Caitlin Reads… Book Bloggers’ Favorite Books of 2019 // ft. Love From A to Z, The Last Namsara & more!

Friends, I’m so excited to introduce you to my new blog series!!! *screeches in enthusiasm*

This new series is entitled Caitlin Reads…, where (hopefully) every month, I’ll be reading a couple books that fit a certain theme. The first post in this series’ theme is—as you can probably tell—book bloggers’ favorite books of 2019! Other themes may include underrated books, book bloggers’ book recommendations, and more! Watch out for those posts. 😉

Not only that, but I’ll essentially be “vlogging” by reading experience. I’ll be giving you reading updates, while interspersing the post with pictures from my real life (e.g. what I was eating or looking at while reading), to make this blog post feel more like a vlog!

I’m not gonna lie, this series was heavily inspired by BookTube. There’s this trend going around it called “secret TBR,” where a BookTuber picks a few books that all have something in common, and vlogs their experience reading all of them. (Popular secret TBR videos include Reading the Lowest Rated Books on my Goodreads TBR, Reading BookTubers’ Favorite Books, etc.)

I find secret TBRs super cool, and I want to bring something like them to my blog! I also hope to push the limits of my creativity by challenging myself to translate reading vlogs into a blog-friendly format. This particular Caitlin Reads…‘s theme was inspired by a video done by Riley Marie, where she read BookTubers’ favorite books of 2018!

Without further ado, I present to you the inaugural Caitlin Reads…, where I will be reading four book bloggers’ favorite books of 2019, taken from their best of 2019 lists, of course!

Though I will give a disclaimer that (spoilers for the post but whatever)…. I rated all of these books 3 stars except one, which I rated 2. I don’t know what happened!! 😭 But, I’d like to remind ya’ll that 3 stars is a good rating for me! And if you were one of the bloggers featured in this post, please don’t feel bad that I didn’t rate a book you loved 4 or 5 stars! Your taste is amazing—never forget that. ❤

Book #1

Krisha @ Bookathon‘s best of 2019 list was chock-full of diverse books, specifically ones by authors of color! One of the books from her list that I hadn’t picked up yet was Love From A to Z, which was at the top of my TBR!

What is Love From A to Z about?

Love From A to Z is an #ownvoices YA contemporary told through the journal entries of two Muslim teens—Adam and Zayneb. Zayneb has recently been suspended for standing up to an Islamophobic teacher at school, so she’s spending her early spring break in Doha, Qatar, with her aunt. Meanwhile, Adam has just been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the illness that took his mother’s life, and he’s dreading telling his dad and sister about it when he goes back to Doha for spring break. Adam and Zayneb meet and form an instant connection on the plane ride to Doha, and from there, they fall in love.

Let the live updates from past Caitlin begin!

Page 25– I’m already warming up to Adam and Zayneb! I appreciate that Zayneb is an angry Muslim girl who won’t take any shit from Islamophobes, and that this book highlights the small—but still harmful—ways that Islamophobia is present in society.

Page 52– AHH, Adam is such a cinnamon roll!! You could kiiinda call his relationship with Zayneb insta-lovey, and normally, I would hate it because I despise insta-love. But this time I’m willing to forgive it because it’s written so well.

Page 89– I love that this book is unapologetically brown and Muslim. The diversity in it is *chef’s kiss*.

Page 180– This is so soft, and Adam and Zayneb’s relationship is so unproblematic. Talking to each other? Being mindful of consent? Having crushes on each other but not to the extent that it becomes creepy? Every YA contemporary should take notes!

I also love the way Adam and Zayneb’s marvel and oddity journal entries are being used to tell the story!


Overall, I’m rating this 3 stars, which is probably shocking to you because all of my updates were positive. Please take my rating with a grain of salt, because I 110% still recommend this book to anyone and everyone! It’s just that I got super bored while reading it, which is to be expected since contemporary isn’t my thing.

Other than that, I only have positive things to say! If I had to describe this book in one word, it would be powerful. This book is a celebration of Muslim identity; it’s a testament to how impactful #ownvoices books can be. It’s also so freakin’ happy to the point that it’s a little cheesy. But I think that was done on purpose to show us that this level of cheesiness can exist in the world!

Book #2

Next, I chose The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli. I hadn’t really heard anyone talk about it until I came across Sofi @ A Book. A Thought.‘s best books of 2019 list. I was intrigued to see that she ranked The Last Namsara number one out of ten books, so I added it to my TBR for this post, knowing almost nothing about it!

What is The Last Namsara about?

Asha is the fiercest dragon slayer in the kingdom of Firgaard, slaying every dragon she comes across. But her father, the king, has betrothed her to the terrible commandant. The opportunity to escape her impending marriage presents itself when Asha is given the task to slay the most powerful dragon in the land.

Let the live updates from past Caitlin begin!

4%– So far, I’m flying through this, and it seems like my type of fantasy. I’m already warming up to Asha, even though I want to do less dragon killing and more dragon riding.

7%– Asha just had her first interaction with the person who I think is gonna be the love interest, and I can already feel the tension!!

9%– Even though I’ve been thrown into a whole new world, I’m catching onto things easily, and I don’t feel overwhelmed by all the foreign terms. I think that the stories and myths that we’re getting in between chapters are helping a lot with this.

21%– Um, this update is less positive. I’ve come to realize that this book is not gonna have much substance to it. I’m also not as connected to the characters as I would like, and I’m disappointed that so far, there’s no PoC or queer rep. Also, what kind of a name is Torwin? I can’t believe the love interest’s name is Torwin.

31%– Nooooo, Asha, why are you ashamed of your scar now that a boy can see it??

67%– This book has some things going for it. The plot twists are good, and the worldbuilding is a little interesting (only because of the dragons). But, I don’t care about the characters, so I don’t care about anything that’s happening.

82%– Asha and Torwin’s romance is not good, I’m sorry. Initially, I was interested in their dynamic, but they have no chemistry and their romance can be found in literally any YA fantasy ever!!


I rated this 2 stars. I’m sorry, Sofi—I still love you. 😭💖 The beginning was super promising, but this quickly proved itself to be a generic YA fantasy. I’m okay with simple books, but this one was *too* simple. The romance was pretty lackluster, and I didn’t know why they were even attracted to each other! The explanation we were given at the end made me go, “really?”

Image result for roll eyes gif

Lastly, why are there no PoC??? And queer people, for that matter. There are three different groups of people in this book—draksors, skrals, and scrublanders—and you mean to tell me that all of them are white?

Book #3

I branched out of my comfort zone with my third pick, which is the first thriller I’ve ever read! Stephen @ Stephen Writes‘s list featured a lot of books that I’d never heard of or weren’t in my preferred genre. (He and I have different reading tastes, haha. 😅) While looking through his list, though, I came across a thriller called The Passengers, and I was immediately intrigued by the premise!

What is The Passengers about?

In a futuristic world, self-driving cars have just been invented. One day, a mysterious Hacker hacks into eight Passengers’ vehicles, setting them all on a collision course and broadcasting the event live on social media. The Hacker tells the world that they can save only one Passenger.

Let the updates from past Caitlin begin!

23%– I’m loving this a lot, and I’m already planning on picking up more thrillers after I read it! So far, I think my favorite part is the futuristic aspect. I love learning about how this world is more advanced than ours, and how these advancements are affecting society.

Just like the synopsis promised, the Passengers’ situations and backgrounds are all different. I’m excited to keep reading and find out how everything is gonna play out. It seems like the Passengers’ secrets are all gonna be revealed one by one, and I’m hyped!

55%– The way people on social media are reacting to this terrifying situation is disgusting and so insensitive. And yet… I’m not surprised, and I feel like this would actually happen in real life.


I’m sorry I didn’t update much while reading this book, but I think that’s a testament to how engrossed I was with it. It’s so easy to keep telling yourself “just one more chapter” while reading it, only to have to stop yourself from reading your fifth chapter in one sitting. The twists were mind-blowing. I did predict some, but others were so shocking and well-placed that reading them pulled me out of my body for a second.

John Marrs is a freaking genius, and you best believe that I’m gonna read more from him. The concept behind this book is amazing, and it was executed to its full potential. I’d liken this book to a Black Mirror episode!

That being said, it had its fair share of problems, which is why I rated it 3 stars and not higher. Jack was a caricature of a villain, and Cadman came out of nowhere just for the sake of the plot. Which, on that note, relied a little too heavily on convenience and coincidences for my taste. This might just be a preference thing, but I also found the pacing uneven because while the majority of the book had breakneck speed, the last fifty or so pages slowed down.

However, my biggest issue with this book is the fact that *spoiler* all of the PoCs in it died. Now, this is a delicate subject, and I’m pretty sure some people won’t see their deaths as a problem. But as a PoC myself, Shabana and Bilquis’ deaths were hurtful to me, and I didn’t feel comfortable with a white man writing them. My unhappiness with the choice to kill them off was only magnified by the fact that a few white characters, who had all done horrible things, in contrast to Bilquis and Shabana who were one of the only innocent Passengers, got away with their lives. Maybe John Marrs killed them off in order to commentate on racism and bigotry, but in my opinion, the message didn’t come across well, and he could’ve at least added PoCs to the book that didn’t die. *end of spoiler*

Despite my qualms with The Passengers, I can confidently say that I’ve never read anything like it in my entire life. It’s made me want to read more thrillers, just so that I can question my existence after reading a particularly shocking twist again.

If you plan to read it, please know that it’s pretty dark. I’ll leave the content warnings below. (Hidden, because they could potentially spoil the plot.)

Content Warningsracism, death of PoC, pedophilia, mentions of sexual assault, domestic abuse, cheating, terrorism, violence, depressed side character, mentions of suicide, loss of a loved one

Book #4

I had already known that Tarnished Are the Stars was going to make Iris @ Hoard of Books‘s best of 2019 list before she actually posted one on her blog. Iris is such a gem on Twitter (so friendly and funny 😭), and this book is literally her brand!! She even dressed up as one of the main characters for Halloween (pictured above), and if that’s not a testament to her love for this book, I don’t know what is!

What is Tarnished Are the Stars about?

Three queer teenagers (an outlaw mechanic, the son of the corrupt Commissioner, a spy for the Queen) band together to defeat a classist social structure.

Let the live updates from past Caitlin begin!

9%– I’ve read exactly three chapters already—all told from three different perspectives, who I’m assuming are the main characters. I’m liking Anna and Nathaniel. And Eliza is fine too—it’s just that the fact that she’s a ~highly-trained spy~ was emphasized way too much in her chapter. I felt like it was being shoved in my face.

Right now, this is a solid 3 stars and I’m liking it. The writing is good; the worldbuilding requires a little suspension of disbelief, but it’s interesting nonetheless—we’re following an English setting in space!

48%– This is still an “I’m liking it, but it doesn’t have that wow factor for me” 3 stars. I love how well the author intertwines Nathaniel, Eliza, and Anna’s perspectives. I can’t wait for them to officially come together. I can already imagine Eliza and Anna falling in love, and…. that would be too powerful, I’m not ready for it.

However, I’m not enjoying this as much as I could because the characters’ emotions feel very surface level. I know that Eliza wants to rise to the top, Anna is grieving for everything she’s lost, and Nathaniel craves the approval of an abusive father. But I only know these things because of what I’m being told, not shown.

54%– Going off what I said earlier, Nathaniel is the character we’re being told, not shown, about the most. He went through a lot of character development in the first half, but it seemed really forced.

Also, I’m a little disappointed because our three perspectives have finally converged and the scene was pretty anticlimactic.


I gave this 3 stars, as I expected.


  • This novel is so full of heart, with great themes and political commentary.
  • The queer rep is A++, as expected because the author is #ownvoices. There’s ace and aro rep, which is so underrepresented in books. There’s also an f/f relationship and a touching discussion on labels.
  • The world! As I said, English setting in space.
  • Beautiful writing


  • While the writing was nice, it was full of telling and not showing. 😩 And I think this was because some of the characters’ development were pretty unrealistic. For example, after interacting with Anna only once, Nathaniel was already thinking, “but Anna wouldn’t treat me like this,” and “Anna is different,” when they weren’t even on friendly terms with each other yet!!
  • I loved Anna and Eliza, but their relationship was heavy with insta-love. And I would’ve been fine with that, because hello? It’s sapphic. But it’s obvious that their relationship was developed more quickly than it should’ve been for the sake of plot convenience. You mean to tell me that Eliza [redacted] after interacting with Anna less than ten times?

Sorry this post is gigantic!! But it’s the result of weeks of preparation and hours of writing, so I hope you enjoyed it!

Please don’t hesitate to tell me what you think of Caitlin Reads…! I’m so excited to have finally launched it after hinting at it in my 2020 goals! And of course, please check out the four book bloggers featured in this post if you haven’t yet. They are some of the kindest people out there, with some of the best content you’ll ever read. ❤

What do you think of this new series? What do you want the next Caitlin Reads… theme to be? Have you read any of the books in this post?

50 thoughts on “Caitlin Reads… Book Bloggers’ Favorite Books of 2019 // ft. Love From A to Z, The Last Namsara & more!

  1. Awwwww I’m honestly so honoured that you chose me for this 😭💜 I’m sad you didn’t like TATS more haha, but I do get it – it’s certainly not a perfect book, but it just means the absolute world to me haha

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh MY GOD!! I wasn’t expecting this, Favorite post EVER!! ❤️ 👏🏻
    I’m not gonna lie… my heart broke a little because you didn’t enjoy the book 💔 but I’m SO happy that you’ve tried it, at the same time and I respect your opinion 100%, and in fact, I understand a lot of your points & I love you forever no matter what, so don’t worry, sweetie. 🥰
    Love how the post turned out, I think it’s SO entertaining to read and a lot of fun as well, we’re super synchronized, actually, because I’m also planning to read other bloggers’ favorites, but I’ll be doing it later in the year and your post simply makes me realize how incredible it can be, now I’m even more excited. 😍
    I’m honored that you have chosen me for the beginning of this series, really, thank you SO much! 😭 I can’t wait to see more and more of this content, honey, I just LOVE IT & I’m here to support you in each of these posts. 💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh, Sofi 😭😭💕💕 That’s so sweet—thank you!!
      And ahhh, I’m really, really sorry also :(( Maybe i just read it at the wrong time? But I’m excited to read more of your recommendations because you read so widely, and we love some of the same books! Love you so, so much ❤
      Ahhhh, great minds think alike!! I'm so excited to see your post! I love it when readers read other readers' favorite books because it's such a great way of seeing how our tastes align ❤
      ah, it was an honor to read a fave of yours! ahh, thank you so much again 😭😭 I'm so excited to do more of these! ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, Caitlin!! 😍 I absolutely adored this post, and the series is such a good idea! Thank you for featuring one of my reads alongside such fantastic bloggers 😊

    The Passengers was a great choice and I loved your updates. I agree with a lot of your thoughts on the book – some of the twists are incredible and it is rare you come across a thriller quite like that. I also had problems with all the BAME characters being killed, and in my review I said Jack was a caricature. 3 stars isn’t bad!

    And I don’t think our reading tastes are that far apart haha. I think there are several books we can relate on 😅🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh, thank you so much, Stephen!! I just had to read one of your faves! Every book you recommend sounds so good ❤

      Aw, I'm sad that you can't find the twist in The Passengers in just about any thriller :(( But I'm so glad that I read it for this post, because it introduced me to a whole new genre! And yeah, I'm just really tired of PoC getting killed off in books :// And I did read your review shortly after I finished the book! Sadly, I didn't have time to like or comment, but I found myself agreeing with so many of your points ❤

      Ahh, that's very true! I should really read more of your recommendations though, because you seriously have such great taste ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. This series idea is so clever!! I can’t wait to see more posts like this! The food pictures throughout the vlogging updates were 👌👌 (I spent maybe 5 minutes each staring at the food photos, ngl). I think what I love most about this post is how you’re updating *as* you’re reading so we kind of get to see your uncensored/unprocessed thoughts on the book, which is kind of rare in book-blogging since when we write reviews we tend to analyze a lot of what we’re writing about. Can’t wait for the next post! 💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chana!! this comment made me so happy 😭😭 I was super nervous that this post wouldn’t be a hit, but everything you said has validated me so much ❤
      I'm so glad that you like the food pics! I would probably have the same reaction if a blogger showed numerous food pics throughout their post!


  5. This is such a great series idea Caitlin, and I loved reading it!! I haven’t read any of the books above, but I do plan on reading Love From A to Z! Also the food 😭 The dumplings especially 😍😍😍 Honestly, the food is enough to make me super excited for this, but I also can’t wait to see what you read next 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you so much!! I think that you’ll love Love From A to Z—it’s unapologetically Muslim! It’s truly a celebration of your identity, and I know that it was written for Muslim readers ❤
      yes!! the dumplings were from Japan, and they were delicious! I really wanna try them again ❤
      I'm so excited to post more in this series!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Aaaah I love this post and this series! I’ve not read any of those books but I do have two on my TBR, I can’t wait for more posts in this series! Love how you included the updates and photos to give it more of a “vlog” touch ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Ahh… Caitlin this idea is amazing. It is so creative to do in blog posts and I think it is great that you are going to hopefully do it every month!! 😍 I especially like the idea of underrated books!!

    I loved reading your thoughts on love from A-Z and it had definitely made me want to pick it up sooner. Sometimes I’m in the mood for contemporaries and this sounds perfect!!

    I loved reading your thoughts for The Passenger. I always think you make such intelligent well rounded points about books and I love it!!!

    I love reading all of this and you put so much effort into it. I love all the photos you included too!! Wonderful post and I can’t wait for more in this series!! 💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Sophie—that make me so happy 😭😭💞 I’m having so much fun reading my picks for the underrated books, actually!

      Yes!! It’s the perfect contemporary! I feel like there’s something in it for everyone because there’s so much to appreciate about it ❤

      Ahhh, thank you so much!! 😭😭💖 I definitely had conflicting thoughts about that one, and I'm so glad that my points came across well!

      Ah, Sophie, you are so sweet :(( Thank you so much again ❤ I hope you're having a great day, and that you're enjoying your current reads!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Oo this is such a cool post idea and I’m so excited for your future uploads! I haven’t read any of these, but Tarnished are the Stars is on my TBR! Also, The Last Namsara sounds super disappointing, I think I might stay away from that one. Great post, as always! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Amy! Ah, Tarnished Are the stars is wonderfully queer—I really think you’ll like it ❤
      Ah, I feel bad because it has *some* things going it, but.. if I were given the choice to forget my entire reading experience with it, I would. because it's really not that memorable. Ah, thank you so much! I hope you're having the most wonderful day ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I love your post, Caitlin!! I have to admit, I’m a bit bummed you didn’t *love* Love From A to Z, because it was one of my favorites last year, BUT I do get contemporary not being your thing. 🙂 To be fair, it’s not mine either, but there was something about this book that really grabbed me. It may have been that it focuses heavily on the romance, and I do love romance, haha. Also, it makes me sad that none of these titles wowed you, I do hope your next experiment – whatever it may be – will bring you new favorites. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh, thank you so much 😭😭💕 Yeah, I don’t know what happened, because it really is such a *great* book. I say with all honesty that I don’t get how anyone could rate it below 3 stars! but… I just got super bored around the middle, and it took me weeks to get through the entire book! I really don’t know why, but I’m glad that you were able to enjoy it more than I did! But yeah, the romance in it was so soft, cute and wholesome ❤
      Yeah, I have no idea why 😭 I was trying to venture out of my comfort zone with this post, and as with all the times I try and do that, the books don't end up being to my liking, so… I guess I know better now?
      The Passengers did wow me though! Truly unlike everything I've ever read! I'm just sad that some spoilery things happened in it.
      Thank you! Hope you're enjoying all of your current reads, Vera! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad Charvi! My second post is late, but oh whale…
      I think you have a high chance of enjoying them! I’m just overly critical lmao. And I still recommend Tarnished Are the Stars despite some problems I had with it! It’s definitely not perfect, but it’s also so worth the read ❤


  10. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. i knew this new series by caitlin was going to be amazing! i love that you’re sharing pictures along with your thoughts on the books. even though i hardly ever watch these videos on book tube, i loved reading through your post.
    (also your dog and you doing a facemask were the most adorable thing i’ve seen today. thank you).
    yay for pringles, first of all. the marvel and oddity journal entries in love from a to z was one of my favorite things too. i love whenever authors can intertwine those into a story; it makes me feel closer to the characters for some reason, and it’s also inspiring as i journal myself.
    i hadn’t heard about tarnished are the stars at all (sci-fi and fantasy aren’t that much on my radar these days) but i’m happy to hear there’s ace/aro rep! it makes me excited to read it, even if you didn’t love it that much.
    once again, this series IS BOMB. i can’t wait to read more on it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AH, LAIS, THANK YOU!! super super glad that you loved the series 🥺💖 i honestly put a lot of time and effort into, planning, writing & editing this post, but even so I was worried about it not translating well in a blog format. So you have no idea how happy it makes me that you get what I’m trying to do with caitlin reads!! (really sad i couldn’t post one for February, but will probably do so in March 💗💗)
      Oh, I don’t journal because from experience, I know that any journal of mine will end up looking super ugly due to my bad handwriting, tendency to have erasure, etc. But once I got how exactly the marvel and oddity journal entries in Love From A to Z worked, I was like, “this is genius!” it really was a great way of storytelling, & i’m wishing you all the luck with your journal!!
      I’m honestly not that surprised because Tarnished Are the Stars is fairly underrated? like it’s not getting much buzz, and sadly, I kind of see why because the writing is fairly sloppy. from reading it, I can tell that the author still has stuff to improve on. But, TATS is still a story 100% worth reading not just because of the rep, but also because it’s just so.. full of heart?? i don’t know how else to describe it, but reading about the friendships in it and the characters fighting against a corrupt government was a balm to my soul. so yeah, not a perfect book, but i’d still recommend it to anyone and everyone!

      Liked by 1 person

  11. ok i had to comment on this now bc i read through it when you first posted it but bc i was an actual sloth human at the time, i didn’t have energy to comment and scream about HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS SERIES FJKLDJLA IT’S LIKE READING VLOGS BUT THE BLOG VERSION (reading vlogs are definitely my most favourite content on booktube rn)
    an absolute legend!!!

    i’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed ‘love from a to z’ i really loved the representation and how the characters and their relationships were handled and yes i agree, i got bored from time to time but im SO GLAD your overall experience with it was positive

    and omg your potstickers!!!! ma’am the fact that you show the picture but dont share!! so rude
    the idea of the “passengers” sounds so cool!! i’m really going through a thriller/mystery kick and i’ve heard really great things about it so i might have to kick it up my tbr

    anyways i love this post and i can’t wait for more of this series from you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG SAME ALSKSKKS I cannot tell you the number of posts I’ve read in advance & wanted to comment on but couldn’t bc I wasn’t in a ~blog hopping session~ yet. (I don’t know why I don’t just comment when I want to, honestly, but I’m trying to fix that & blog hop in smaller doses.) ok tangent aside, THANK YOU SO MUCH, MAY! You are the best!! So so glad that you like Caitlin reads & im very excited for the next installment 😍😍 I love watching those videos too, & I wanted to do them myself, but you know, I’m a blogger. So I found myself wondering how I could convert reading vlogs to a blog format, & now here we are :”))

      YES!! I’m so sad that I couldn’t rate it higher than 3, but it’s honestly a god-tier novel! The representation & just… how happy the book is: I love it 🥰 I think I just got bored bc I’m so used to reading speculative fiction books where characters are out there evading death, learning magic, etc., so when I read about normal people doing normal things I find it boring 😅

      Omg I ate them in Japan!! They were goood 🤤🤤 wish I could share them through the screen:-(( Yessss! The Passengers sort of ruined my life I will never forget how some of the twists made me feel. Sometimes it was physically impossible to stop reading & I’ve never felt that way about a book!! Beware though, the PoC characters were treated super badly & even though I don’t even share their ethnicity I was really hurt by the book as an Asian myself

      thank you again!!!! 💕 so excited to read the books for the next one & put the post together :))

      Liked by 1 person

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