Blogging, Reading & Life Goals for 2020

Don’t we all love New Year’s resolutions?

Okay, maybe not. But my point is: everyone’s 2020 goals posts have been so much fun to read, and I think a lot of people think so too! Today, I’ll be sharing mine!

1) Start a brand new blog series!!!

EEEEEEEK. The posts in this series will take a long time to make, but I’ve been having so much fun working on the first one. I’m very excited to see what ya’ll think about it!

2) Have a more healthy relationship with stats

I’ve touched on this before, but I care about stats—sometimes to the point that it’s unhealthy. I don’t want to stop caring about stats because it’s a natural thing to do (see: Why do bloggers care about their statistics?), but I don’t want to care about them to the point that it becomes toxic. That means 1) No comparing myself to others, and 2) Being happy with how a post does no matter what.

In 2019, I found it disheartening that some of the posts I worked super hard on didn’t do as well as I expected. But I’ve realized that putting all my self-worth into stats is a losing game, because they’re out of my control! What I can control is the amount of love and effort I put into a post, and even if a post I put my heart and soul into doesn’t get much engagement, I still want to be happy with myself, because it’s a post that I’m proud of.

3) Reach 1,000 followers?

If I don’t reach a thousand blog followers in 2020, I will not feel bad whatsoever. However, in approximately ten months, I have gained 500 followers, and I think that getting to 1,000 in 2020 isn’t impossible? 1,000 is like, the highest number of followers I can imagine my blog getting, and I’ll kinda feel like I “made it” if I hit this number. 😁

4) Schedule a sh*t-ton of posts

I think the farthest I’ve been able to schedule ahead is a week in advance. It takes me so long to finish a post—usually more than two hours. Writing, formatting, editing? I spend so much time doing them, because I want everything to be perfect, even though there’s no such thing 😔

In 2019, I want to have all posts scheduled a month in advance. Additionally, I want to schedule a whole three-four months worth of posts during the summer, because next school year, I’ll be starting STEM, a very challenging and workload-heavy strand. If I have that big a cushion of scheduled posts, then I can focus most of my time on academics during the school year.

5) Reply to comments within four days

I’m pretty sure this is one goal I’ll look back on and laugh at myself for because hahaha, you THOUGHT. But I ALWAYS let comments pile up, and I feel so guilty about it! I know what it’s like to feel ignored, and I don’t want anyone who comments on my blog to feel that way! I do have valid reasons for always being behind on comments, but in 2020, I want to prioritize replying to them more. Sometimes I find replying to comments intimidating? Even though everyone is so nice?? I don’t know why??

6) Write one discussion a month

If I don’t meet this, I won’t be mad at myself because discussions take a LOT out of me. Most of them take literal days to plan, write, and polish. That being said, they are—without a doubt—the most successful posts on my blog. Somehow, people think I write good discussions?? That’s unreal to me because when I started this blog, I had ZERO plans to write discussions. I didn’t think I had the skill set/ideas for them. 😭💖

7) Do not say “RTC”

This is undoubtedly the easiest goal in this entire post. I’m that stereotypical book reviewer who says “Review to come” after they finish a book, only to never write said review. I hope none of you are holding me accountable for the reviews I promised in 2019, because it’s unlikely that I’ll get to most of them now.

Image result for sorry gif"

1) Read 100 books

If I don’t complete my Goodreads reading challenge, dishonor will be brought upon my whole family. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but it’s true to some extent—no matter how many reading challenges I fail, I always, always complete my Goodreads reading goal.

Thanks to book blogging, the number of books I read in a year has been slowly but steadily increasing. Last year, I surpassed my goal of 75 books by reading 78, and I think I have a chance of hitting 100 in 2020, even though it definitely won’t be easy. I’ve even finished two books this year already (the benefits of Christmas break)!

Reading 100 books will also be extra meaningful to me because I’ve always viewed anyone who’s able to read 100 books in a year as a “fast reader.”


Year of the Asian, a 2020 Reading Challenge. Hosted by CW, Lily, Shealea, and Vicky

Participating in YARC last year was such a great experience, because it pushed me to read so many books by Asian authors! I’ll 100% be participating this year, with the goal of getting the Malayan tapir (21-30 books).

3) Read 50 backlist titles in the first half of 2020

This’ll be the first step to getting my TBR down to zero—I’m excited! I was thinking of making 2020 the year of reading only backlist books…. but, that’s impossible. All these new releases sound SO GOOD. I’ll definitely be reading 2020 books this year. However, alongside all the ones I pick up in January-June, I also have to read 50 backlist books (books that were released 2019 and before). I think I can do this since I have summer break!

4) Complete my 2020 TBR

See my 2020 TBR HERE, and my 5-star predictions TBR HERE.

5) Reread Books

I don’t reread books, but there are a few ones in mind that I’d love to reread!

6) Read classics

I do not want to delve into the classics genre. The way they’re written just doesn’t work for me… However, there are three classics that I really, really wanna read! Namely:

  • The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
  • Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery
  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

1) Get kick-ass grades

As I mentioned before, I’m going to STEM, the hardest strand, but I desperately want to do well in it! Next year’s grades will severely impact my standing when I graduate and my credentials when I apply to college.

2) Make more friends?

I’m the WORST at making friends. I’m super introverted, and I suck at conversations. But I’m changing classmates next school year, and it’d be cool if I took advantage of the opportunity to make new friends!!

3) Get better at ping pong

Ahh, my relationship with table tennis is not the best, but I’m putting this goal here because I want to redeem myself for the matches I lost in 2019.

I think… that’s all my goals? I’m not sure if this is all I want to accomplish in 2020, but this list is long enough. I don’t wanna put too much of a burden on myself! I’m super excited to check in on these halfway through 2020 and at the end of the year!

Do you have any goals for 2020? Do any of our goals align? How do you plan to reach your goals? I wish you all the luck with your plans for 2020!

47 thoughts on “Blogging, Reading & Life Goals for 2020

  1. All the best with these goals, Caitlin! I’m looking forward to finding out what your new blog series will be all about! I am also hoping to reach 1,000 followers this year, which for me would be almost unreal. Happy reading 🙂

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  2. Ahh good luck with your goals Caitlin! Hahaha I say RTC waaaay too often too but I think (lately) I’m getting a bit better at writing reviews – even super short ones. Maybe you could always leave behind a short review so you know you did write one! i know one evening I was particularly lazy and just wrote it in bullet points haha (though not to say that bullet points are not a valid way to review – it’s simply different from the way I usually do!)

    For follower count I want to reach like 222 followers (~number aesthetics) or 314 (hopefully because pi! haha) but we’ll see since I don’t post that often or blog hop that much.


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    1. I’ve been.. kiiiinda doing that, but I ramble SO MUCH that if I told myself that I was only going to be writing a short review, then it would turn into a full-blown one, and I’d spend like, an hour working on it. I also think sometimes that I’m going to do a full review of a book, so I don’t write a review yet, but then I wait too long to write it, so I forget everything about it 😂 I’m glad that you’re getting better at writing reviews though, no matter how little or how much you say—every form of reviewing is 100% valid!

      Ahh, I love the idea behind those two numbers! And I really hope that you hit both of them this year because you deserve it ❤ I think you're improving so much on the posting and blog hopping front too!!

      ME TOO AHHHHH I'm almost done doing the reading portion for it, and I'm so excited to finally write the damn post!! (though it'll probably take a long time, haha)

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      1. That’s true!! Reviews take a lot of time and I get you on the rambling front (I think of writing one or two paragraphs and then it becomes three…or…four)

        Ahh thank you!! ❤

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  3. Good luck with these goals, Caitlin!!
    I also want to start scheduling posts more and I started the year nicely by scheduling my last few posts, but I always wait until the last moment to write. I think I should be more consistent 😅
    I hope everything will be great with STEM (I hope I will hear more about it from you in the future because we don’t have that in my country) and I hope 2020 will be an amazing year for you!!

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    1. thanks, Daria! Wishing you so much luck with your 2020 goals as well ❤
      Omg, 2020 started out so well with me scheduling like, six months to go up all throughout January, but now I'm BEHIND on February posts, and I'm probably gonna run out of posts to schedule haha love my life. I respect anyone who can schedule multiple posts at a time.
      I'll try and update about it! I'm not sure if most European or North American countries have this system, but it's something that's been introduced in the Philippines and other Asian countries, I think. I hope 2020 will be an amazing year for you as well!!

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  4. Omg I need to get better at not saying RTC too! also just posting more reviews on every book I read (at least on goodreads) bc I feel like sometimes I just get too behind if I don’t review a book right after I finish it lol! I’m also trying to focus on grades too and hope scheduling posts will help me be more organized *fingers crossed*. These sound like great goals, good luck w them in 2020!

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    1. SAME. I’ve been trying to stay on top of reviews by writing ones on Goodreads when I’m not sure if I can dedicate a full review of the book on my blog, and it’s been helping me out so much! Ahh, grades and scheduling posts are such nice things to focus on! good luck to the both of us ❤

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  5. WOw that part about having a more healthy relationship with stats hit me hard. I honestly feel the same way, especially about a post not doing well when I spent a lot of time on it / expected it to do well. But like you said, “putting all my self-worth into stats is a losing game.” Gosh, I should stick that into a pillow or something. Anyways, great post (as always) and I hope you are able to achieve ALL of this, and more, in 2020 ❤

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    1. Ah, I’m so glad that someone else can’t relate. And I should also stick that saying into a pillow! Even though I understand it so well, it’s so hard to internalize it and not feel bad about myself when a post doesn’t do as well as I thought it would. Being a creator is so hard because stats give us validation, but it’s also so easy to get caught up with them and keep on seeking more validation. I hope we can both find the balance soon ❤ And please don't feel bad about your stats, Kat! Remember that your posts are amazing, regardless of how well they do or not!
      thank you!! I hope that your 2020 is amazing because you deserve it 💖

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  6. oooooh I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of blog series you’ve got in the works, I’m sure it’ll be awesome! 👀 scheduling posts and keeping up with comments are definitely also on my goals too, though it’s gonna be an uphill battle I’m sure haha. and omg I am so guilty of the “RTC” lie, I don’t think I actually reviewed any of my 5-star reads last year oops 😅

    I’m also participating in YARC, Beat the Backlist, and #StartOnYourShelfathon, and I’m optimistic based on my last year’s reading stats. all three of the classics you listed seem to be generally popular, and I liked them too, so I hope you find them enjoyable!

    best of luck on all your goals! 🍀 I love reading about *why* everyone picks the resolutions that they do, and how they plan to reach them, so I really appreciate how much detail you went into with this post!

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    1. I’m so excited for it as well! I just wanna hurry up and finish it already because i’m excited to see how it’s received 🥺🥺 same!! haha, i did so well with scheduling posts in the beginning of the year, but at this rate, I’ll run out of scheduled posts by February 😅 And I’m actually doing well on my replying to comments goal? What even?! Who knew that prioritizing something actually helps you accomplish that thing. Omg, it’s especially hard to review 5-star reads because sometimes all you can say is that you loved the book, whereas you often have a concrete idea of what you liked and didn’t like about 3 or 4 star books! Or at least.. that’s how I see it!

      ahhh, those are such great reading challenges to participate in! I’ve heard of all three and I’d love to participate, but unfortunately, reading challenges stress me out a lot, and I think the only one I’ll be participating in this year is YARC. Though I’d love to beat the backlist and start on my shelf this year too—maybe just not officially! Good luck with all of them—I’m sure you can do it! Those are like, the only three classics I have any interest in reading lmao. And I’ve heard such good things, so I’m optimistic about liking/loving them!

      best of luck with you goals too! ❤ I'm an oversharer, so of course i had to discuss each goal in-depth (i think this post was originally 2k words long and I somehow cute it down to 1.1 k) 😂 but I'm so glad that someone appreciates the detail i put into this post! I love it when people include those things in their posts as well!

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      1. totally agree about 5-star reads! I finish them and all I can think is “everything about this is amazing I want to make everyone read and love it” – but I’m making progress towards being okay with writing shorter reviews so it’s working out better for me!

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  7. Good luck with all of your goals!! They all sound super fun and hopefully manageable. 😉 I’m definitely excited to see what your new blogging series will be, and I’ll definitely look forward to any discussions you manage to put up! (also, can I just say I’m unbelievably impressed with your goal of being a month – that’s insanely awesome and I hope you can achieve it) As for the classics, I think you’ve picked a fantastic three! I did quite enjoy Pride and Prejudice (it’s the ultimate classic romance), but Anne of the Green Gables is the real gem in my opinion. The first book is fantastic, but the second and third are probably actually my favorite. Don’t be afraid to continue in the series if you end up loving the first one. XD I haven’t read The Picture of Dorian Gray either, but it’s on my TBR for the year too!! I desperately want to read it. It just sounds like the perfect book for me. Lovely post!

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    1. thank you so much, Amy! You’re so sweet 😭💖 I’m so excited for the new series! I estimate that I’m about halfway done with it, and I wanna hurry up and post the first one already to see how people receive it! And discussions are so hard to write, but I really wanna consistently post them in 2020!
      I’ve heard amazing things about all three, and I think they’re the only classics I’ll ever read in my entire life time (that aren’t required reading)! P&P invented enemies to lovers, so of course I have to read it. I tried to at like, eleven or ten once, but it didn’t go well whatsoever 😭😂 And I always here such good things about Anne of Green Gables! I swear, I don’t know why I haven’t read it yet, because every time I mention it in a post, everyone tells me to read it. Plus, I have the beautiful Puffin in Bloom edition 😭 Oh, it’s so interesting that you like the sequels because I’ve heard nothing about them! I’m actually just planning to read the first book and not the rest of the series :0 I hope we both love Dorian Gray! thank you ❤

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      1. That’s awesome!! I’m sure the series will be fabulous. Haha classics are rough but some of them are definitely worth it. I personally listened to both Pride and Prejudice and AOGG on audio and they were fantastic (I’ve read a lot of classics that way). Omg yes my goal in life is to accumulate gorgeous editions of every classic 😂 I know, I wasn’t planning on continuing with the series either but then I bought a gorgeous set and I had to 😂 I was really surprised at how much I loved the 2nd/3rd books in the series (and the eighth… which might actually be my favorite). Apparently (big shock) I relate more to the teenage/young adult years haha.
        Me too! Good luck to the both of us! 😉

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    I’d like to just grow in general this year, get my head back in the game because the blog has not been doing too well. But I’m loving being back so 🙂
    100 BOOKS YES GO!! I somehow managed 50 last year so I want to push myself. A goal of mine is to make more use of audiobooks so I can read more.
    I’d also love to read more children’s classics this year, I love them whimsicalness of them and I feel like its almost reading classics… right?? I’m definitely not cheating the system. *nervous laughter*

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    1. THANK YOU RUBY ❤ ❤
      Ah, i'm sorry that your blog isn't doing well! you really deserve more growth, and i know that you'll get it this year! But what matters is that you love being back ❤
      yay, CONGRATS ON 50 BOOKS! that's amazing, and you should be proud of yourself :)) Ah, i've recently started reading more audiobooks (they didn't work for me the previous times i tried), and it's helped me read while multitasking so much! though the site i use doesn't allow me to adjust the speed of the audiobook, so my listening pace is slower than my reading pace. though i think that's for the better because the reason audiobooks weren't working for me before was because i made the speed too fast!
      oh, that's such a lovely goal! i don't think i'm gonna get to any children's classics in the near future except anne of green gables, but i hope you love all the ones you try! i had to read Heidi for school, and I personally really enjoyed it, if you haven't read it already, haha ❤ Good luck with all your 2020 goals!!

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  9. We have a lot of similar goals actually! I also wanna try schedule at least a month in advance (especially if possible, the entire school term so I can mainly write during school holidays), read 100 books (haha my goal for 2019 was also 75), school is gonna be tough and busy but we shall try to make it to 100! I’m also starting a new blog series, I hope you reach 1000 followers! And man I also am not the biggest fan of classics but I need to read Pride & Prejudice plus a few others…

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    1. oh wow, such a coincidence 😂 i hope we can both meet our goals though!
      yeah, school has been tough and busy as always (haha, i love going to bed in the early hours of the morning), but somehow i’ve already read six books this month, and i’m probably gonna finish a couple more??? which is wILD to me because i’m such a slow reader 😂 (tbf, i had Christmas break in part of January, and because the taal volcano erupted, i got two days off school) anyways, idk why i’m sharing this, but i just hope that we can both reach 100 even though school wants to kill us!!
      yay, i can’t wait for your new blog series 🥺🥺 (and thank you 💖) YES!! omg i want to read these three classics already, because they are literally the only classics i ever want to read in my entire lifetime. i actually tried to read Pride and Prejudice at like, ten or eleven, and it didn’t go well at all, so fingers crossed that i’ll love it now!

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  10. I do love new year resolutions!! I love setting new goals, it really helps me focus on achieving them or else I am the queen of ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’!! 😂
    YESSS the new blog series sounds very excited!! *whispers tell me more* 😂😂 (joking but I seriously can’t wait until you reveal it)!!
    I totally agree about having a more healthy relationship with statistics as it is a journey I went through last year and you are so right that statistics shouldn’t be the way to measure success!!
    I really hope you are able to reach 1000 followers because you definitely deserve it!! ❤
    I want to get better at scheduling posts as well, I used to get a month ahead but I've lost it and now I don't know how to find it again!! Best of luck with scheduling 3 or 4 months in the summer, that will be very impressive!!
    I am hoping to write a discussion post every month too!! I am really looking forward to reading all of yours (and yes you write amazing discussions!!)
    Best of luck with all your reading goals!! You can do this!!
    Good luck with all your life goals as well– I hope getting the grades that you want goes really well!! And I wish you best of luck with making new friends, I always panic about it and I'm super introverted too but just focus on little steps!
    I hope you have an awesome 2020 Caitlin!! ❤

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    1. lmao if I didn’t have a blog, i probably wouldn’t make them, but this blog post is holding me accountable, and i guess that’s a blessing 😂 I’m just so excited to check in on these goals halfway through the year and at the end of it, because it seems like it’ll be super fun, i don’t know why :’)
      I can’t wait to reveal it, ahhh!! like literally so excited. but since you wanted to know more, i’ll just tell you that I’m almost done with the preparations portion of it, and I’m excited to finally move on to the writing stage 😉
      Exactly!! I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with stats—caring about them is okay, but I think I lean more toward the obsessive side, even though I know that it isn’t good for my health :(( I think I’m doing good with this goal so far this year though? hopefully 🥺
      ahhh, you deserve it more 😭😭 i can’t imagine how many hours you must put into writing posts, blog hopping, and replying to your comments! I hope you gain lots of followers this year because you deserve it ❤
      omg i kinda succeeded at scheduling a month in advance in January, but as of right now, my scheduled posts are dwindling and I'll probably have nothing for February 🙃 So I guess we both lost it—though I'm sure you were able to keep it up for much longer than I did! Yesssss, it will be, but since I'm one of the people who don't do anything productive during the summer, I think it's manageable :")
      Awww, thank you so much 😭😭💕 You write such great discussions too, and I always agree so much with everything you say!!
      Omg, I haven't started STEM yet, but so far, my grades have been going DOWNHILL, and I'm 😭😭 about it. Idk how I'm going to survive STEM when I'm already struggling now, but here's hoping 🤞🏻🤞🏻
      yeah, I'm trying to be more talkative, but not in an annoying way! because in the past, i tried to make friends by butting into conversations (I didn't realize what I was doing at the time), but I hope I can improve my abysmal social life this year, haha
      Thank you so much for this amazing comment and being an all around great person, Sophie 💗💗 i hope you have an amazing 2020 because you deserve it!

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      1. Haha now that is a mood 😂 yeah I checked back on my 2019 goals post and it was fun so I can relate!!

        Ahh… I’m SO, SO excited!!! 😍😍

        I agree it can be hurtful to your mental health and in the past I’ve definitely suffered with it. But I made a effort to not be obsessed with them and it worked. I hope you can continue to have a better relationship with them 💛
        Aw.. no I don’t 😭😭 but thank you SO much 💕 that means a lot!!

        Haha I know I have no posts scheduling for this week or anything so I don’t know what I will do 😂😂
        Yay, best of luck!!
        Aww… Thank you Caitlin!! You’re the best!! 💕
        Aww.. my grades for geography went downhill when I started but in the end I was fine so you can do this!! Take it one step at a time!! 😊

        Aww… I’ve butted into conversations too, I didn’t realise either. It is hard but I’m sure you are never annoying. And the right friends will want to talk to you!! (Because you’re awesome)

        Aww.. Thank you Caitlin so much!! 💛💛💛

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  11. Oooo I’m looking forward to the new blog series your planning! Ah ping pong, the few times I’ve played it have been on holiday and I usually played it with my grandma…the ball usually was bouncing off of the walls because I have no self control to hit it gently apparently haha. Best of luck with all your goals love, and I hope you’re hope able to hit 1k followers on your blog, you totally deserve it! ❤

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    1. I’m so excited to finally release it 🥰 Lol, so many people tell me that they’re bad at ping pong when I say that I play it or urge them to join the team 😂 Dw though, everyone was bad at it at some point! It just hurts my soul a little when people belittle it because it’s not as flashy as volleyball or basketball. Like, it’s a tiring sport to play, and getting good at it requires so much practice!!
      Thank you! I wish an amazing 2020 because you deserve it ❤

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  12. These are some great goals! I follow you on bloglovin’, but just started following you on wordpress too, to help with your goal!
    I’m excited about this new blog series! i hope we get to read it soon 🙂
    Also, making friends is difficult! Especially when you’re getting older. Being introverted does not help, I know the feeling.
    I hope you reach all of your goals. Good luck! ❤

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    1. Awww, Jas that’s so sweet 😭😭💖 Thank you so much for doing that! You have my eternal gratitude ❤
      I hope I can finish writing the first post soon—so excited to reveal it!
      Omg, if it's difficult for me now, then I don't know how I'll do it when I'm older, but here's hoping that we can both break out of out shells more!
      Thanks so much, and I hope you reach all of your 2020 goals too 🥰


  13. Ahhh a new blog series, now that’s exciting, I can’t wait to know more about it! ❤ I really hope that you can have a healthier relationship with stats this year, too. It's so hard not to care and not to pay attention to them as content creators, and it's so hard not to feel that sense of validation when we reach high numbers, and on the opposite side of the spectrum, feel worthless and basically shitty when we don't. It's just so complicated NOT to care and to be at that point, but I hope you can be and just feel more relaxed and happier. I adore your posts and you're one of my favorite bloggers. ❤
    I wish you all the best for all of your goals! 🙂

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    1. I can’t wait to upload the first post ❤️❤️
      Exactly!! You put it so perfectly—whenever I get a like, comment or follow, I get a rush of validation & I feel like I’ve kinda gotten addicted to it, which is so not good for my mental health! Not beating myself up whenever I’m not having a good stats day is hard, but I think I am getting better though! Your kind words mean so much, Marie 😭💖
      I hope you have an amazing 2020 and meet all your goals as well!

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      1. I get that, it’s so, so hard not to beat ourselves up. But we’re doing our best and I’m always here to support you and if you need a reminder that you are INCREDIBLE ❤

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  14. caitlinnnnn, how do you just drop that you’re starting a new blog series and not even give us a hint of the content? ugh, i’m so excited for it already!
    it’s so important not to put your self worth in stats! i don’t really mind that much, so i don’t have a lot of advice for you, BUT i hope you find a healthier relationship with stats.
    find a blogging schedule is in my goals as well. and that includes writing posts in advance and being better at getting to comments. and YES, it can be SUPER intimidating to reply to comments, which is why i post pone them for ages. i still have comments from december i haven’t got to yet, and i hate that, but also find so hard to start reading through them. it’s something i really want to be better at in the new year. hopefully, forcing myself into a schedule in which i have to reply to comments weekly will make it less daunting to start.
    AND YES YOUR DISCUSSIONS ARE AMAZING, CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE OF THEM! i wish i had the creativity to come up with such good topics for discussions and also flesh them out as smartly as you do.
    i am wishing you all the luck on your reading goals. i also really need to prioritize backlist titles; i wasn’t the best at doing that for 2019, and that means my backlist TBR is only growing larger and larger, lol. one thing i did is i told myself i’d have to read at least one book a month from my list of 2017~2018 titles. even if i do that, i’ll still have a long way to go, but it’s a start.
    hope you have an amazing new year! i totally believe you can rock your grades in 2020!

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    1. Hehehe 😈 I’m done writing the first draft of the post, if that’s any reassurance! It’s humongous, and I’m gonna have to do a lot of editing, but it’ll probably be up in the next week or so 🤞🏼
      Ahh, don’t worry! I think it’s so cool that you don’t care much about stats! I think I am having a healthier relationship with it, but not by much :/
      Ah, good luck to the both of us! I’m currently FAILING at finding scheduling posts :(( OMG, I’m so glad that someone else feels the same way!! For me, I don’t find replying to some people intimidating, but when it’s someone I really, really respect, I just want to crawl into a hole because I’m not worthy 🥺 And sometimes I’m still intimidated—even if it’s not someone I have a lot of respect for—I don’t know why. Take your time with your comments, Lais!! I don’t think anyone will mind, & I’m honestly happy to comment on your posts even if you never acknowledge my existence 😂
      forcing myself to prioritize my comments more has actually been working! I just leave the intimidating comments for last lol
      AHHH OMG I am so honored 😭😭💖 thank you so much!! I really never expected anything to come from my discussions lmao. And I get ideas from the wildest things & at any given moment! I have ideas stored in my notes app, notebook, notepad, & more, haha
      Wishing you all the luck with your reading goals too!! haha, same here. It seems like I read so many 2019 releases. But I am being more strict about which 2020 releases I add to my TBR this year, so I’m hoping that I can finally make a dent in my backlist TBR!
      I think that that’s a great idea! It’s a start for sure ❤️
      Hope this year is amazing for you, because you deserve it! And thank you so much 😭 I’m gonna have to work my butt off for it, & I’m scared for next year already lmao

      Liked by 1 person

  15. I’m 100% sure you’ll accomplish these, Caitlin, but nevertheless, good luck!! ❤ I'll also be focusing on reading books from my TBR, on /not/ worrying so much about stats, on reading 100 books (which is a BIG challenge) and on YARC (it's my first time participating and I'm aiming for 11-20 books). I'd love to get better at scheduling posts, but three months in advance seems impossible to me (you go, girl!!) and now I'm /really/ interested in that new blog series you mentioned xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you, Marta 😭💖 I honestly think that I’m doing well on them so far, haha :”))
      Glad to see that we have the same goals, and good luck to the both of us! Haha, I just said that I’m doing well on my goals, but scheduling posts is NOT one of them. Normally, it would be impossible for me too, but I have a three month summer break (and no life), so I’m pretty sure it can work out 💙💙 I’m just worried that I’ll run out of content ideas in the middle of scheduling!

      Liked by 1 person

  16. I am a Chinese junior high student blogger and YouTuber. I have prepared for the new 2020. I have created some goals for study, my website, my blog, and my YouTube channel. I usually remember 100 new English words every single day. However, I am not able to reply to comments on weekdays because I am busy with study.
    This article is very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing!


  17. I hope you’ll be able to reach if not all, most of your goals! Also, I somehow can relate to you about replying to comments. I sometimes find it scary to for some unknown reasons 😅

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