My Go-to Book Recommendations, Social Stigmas that Society Needs to Get Over, & more

Once again, I’m late to doing something I was tagged/nominated in!!

But thank you so much to Sofi @ A Book. A Thought for nominating me in the Liebster Award! Please go follow Sofi if you haven’t yet, because interacting with her will 110% leave a smile on your face! 💛


  1. Acknowledge the blog that gave it to you and display the award
  2. Answer 11 questions that the blogger gives you
  3. Give 11 random facts about yourself
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If you had to describe yourself in three characters, which ones would they be?

This is a little hard because I rarely relate to fictional characters (at least, not on a deep level). But I’ll go with Jay from Patron Saints of Nothing, Darius from Darius the Great Is Not Okay, and Frances from Radio Silence.

Patron Saints of Nothing by Randy Ribay3750643730653843. sy475

All three of these characters are accurate depictions of teens, and they’ve all faced stuff that I have too. Jay also has a sheltered and privileged view of the world, especially of what’s happening in the Philippines today, and, well… I can relate.

What was the last book you DNF’ed? 

I usually don’t DNF, because how I see it, I’ve already invested my time in the book. Not finishing it would be a waste. However, there is one book I picked up this year that I just. Could. Not. Get. Through. And it’s ….*drumroll please*

Illuminae, by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff!

23395680. sy475

I tried everything. I tried the physical version version multiple times, and a few months ago, I tried to listen to it on audio. No success either. I can’t convey the level of indifference I felt toward Kady, Ezra, and whatever space problems they were experiencing.

It’s a shame because this book is so hyped, and its format is pretty cool. But whatever. I’ve heard that its sequels are disappointing anyways ¯\_()_/¯

How many books are on your TBR?

I’m gonna take this to mean owned TBR. If we’re talking about that, probably 110-115 books? I estimate that I have around 90 e-books and 20 physical books.

Image result for read all the books gif"

Which character would you swap lives with?

As much as I want to experience magic, I don’t think I can go with someone in a fantastical setting because I have ZERO survival skills 😂

My answer is Keaton from Top Secret, who’s so privileged that his biggest life problem is the fact that his parents don’t understand him. I’m not saying that that isn’t horrible, but when that’s your most pressing worry? Wow. It also wouldn’t hurt to be hot AF, have a trust fund, and be in a loving relationship with another hot guy.

Who is your favorite villain and why?

by bbonsbonss

A recent fave villain of mine is Calix Lehrer from The Fever King!! He’s so ruthless and calculating, and it would be HORRIFYING to get on his bad side, which….. is unfortunate for the main characters.

You really get to know Lehrer (his backstory, motives—all of it), so it’s kinda impossible not to grow attached to him, even a little. Also, the villain/hero dynamics he has with Noam is *chef’s kiss*

What’s your go-to book recommendation?

40874032. sy475 7728889. sy475

Vicious and The Diviners, hands down!! For me, there’s something in them for everyone. Vicious is a morally gray superhero story with an excellent usage of alternating timelines. And The Diviners is worth reading JUST for its portrayal of 1920’s New York, though there are lots of other things to love about it!

What inanimate object do you wish you could eliminate from existence?

I… don’t know? I mean, weren’t all objects created with a purpose? :”)

I’ll go with After by Anna Todd! Can I please eliminate all copies of it from existence? I haven’t read it (thank god), but a lot of reviewers have pointed out the problematic and harmful content in it. (If you’d like to learn more, you can watch Kat’s review on YouTube!)

What movie can you watch over and over without ever getting tired of?

I’m not much of a movie person, and I never reread/re-watch stuff. But a movie that I could see myself watching again is Legally Blonde! I actually just watched it for the first time last month, and it seems like perfect re-watch material!

Image result for legally blonde"

What was the last book you read that made you cry?

Me, whenever someone asks me this question:

Image result for awkward gif"

Look, I’ve never cried because of a book. Don’t ask me why because I also don’t know.

Which fictional character do you think would be the most frustrating to meet in real life?

Ah, this is such a good question! I feel like a lot of fictional characters would be annoying to meet in real life, even the ones that are fan favorites. The problem is… I can’t think of any right now 😅

You know what? I’m just gonna mention the same book twice in one post and go with Tito Maning from Patron Saints of Nothing. The “OK boomer” meme was created because of him.

What social stigma do you think society needs to get over?

Um, a lot. I don’t know how I can possibly choose just one. But I’ll go with the stigma that depressed people are depressed because they “”choose”” to be unhappy. People are depressed because they have a chemical imbalance in the brain, and that’s that.

11 Fun Facts About Me

This is him!
  1. My favorite BookTuber is readwithcindy!! She’s SO funny, and she calls the book community out on so many things. Also, not to brag, but I found her when she had less than a thousand subscribers 💁🏻
  2. I have a pet dog named Gordon, and sometimes he’s so cute, I want to scream!
  3. I have two older sisters, and tbh, we’re not that close.
  4. I regret that I didn’t choose to go by a pen name (yes, Caitlin is my real name) when I first started this blog, because that would’ve been so cool!
  5. I don’t think I’ll ever get a tattoo, because the idea has never been appealing to me.
  6. I go to an all girls private school (and all my siblings are girls), so you can imagine that men are an exotic species to me.
  7. Call me basic, but I’m TRASH for slow burn enemies-to-lovers, though I want to read more friends-to-lovers.
  8. I love reading spoiler-filled plot summaries and book reviews, and I’ve spoiled myself for so many books on my TBR this way 😁
  9. People mispronounce and make fun of my last name (even fellow Asians 😒).
  10. I’ve never been to Europe, but I so badly want to go there!
  11. The more time I spend with someone, the more I tend to notice their flaws and get annoyed with them. It’s a problem.

Nominating these lovely people:

Veronika @ Wordy and Whimsical // Ruby @ Ruby Rae Reads // Marta @ The Book Mermaid // Rukky @ Eternity Books // Sahi @ My World of Books // Noémie @ Tempest of Books // Stephen @ Stephen Writes // Daria @ Bookaholic’s Therapy // The Orangutan Librarian // Sophie @ Me and Ink // Miri @ The Book Dragoness

Click to see my questions!
  1. What book do you think would make a great TV show? (Take note: not movie.)
  2. What did you find most shocking when you first started blogging?
  3. If you could go back to when you first started blogging, what would you do differently?
  4. What’s a book that most people dislike, but you love/like?
  5. Do you have any bookish and/or blogging goals that you really want to accomplish?
  6. What’s your favorite non-romance trope?
  7. Do you find people who almost always rate books 5 stars questionable?
  8. Is 3 stars a good or bad rating?
  9. What’s your opinion on gifs in blog posts?
  10. What’s a book that you’ve been meaning to read for forever, yet still haven’t picked up?
  11. If you could read any book for the first time again, what would it be?

How would you answer any of these questions? Do you have any recs for books with the friends-to-lovers trope?

43 thoughts on “My Go-to Book Recommendations, Social Stigmas that Society Needs to Get Over, & more

  1. Thank you so much for tagging me, Caitlin!! I’ll definitely do this, because your questions are amazing. I really loved Illuminae and Gemina, but I think you lucked out with disliking the series from the get go – Obsidio wasn’t simply disappointing, it also had elements that made me angry, uncomfortable and frustrated.

    The Diviners and Vicious are really amazing books to recommend – I’m so darn excited for the final novel in The Diviners series. I relate to not crying over books; I don’t cry on books either – well, I do remember tearing up a handful of times and one time, at the end of the third Mistborn book, I actually cried for real.

    Omg, Gordon is ADORABLE. I really wish I had used a pen-name when creating my blog as well, but alas, I didn’t think of that. Great post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, you’re welcome, and thank you 💛💛💛 seriously, I can’t wait for your answers!! Omg that’s good to know, but also not—I’m sorry that Obsidio was so disappointing! There was just.. something wrong about Illuminae okay. I don’t know what it was, but I’m glad that I saved myself early on 😂

      Same!! I’m sad that I haven’t read Before the Devil Breaks You yet tho 😦 I hope it’s better than Lair of Dreams, because that one was disappointing. I’m glad that someone else isn’t much of a book crier! I kinda get emotional? But not to the point wherein I can’t stop the tears from flowing anymore. Ahh, seeing that Mistborn made you cry, I want to read it even more now, if that’s even possible!

      He isss 😭 I’m currently in japan, & I miss him a lot! Haha, let’s be pen name-less together. I really wish I had thought of that though :/ It would’ve been so cool to give myself a name, and go by a “code name” online 😭 Thank you so much, Vera! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your year 💗

      Liked by 1 person

  2. i loved this post and was also so freaking close to dnf illuminae…. but i ended up finishing it after almost 4 years. phew!!! now i have gemina but i havent even started it lmao

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  3. I absolutely loved reading your answers so much!! And well done on getting the award you definitely deserve it!! 💛
    Frances is definitely relatable to me as well, from her experience with academic pressures and university!!
    I really want to read Patron Saints of Nothing!!

    Ahh.. I’m sorry illuminae wasn’t for you as I know it is very hyped!! I would like to check it out out of curiosity as I want to see what I would think and experience the format!!

    I’ve heard amazing things about the portrayal of 1920s New York in The Diviners so I’m interested in that!!

    Yes I definitely think there is a stigma around depressed people and that really needs to change. Sometimes I can’t believe they think they are so right when there are actually people living with it saying something else. It is so unfair!!

    Aww.. Gordon is adorable. *screams with you*!!
    Having a pen name would have been cool with a blog. I never thought of that at the beginning. I hope you get to go to Europe one day!! There are so many places I would love to go as well!!
    I can’t think of any friends to lovers at the minute (I’m great at this recommendation thing 😂), sorry!!
    Thank you so, so much for nominating me!! That’s so sweet and I can’t wait to answer these questions!! 💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🥺💕 you definitely deserve a nomination too!!
      I feel like Alice Oseman just *gets* teens, and I really loved Frances’ character. As someone who struggles with academic pressure daily & has no idea what she wants to do in uni, I loved that there was a character who struggled with the same things too. I feel like characters who struggle with academic pressure are always glossed over in YA, and I’m ???? because so many teens struggle with that! (That being said, I could never be as overachieving as frances is though 😅)
      I hope you can soon! It’s a short and quick read, but it’s super relevant to what’s happening in the world today, not just the Philippines!

      Honestly, I have no idea where the hype comes from 😂 the format is cool, but the characters, writing, & plot?? Not for me, sorry.

      Sophie, it’s AMAZING. I can’t convey how amazing it is into words! (Ok I’m probably making your expectations too high I’m sorry)

      YES! I study in a catholic school, & some of the stuff that the more religious people there have said about depression are so ????? Especially after reading Darius the Great Is Not Okay, I’m more against that stigma than ever!

      He is!!! I literally think about how cute he is on a daily basis 🥺 yeah, it would’ve been so cool to pick a new name for myself & become more ~mysterious~ on the Internet. I really hope I can go!! It’s been my dream since I was literally a child 😅 I especially want to go to England/London super super badly!! I hope we can both go to our dream places soon ❤️
      You deserve it!! Can’t wait to see your answers 💓

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  4. AHHH thank you so much for nominating me!! ❤

    I totally agree with Lehrer ahhhhh I'm so excited to see how the story unfolds in The Electric Heir. I did have a pretty good inkling that he might be the villain judging from his ~shady~ behavior and also Plot Patterns but I still liked him oopsssss. And Gordon is sooo cute ahhhh ❤

    I just peeked at your question you gave us about what was the most shocking part of blogging and an early answer: a) how much time it took and b) how much formatting one must do (formatting is the bane of my life hahaaaa)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome!! I can’t wait to see your answers :))

      SAME! Everybody reading The Electric Heir has loved it so far, but some people have said that it’s a hard read! Still can’t wait though! Haha, I already knew that he was the villain bc people who had already read it referred to him as such, but it really is hard not to like him! He is!! I literally think about his cuteness on a daily basis haha

      OMG SAME ABOUT THE TIME! When I first started book blogging, I had no expectations, & I was *shocked* at how much time it took to write one post, let alone design & set up my blog, especially bc I’m a perfectionist, at least when it comes to my blog, haha. Oof, same about formatting. Some people do it so well, & I’m like how?? It takes so much time for something that your readers probably aren’t gonna notice 😭😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. AHHHH I have an e-ARC and I’m so excited (and nervous) for it!! AHHHH

        And yes formatting is a struggle haha but the end result is pretty satisfying (and I think your blog is very lovely!! Your work paid off! <3)

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Sweetie!! Thank you SO SO much for your beautiful words ❤️😭. I adored your answers and I’ve already added several books on my list, especially I have to prioritize Vicious and The Diviners, I own both and I really want to read them, but I always end up reading something else instead, 2020 will be the year to read both, I’ve heard the best things 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are all SO TRUE 😭💖
      Thank you!! I hope you enjoy reading both of them! Vicious is sooo good, but I think The Diviners /might/ be a little slow, though I think its pacing suits the story really well! And I have those books that I really want to read, yet I always pick up something else instead 😂 I hope we can both get to those books in 2020 💗💗

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I love how honest and FUNNY she is. Also, the fact that she replies to all her comments? That’s dedication!
      Same!! Almost all the time, if I disliked a hyped book, I can still see why people like it, but with Illuminae, I really don’t. Like, it has a cool format, but everything else? Yeah, no.
      I hope we can both go 💗💗

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I really enjoyed reading this post (: and I hope that you get to go to Europe one day like you want to. There are so many different parts of Europe that I’d also love to visit one day 😍 I have a lot of unread books too, especially ebooks. They go on sale for like 99p and just…how do you then say no? Or the free ones!! I actually got my copy of The Immortal Rules (still unread 🙈) for free as an ebook. Ooh I’m intrigued by what you’ve said about the villain in The Fever King – I love getting to know their backstories. And, of courses congratulations on the award ❤️❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. i’m so glad ❤ and thank you! i hope we can both go some day ❤ I KNOW!! i prefer physical books, but ebooks are just… much nicer on my wallet. i hope you enjoy the immortal rules! i think i was interested in that book for a while, but then i took it off my tbr, because everybody stopped talking about it lmao
        oohhhh, i think you'll really love lehrer them! (it's kinda impossible not to tbh everyone who's read the book mentions how good of a villain he is)

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  6. THANK YOUUU FOR NOMINATING ME OMG!!!!! I feel so honoured < 3 < 3

    I'm going to overlook the fact that you couldn't get through the amazingness that Illuminae is…. hehe. No, it's fine, totally understand!

    AHH, YOUR DOG'S FACE. I also want to visit Europe really bad, I grew up in London but have only ever been to Paris, and Italy when I was very little.

    you're the best just fyi

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YOU DESERVE ITTT. Can’t wait to see your answers 💛💛

      I’m sorry I have taste :(( NO JUST KIDDING HAHA YOUR TASTE IS AMAZING. I just could not get through Illuminae, I’m sorry. Reading it felt like wading through mud 😭😭

      HE MAKES THE BEST FACES. Omg I’m so jelly :-((( I want to go to London really, really badly. Seriously it’s my dream city. And Paris is like, my second dream city 😂 I hope we can both go soonnn

      You’re the best too!! 💖💖 (even tho we fundamentally disagree on Illuminae’s cultural relevance 😔)

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  7. Aww, thank you so much for nominating me ❤ I’m so excited to answer your questions!!
    Honestly, books don’t really make me cry either (The Book Thief and The Rose and the Dagger being the exceptions). It just doesn’t happen really lol. Unless it’s truly and utterly heartbreaking, then nope, I’ll just aww, mentally cry a little and move on 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome!! I’m equally excited to see your answers 💛
      I don’t know why books don’t make me cry 😢 it’s just.. super easy for me to convince myself that what happened didn’t actually happened bc it’s fiction, so it’s nothing to cry about? Ah, that’s such a non-book lover thing to say :((
      The Book Thief *is* really sad! I think the impact of the ending was just dulled bc I had already watched the movie when I read it so I knew what was coming. Though I did cry while reading the ending of The Book Thief 😂 it wasn’t because of the actual book though! It was bc something sad had happened to me on the day that I finished it. Very random fact, but I still remember it :’) And I read The Rose & the Dagger as well! It was a solid conclusion, but I remember that one side character died? Did you cry because of that?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww, it makes a lot of sense actually. That’s how I convince myself that something isn’t too scary, or isn’t too sad because it’s fiction, it’s not real, it didn’t happen. 99% of the time it works. And then there are those books that hurt so much.
        I’m sorry for whatever it was ❤

        *SPOILERS for The Rose and the Dagger!!*

        Yeah, it was because of that. I just got super emotional when Irsa gave him the shell and was expecting a response and then she remembered he was dead.
        That broke my heart.
        That was so painful. I’d been sad about him dying, and was continuing to read, and then when she gave him the shell, was waiting for a response and then softly said “Oh”, I broke down.
        Wow. I still feel that overwhelming sadness even now lol
        But yeah, it was a great conclusion to the series, and that epilogue was so adorable.

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  8. These are some really great questions to answer! Okay but fact #11, I relate to that very much; this year has been great actually in terms of friends though because I’ve met so many people who I just click with, but with others I still constantly see flaws and it’s a little sad. Also, making fun of last names sucks :/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. idk if it’s a problem with me or the people i spend time with.. maybe i’m just a really judgemental person?? but i’ve noticed that i’ve never been annoyed with some people even though i spend a lot of time with them. yeah, anyways, i just don’t know if it’s my problem or certain people’s problem.
      lol, i’ve kinda learned to live w it and sometimes it’s funny, but sometimes i just get annoyed 😦

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  9. ok, i was definitely personally called out by this post that i need to read patron saints of nothing already. it makes me happy you could relate to the protagonist so much and i think i’ll definitely relate to him as well – maybe not so much in relation to the setting obviously, but having a sheltered and privileged view of the world is a very accurate description of myself.
    the diviners also sounds amazing and everyone raves about it. i just don’t know if i’m skilled in english enough to pick it up and fully understand, since it sounds really complex, with the 1920s setting, the multiple characters, etc. i am super intimidated by it.
    if i’m being honest, i also regret not going by a pen name on this blog. i feel like lais can be such a hard name to pronounce in english (it has resulted in some of the most awkward starbucks/dressing room experiences lol), and i always wonder if i missed my chance of choosing a different name but that would still feel semi-natural to use around.
    an all-girls private school sounds so interesting! these do not exist at all in my country, but sometimes i wish they did, because legit the things that i’ve witnessed around teenage boys have traumatized me for a lifetime, lol.
    as for the “friends-to-lovers” trope: i highly recommend the book birthday, by meredith russo. it’s one of my favorites i’ve read this year and nailed this trope completely!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. you really should! i’d actually compare it to the hate u give because it’s so unafraid to tackle an important issues that isn’t just relevant to one country, but also to the entire world.
      ohh, yeah, i see how it could be a little complex for you :(( it has a little bit of 1920’s lingo sprinkled into it, but i don’t think it’s that hard to understand, but the book is undoubtedly complex. i hope you still get to read it though!
      lol i can imagine. there are like, a million ways to spell my name, and so far, i don’t think anyone has ever gotten it right on the first try. that’s why i usually have fun creating easy to spell names for myself whenever i order a drink at starbucks lmao.
      ahh, they don’t exist in brazil? they’re pretty common in my country! ok, not common, but they’re there and there are definitely more than three, lmao. and i can imagine. though i’ve rarely had contact with boys, i’ve spent time w some of them at random events, most notably the study tour i went to last summer. boys can be….. super super weird lmao. i honestly have no idea how to interact with them 😂
      and thanks for the rec! ❤

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  10. I loved reading this post! Caitlin, I just need to rave about you and your blog for a moment, because it’s amazing. I’ve been bingeing some of your posts today, and I just love each and every one of them. Your blogging voice is unique, so much fun to read and your posts are creative, formatted so well, and easy to read and enjoy. I just love you and your blog, and I thought you should know. 💗

    AHH, I NEED TO READ VICIOUS. The chronicles of a non-fantasy reader…there are so many books that I really need to read, but haven’t and always forget about the second I exit out of the post that talks about them. This won’t happen…I’ll read this one.

    I completely understand the regret of not going by a pen name! I feel the same way. First of all, I feel like if I had gone by a pen name I would feel a lot less worry about people I know in real life finding my blog or book instagram, since it would be an extra screen of security. Second, it would be cool to pick my own name, and if I decided later I wanted to go by Olivia after all, I could always change. I can’t exactly go back now. So yeah, my real name is Olivia, but I also wish I had done a pen name. 😉

    I want to go to Europe too! I’ve never been out of the US or done much traveling within, but that’s okay. I’m hoping to do traveling in my future, if I’m lucky enough. (:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. WHAT THE HECK OLIVIA YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME CRY 😭💗💗💗💗💗💗 that’s so, so good to know, and i just feel so honored right now. this is like, the best compliment i’ve ever received thank you 😭 (and all the same to you 💛💛💛)

      i think that vicious is a great book to read if you don’t read fantasy!! it’s not really ‘fantasy,’ actually. it’s more of a superhero story, and it’s very grounded in real life. i hope you can read it soon!!

      omg i never considered that anyone from real life could find this blog. ok, now i’m worried, because i’ll be super embarrassed if anyone does! and yes!! my whole life, i’ve kinda despised the name caitlin. i mean, it’s not that bad, but i’ve wished i could changed it for so long, and i have no idea why i didn’t when i had the opportunity???

      i really hope you do, olivia! personally, traveling tires me out a lot and sometimes it’s not worth it, but some places are truly so beautiful that you have to see them. desperately crossing my fingers that we can both go to europe one day!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. DON’T CRY!! It’s all very true, my friend.💗

        Okay, that’s really good to know! Ohh, I love a good superhero story- I don’t usually read them but I do enjoy superhero movies.

        Oh no, I’m sorry to make you worried! Please don’t, I’m sure the chances of that are super slim, I’m just paranoid, honestly. I know right, same with me!!

        Thank you!!🤞🏼

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  11. I laughed so hard when I read the bit about men being an exotic species due to going to an all girls school. While I don’t anymore, I went to an all girls school my first year of college and going off campus to restaurants and seeing guys just,,,walk around was so weird? Once my roommate and I pulled into a restaurant parking lot and she banged her head on the steering wheel and went “oh god, I forgot men existed.” Anyways, this was such a great post! I haven’t been to Europe either, but if I ever get over my fear of flying I would love to! There is so much history over there and I would love to see some of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ohh, you guys have an all girls college? i don’t think there’s any such thing in the philippines 😂 omg yeah! since kindergarten, i have been in the same all girls school. additionally, i only have sisters and almost all of my cousins are girls. so boys? don’t know them. we actually have an all boys private school near our street, but i don’t know anyone from there because i’m not social AT ALL.
      thank you! exactly! it just seems like such a beautiful place, with amazing architecture and tourist spots. plus, so many things that i’ve studied in history class took place there! (even though that means that my history class was super white washed, yikes.) i hope you can get over your fear of flying soon! i don’t think i’ve ever feared it, but flying does make me super nauseated and a little claustrophobic. i don’t like it either :/


  12. Legally Blonde is such a great movie, I could see myself re-watching it a few times too! Or maybe spiderman homecoming/far from home because I love both hahaha

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  13. Congrats on the nomination, Caitlin!! ❤ "It also wouldn’t hurt to be hot AF, have a trust fund, and be in a loving relationship with another hot guy." HAHAHA, I'm not even familiar with the character, but this description cracked me up. I swear, you always make me laugh in your posts! 🙂 I have actually never seen Legally Blonde! (I know, that's possible, apparently. *hides sheepishly*) I am absolute trash for slow burn enemies to lover romances!! They are the best kinds of romantic relationships and no one can convince me otherwise! 😏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Kelly! I’m literally not exaggerating with that description!! He’s that lucky & im mad 😤 And I can’t believe that my posts make you laugh?? That literally just made my DAY 😭😭😭
      Haha, don’t worry! You’d be surprised at how many cult classic films I’ve never watched! I haven’t seen The Breakfast Club, You’ve Got Mail, Frozen 2… Basically, I live under a rock when it comes to movies & I was a few years late to the game in watching Legally Blonde 😂
      YESSSS!!! The angst 👏🏼 I love it!! (but it’s pretty annoying to me when the couple finally gets together, but we never get a snippet of them being happy & in love after waiting for so long!)


  14. Sorry for sending this response as a new comment but the reply button disappeared?!? Anyway yes, hopefully we’ll both get to visit lots of Europe in the future. I like both tbh but if I fall for a cover I’m generally going to want a copy of it in print :L Thank you (: I’m hoping I’ll finally read it this year. And really? :L If that happened it sounds like your TBR is a lot more organized than mine. I’ve spent ages reorganizing mine but it didn’t shrink it at all – basically I tried to figure out which books I was most desperate to read and which of those I could get from the library :L Yay that sounds amazing 😀

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