 😂

      ahhh, yes to this! no shame to anyone who reads or writes it because I’m sure that the genre has something to offer, but sex scenes in romance novels make me so squeamish and uncomfortable–i don’t think i could read a novel just about that. but i do love to ship couples, so that’s why i keep coming back to the romance genre 🥺 omg, me neither, haha! a hundred percent will never read it though 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  3. As someone who has used her copy of Moby Dick to combat insomnia for like 15 years, I can say you are making the right choice to pass on it lol. Great list and I loved reading your reasoning for these — I feel you on series kind of derailing from what initially drew you in, and sorry that TOG wound up being one you couldn’t finish since you loved it so much.

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    1. it’s so cool that you found a way to make your copy useful 😂
      I feel like it was a matter of age! I read it when I was a preteen (yikes), and all I cared about back then was romance, so I absolutely fell in love with Celorian, because they followed a sort of princess x prince dynamic. As the series got more mature, my mindset (if that’s the word) at the time could no longer handle it, and I think it was for the best that I just dnfed the series, no matter how I’d feel about it now. I stand by my belief that there is no good reason for a book series to be as long as ToG is, haha!


  4. Moby Dick actually is on my TBR.. but I will definitely have to be in a certain mood to actually read it ahaha. As for the Divergent series, I’ve never actually read the books and a friend spoiled the ending for me, so I really don’t think I will in the future either.

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    1. omg, you definitely have more brain cells and willpower than i do, because i will never, ever read Moby Dick in my entire life.
      yeah, it just doesn’t seem worth it 😂 i can think of a million other book series out there that would be way more worth the read

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  5. Haha, I don’t think I’ll ever read Twilight too. It just doesn’t appeal to me at all, and the cover is kind of weird? I have read the ToG series though, and I have 2 books left, and honestly, I think it gets better. But since you shipped Dorian and Celaena, I can see why it disappointed. My poor Dorian. I love him so much and he goes through a lot 😭 Honestly, I don’t think Celaena deserves him? If that makes sense?? She’s not really the best fit for him tbh and he deserves the best. Anyways, the series isn’t for everyone 🙂

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    1. yes! like, why is it a picture of a hand holding an apple? Why did anyone want to read a book with a cover like that??
      I’m pretty sure it does get better, but I read it at a time wherein I was too immature to understand the series 😂 I won’t pick it back up again though, because it just seems like too much of a commitment :”)
      Haha, I read the series so long ago and I don’t remember all that much from it that I don’t think I’m the right person to discuss this with 😓 But from what I can remember, I feel like both of them were bound for different things, and they really weren’t meant to be a couple (which preteen me was super sad about)

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  6. Definitely can’t blame you for some of these! I read Twilight back at the height of its popularity, when I was in sixth grade, and I was NOT impressed. I doubt that would change now. And the last Divergent book was such a disappointment that it turned me off the series despite enjoying the first two books initially. I often feel the same way about classics – there are a few that I’m interested in/have loved, but most are not for me. ESPECIALLY Moby Dick. It sounds like it sucks.

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    1. It seems like we have the same mindset on all of these books! This comment just solidified the fact that I’m never gonna pick these books up in my entire life 😂 tbh, I would rather die than read Moby Dick. like, if I were somehow assigned to read it for school, i would *immediately* turn to sparknotes–and I’m the type of student who actually reads the required reading!


  7. Oh yes, I love a spicy post 🍵 I actually read the first two Divergent books a long time ago … but I never read Allegiant because the reviews were so bad and I had no interest in it any longer 😂 As for Throne of Glass, I did like book 1 … I just have no motivation to keep reading as of right now, as there are so many books and they’re mostly tomes 😱

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  8. Great post (: I kind of feel the same as you when it comes to classics but I’m hoping to try and give a few a chance later in the year (if I ever get reading). I kind of want to find out what all of the fuss is about. Definitely not including Shakespeare though – to me that always just feels like nonsense.
    I also wouldn’t have thought of self help books but they’re a good choice. I sometimes get the feeling that some would feel a bit judgy somehow 🤔

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    1. Thank you! And same here, but only to three classics! I just know that the genre isn’t for me. Haha, would rather die than have to read Shakespeare again, honestly.. I’m sure his works actually hold some value, but to both of us, they’re just nonsense
      I actually wouldn’t have thought of them too except Emma answered it for this question, and I found myself agreeing so much! And yeah, most are pretty pretentious and not at all helpful :/

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  9. Honestly, you’re making the right call in all of these, I think – I read many of these, and even the ones I liked when I was younger (like Divergent or Twilight) are so dated and lukewarm compared to today’s YA titles. Also, the ending of Divergent is shit, and so is the whole of the second and third book, haha. And the Burning Sky is mediocre at best, I can’t believe I carried the whole trilogy IN HARDCOVER home from the library and then felt like I had to read it, because, certainly, it would get better. Ugh. I agree about Moby Dick, I do like classics, but man, this one sounds awful – not only is it about a boring topic, but it’s also long as hell.

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    1. Yeah, most of the people in this comment sections are saying that these books aren’t worth my time 😂 Ah, sorry your time reading the first two Divergent books was wasted!
      I can’t believe that I actually bought a hardcover copy of The Burning Sky! Like, what was I thinking???
      Omg, if I were somehow assigned to read Moby Dick for school, I would immediately turn to Sparknotes–and I’m the type of student who reads the required reading!

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  10. uhhh yes, these are interesting! I finished Divergent even though I got spoiled for the end because I was absolute trash for it back then, and still, somehow, I was surprised it actually happened (my brain probably just refused to accept the ending hahaha)

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  11. I think you’re making all the right choices here 😂 I read Twilight when I was much younger and I can’t deny their appeal back then or how they made me want to read more, just as well, but, aerm, I don’t really like these books now, nor the kind of message they send. and you’re making the right choice about Divergent, that last book and ending were no no nopeeeeeee. 😂

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    1. I’m so glad, haha! Yeah, I’m pretty sure Twilight was so popular for a reason, but knowing my reading tastes and how YA books are now, I just know that Twilight won’t be worth my time. Also, I can’t imagine reading all the Divergent books and then having to suffer through that ending 😭

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  12. i read twilight in like 2014 or 2015, maybe, for the first time, and i can definitely say it wasn’t as bad as i expected, but it was definitely not good either, lol. it’s just that it had such a bad reputation, i literally thought i was going to hate all of it, but it wasn’t the case. i still consider it’s not totally worth reading.
    i think i could answer that about every classic. i think it’s easier to answer classics i *am* interested in reading – picture of dorian gray and the great gatsby, but much like you, i don’t like how classic are written and i always find myself reading the same paragraph over and over again but zoning out before i reach the end, hahah.
    i don’t think i have any books on my shelves i’ll probably never read, but i owned all the light we can not see by anthony doerr for years and never moved past page 100.

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    1. I totally get that! I mean, it must’ve been popular for a reason. But knowing my reading taste, I just know that I won’t like it, or at the very least, reading it will be a waste of time.
      So true! It’s way easier to list classics I’m actually interested in because I’m literally only interested in three. Dorian Gray is one of them! The way they’re written just really puts me off, and like you, if I can’t really comprehend something (which happens to me a lot, even when reading books that were literally published in 2020), I have to reread the passage over and over.
      I once had All the Light We Cannot See on my TBR! I took it off though! Sometimes i regret that decision because some people really love it, but I just think that other books are more worth my time!

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  13. Thank you so much for tagging me, Caitlin! I loved reading this post. I’m so sorry I’m SO late to finally commenting on this, but I still enjoyed reading it immensely and I really, really appreciate you thinking of me in this.💛
    I’m the same with you on Twilight! When it was The Thing to Read, I was way too young to read it, and I vividly remember when my sister was finally allowed to read it and I still wasn’t. (I was very upset.) I never did end up reading it, and I don’t have too much interest in it now, either.
    I love classics, haha, but I do to agree with you that I don’t have interest in Moby Dick. It doesn’t sound appealing at all.😂
    I also agree with you on self help books! I probably haven’t given them a proper chance, but I don’t think I’ve ever genuinely taken something away from a self help book that fueled real change in my life. Though that’s probably on me, not the book. XD
    Lovely post! I hope you’re doing well.

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    1. no problem, Olivia! I’m so glad!! and you don’t have to feel sorry at all ❤ I'm always late to commenting on posts 😅
      that was exactly my situation! I barely remember the time when it was The Thing to Read, but I recall my sister buying all the books 😂 I didn't feel any desire to read it then, and I especially don't now :")
      I feel like I'd like classics more if I had more brain cells :") But yeah, I'm never gonna read Moby Dick for sure.
      Ah, same!! I don't foresee any self-help book actually impacting my life in any way. Maybe some people find them helpful, but I personally don't :/
      thank you so much! I hope you're doing well as well ❤ ❤

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