November Wrap-up // Rom-coms, Being a Failure at Reading, & More!

And just like that, we’re in the final month of 2019.

In true 2019 fashion, the month of November flew by. One moment it was October, and then it was December 1st!! Honestly, we’re not even a week into December, but it’s already more interesting than the entire month of November was for me.

  • All Saints Day! I started the beginning of the month by going to the cemetery with my family, and the most interesting part was the food I ate there. Plus, a distant uncle/family friend (honestly, I don’t know) started talking to me! He’s one of those people who can really carry a conversation, so talking to him was a relief for my awkward self.
  • Strand-based talk. My school offers three academic strands—ABM, HUMSS, and STEM—and this year, I’m gonna have to decide which one I’m gonna take for the rest of my high school life. We got to hear three professionals of our choice speak about their jobs and their journey to get there, and I ended up listening to a doctor, a psychologist, and a lawyer. Every talk was super educational (psychology was kind of a let-down though). But I’m 99% sure that I’m gonna take STEM next year, because it’s the most useful strand to take!

Image result for she's the man Image result for legally blonde

  • Classic rom-coms! I watched She’s the Man in October because I had to write an essay on it (btw, I got a perfect score on that essay, from a teacher who notoriously grades low on essays; and no I will not stop bragging because I slept at 3AM working on it 😎). It was so funny and enjoyable that I just had to watch more movies like it, so in November, I watched Legally Blonde (yes, for the first time, because I live under a rock when it comes to movies), and I also had a lot of fun watching it! Are these films masterpieces? No, but they’re the movie versions of comfort food, and I’d love to watch more of them. I’m looking to start Easy A and 10 Things I Hate About You next (and I’m open to recommendations)!

So.. I absolutely failed at reading in November. I only read four books, and it was because school and extracurricular activities kept me very busy. (BUT, as I type this, we’re not even a full week into December yet, and I’ve already finished three books!!)

All covers link to Goodreads.

The King's Men by Nora Sakavic

I finished binge reading the All for the Game series in November! To be honest, I don’t love it as much as everybody else does. I can’t wait to explain why when I post my series review, but it’s taking me forever to write. *screams in frustration*

Vicious by Victoria Schwab

Hello, new favorite book of all time!!! Review here.

The Sword of Kaigen by M.L. Wang

Though a little slow and hard to get through at parts, this was a solid fantasy novel, and there was clearly a lot of thought put into it. Review here.

The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

My complicated history with The Folk of the Air series made it hard to enjoy the last book, but overall, QoN was okay! Review here.

I think the biggest blogging highlight of November was the fact that I didn’t redesign my blog!! Ahhh, I’m so happy, because I’ve finally found my permanent look. I may change some things here and there, but overall, I’m satisfied with my blog aesthetic.

Image result for satisfied gif

Other than that, for the life of me, I cannot remember how blogging went in November. Did I even blog in November??

According to my review of The Sword of Kaigen, I was pretty absent on the blogosphere. I fell behind on replying to comments and commenting on other people’s posts. But in December, I’m trying to cut myself a little more slack, because sometimes I’m just not in the mood to interact, or I just don’t have the time, and that’s okay.

Favorite Posts from the Blog

how to keep your audience's attention

I’m back with more questionable blogging advice!! (But seriously, I’m really proud of this post because it took me about 12 hours to make.)

fall bucket list book tag

I did the Fall Bucket List Book Tag created by the lovely Tiffany, and this post actually did better than I thought it would??

I’m sorry this post isn’t that interesting. It was because November generally wasn’t interesting! 😂 December is great so far though!

Also, since December is the last month of the year (and in this case, the last month of the decade), I know that lots of end-of-the-year (or end-of-the-decade) posts will be emerging soon. I plan to do a lot of those in December and January, but right now I don’t have many ideas. I’m gonna do the obvious ones, like best and worst reads, anticipated 2020 releases, etc. but I’d love to do more, and if you have any ideas in mind, feel free to comment down below!

What kind of end-of-the-year blog posts do you like reading? How was the month of November for you? What were your favorite November reads?

52 thoughts on “November Wrap-up // Rom-coms, Being a Failure at Reading, & More!

  1. Haha I know how worried you were about changing the theme all the time.. Glad you are finally happy with your blog aesthetic !!!
    And that’s an interesting set of books… I have to read Sword of Kaigen but I’ve put it off for next year…
    And glad you found a favorite… I wasn’t a fan of Vicious but I can totally see the appeal 😊😊

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    1. Hehe, thank you Sahi 💓💓
      I hope you can get to SoK next year and that you enjoy it! It’s a slower read (at least for me), so I think you should really find the right time to read it.
      Ah, I’m so sad that you didn’t enjoy it much. I totally get that it doesn’t work for everyone though.

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      1. Ya.. I’ve put SoK on my 20 books to read in 2020 tbr, so I’ll find the right time for it 😊😊 I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of slower reads this year, so I hope I’ll enjoy it too…
        It’s not that I didn’t enjoy Vicious at all.. I gave it a 3.5 😊😊 It just wasn’t my kinda book I guess.. I still love Sydney and Mitch a lot…. Hope you are reading Vengeful soon…

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  2. I keep forgetting it is the end of the decade then people keep mentioning it and I honestly don’t know what to do 😂😂
    YES she’s the man is such a great movie I love it!! So funny! I also love legally blonde, they are so easy and enjoyable to watch!! I can’t think of any recommendations at the minutes for film like them because apparently my mind doesn’t work anymore 😂 (did it ever??)
    I’m excited to see your series review of All for the Game because as much I love it, I recognise it was flawed in some big ways so I’m interested to see your thoughts!!
    I haven’t read The Cruel Prince series but I am curious even though I have a feeling I’m not going to like the main ship so I just very curious about it all!!

    I’m so happy you are glad with your blog design because it is so beautiful and fresh!! And you are so right about embracing that sometimes you aren’t in the mood to blog hop/reply to comments and it shouldn’t feel like an obligation. Your time is your own so you get to do what you want without feeling guilty!!

    Ohh.. i love end of the year posts, I think the only different ones I am doing are music and films but that doesn’t work for everyone. I’m also doing a look back at all my blog posts which is quite fun and I like reading posts like that!!
    I hope you have a wonderful month!! ❤

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    1. Haha, it honestly feels like the end of the decade should be sooner?? I feel like the 2010’s lasted forever :”) either way, I’m excited for a new decade!
      YES!! ahhh, I died bc of the tampons 😂😂😂 Mood! Seriously, I have no brain cells, & I always blank when someone asks me for recs.
      I think I expected way too much from The King’s Men, and that’s why it let me down (I’ve since lowered my rating of it down to 3 stars). Also I don’t love Andrew as much as everyone else does lmao. (….and I honestly don’t get his appeal… shhhhh.) Hopefully I can finally get that review up!!
      Ahh, maybe you’ll like Jude and Cardan? They are super angsty and Cardan is the epitome of the mean angsty bad boy love interest though, so I get why you don’t think you’ll like them. But I think this series has other things to offer (morally grey protagonist, faerie lore, political intrigue, etc.), so hopefully you’ll still enjoy the series 💖

      Thank you Sophie 😭😭 That made me feel a lot better 💓 I’m still guilty that I’m replying to you so late, but I’m working on not beating myself up too much! I hope you take it easy as well 💗

      I think I’m figuring out my end of the year posts little by little! And I’m so excited to read your end of the year posts!! I really wanna do a “looking back at the year” post but I have no idea how to go about it. Like, do I do one for reading even though I’m doing a best and worst reads post? Do I do one for blogging and life? If so do I just write all those in one post!? Honestly idk haha 😅 good luck with writing yours!! I hope December is amazing for you 💖

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      1. Well you say it like that it does make me think it has been ages since 2010!! I like that, I’m going to try to be excited for the new decade instead of being full of fear 😂

        High expectations can do that!! Yeah Andrew isn’t necessarily a character I would like in real life but I’ve always liked characters who act like they don’t care but they really do. And I love the found family trope so that can cloud my judgement at times 😂 Well I’ll look forward to it whenever you post it!!

        See now I think I will like them!! I really just have to read them!! I do love morally grey characters and political intrigue!!

        Aw.. I’m so glad Caitlin!! It’s fine, you don’t have to worry about being late at all. I’m late all the time too!! Thank you ❤

        Thank you so much!! It can be really hard to decide how to set it out!! I think I would write them all out in one post but if it feels too much then spilt it up!! Thank you so much!! ❤

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  3. HAPPY DECEMBER CAITLIN!! 🎉 I will never same no to rom-coms, and I love that you watched so many of my personal faves. If I had to recommend a few more: Love, Rosie (though this one can be a little sad but it’s soooo good) and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days!! I adore She’s the Man and think it’s HILARIOUS so huge congrats on that perfect score!! (you deserve it 💖)

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  4. Great wrap-up, Caitlin. Congrats on your essay, and good luck with pursuing STEM!
    It sounds like you are making up for lost time with your reading in December! It might be a slow reading month for me as I’m quite busy with writing. I’m glad you loved Vicious 🙂

    And it’s great that you have found a blog aesthetic that you’re really happy with – I like it a lot, too. I changed the look of my blog in November, for the first time in ages. It took a long time to decide on one, but I am quite happy with it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Stephen 💖💖💖 Ah, don’t worry about not reading too much in December. I hope you make a lot of progress with your writing.

      Ah, you’re so sweet 😭💗 I love your minimalist aesthetic, and I’m so glad that you’re happy with it!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. The strand based talk sounds really cool – pity psychology was a disappointment, but I’m glad to hear you are so sure of your choice – that’s awesome! 🎉 I’m happy you’re so happy with your blog aesthetic, and you should be because it’s pretty fantastic, though I think I’ve said that before. I RELATE to November not being interesting, but December already being much, much better; mostly because Christmas is right around the corner, and I *adore* Christmas. Hope your December will continue to be great! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really was!! I think psychology showed me that I’m rlly not cut out to study it in university, so at least it worked in that regard? Ahh, I’m so scared bc every student at my school finds STEM difficult, but my closest friend is going there, plus it’ll help me a lot, so STEM it is 😭😅
      Thank you!! I love your aesthetic as well ❤️❤️ December is such an interesting month! So much happens in it, both in real life & at school! November is always just this weird stretch between sembreak & Christmas break for me, so I’m not that shocked that it wasn’t interesting. I hope December is amazing for you 💓💓

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  6. I legit LOST a day of the year ahahah. I was making plans on the 30th of November and all of a sudden I liked at my phone at 12:09 and I saw it was December 1st and I was like HOLD UP. OMG funniest moment of my entire life.

    AHH I LOVE SHE’S THE MAN AND 10 THINGS!! They’re such great early 2000s rom-coms. I went through a phase so hmu for recs 😉

    I also have tons of end of year posts to get started on. But for now, I have like 3 reviews SEND HELP. Anticipated releases posts are what I most look forward to, especially now because I can hardly think of any books coming out next year except for like two haha.

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    1. Haha, is this the Mandela effect???
      Omg you have to give me all the recs!! Watching those movies is such a great way for me to de-stress.
      Me too!! I have so many reviews to write :(( why do I do this to myself?
      I’m so shocked that you can only think of two bc I know people whose lists are a mile long!! I guess it’s a good thing that you’re anticipating so few though, bc your TBR isn’t that big (yet) 😂😭 Off the top of my head, I’m anticipating These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong, Loveboat, Taipei by Abigail Hing Wen, & The State of Us by Shaun David Hutchinson (which gives me a lot of Red, White & Royal Blue vibes)!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Okay: She’s All That, A Cinderella Story, It’s A Boy Girl Thing, 17 Again, Wild Child & Prom is also good. HA I KNOW… as i said, a “phase”

        I haven’t really done any research yet, so I’ve seen a few 2020 releases but have no idea what they’re about. Also being a bit more picky about them bc I want to make a list that by the end of the year I can say that I’ve either read them or ya know bought it to read. There are just way too many books and I have to catch up on this year’s reading.

        I haven’t read Shaun David Hutcherson yet but I really want to read We Are The Ants and his others, of which I cannot remember their names welp! But the one you said sounds BRILLIANT!! I NEED!!

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      2. Thanks for the recs, ruby!! Those will keep me going for a long time :))

        Oh, I totally get what you mean! It seems like every year, a highly anticipated new release comes out, only to receive bad reviews. I am still gonna make an anticipated releases list based on the premises of the books I’ve heard about, but if they come out & I don’t find the reviews favorable, I’m not reading them anymore. I just wanna make a list bc anticipated releases lists are so fun 😅 I’ve already written mine, & I had so much fun with it!

        Same!! I really want to read We Are the Ants! Tbh, it’s the only book of his that I’m interested in :// The State of Us sounds so much like RW&RB, & I’m LIVING.

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  7. Ah hope you have a wonderful December and reading 4 books in a month is like my norm at the moment but you’re still reading and that’s all that matters in my opinion! I am loving your blogs new aesthetic though and I’m so happy you finally found the one you love! ❤

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    1. Thank you! I hope you have a wonderful one too 💗 Ahh, that makes me feel a lot better :)) I should really be grateful that I even was able to read four books!
      Thank you so much 💖 I’m so happy that you’re satisfied with your blog’s look as well (and you should be bc it’s so cute)!

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  8. Honestly I’ll read whatever year end blog posts people make just because it’s such a nostalgic/reflective time of year? Best of luck with school, it’s interesting that you have strands because my parents had a similar thing and they also chose STEM but at my school and most schools here you get complete freedom to choose what you want so people often do a mix? November was exams but I did actually do a decent amount of reading while I wasn’t studying.

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    1. Thanks!! Wow, that’s so interesting. We once had GAS (which means general academics & is a combination of all the strands) at my school, but then every year, nobody would choose it, so it was permanently removed. And congrats on still getting a lot of reading done! I hope your exams went well ❤️

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      1. It would make more sense for me if you did that because I think it’s good to do a range rather than focus at this age but focusing is also logical, don’t think it’d work here though because most people don’t really care about grades/school/etc.

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      2. Yeah it’s really weird and I say that having never really been in that competitive of an environment, I mean at my intermediate school people were really competitive just not academically. It’s annoying with classes though because there’s not enough people who care to have them all in the same class so it’s split randomly rather than by ability and lots of people are really disruptive

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  9. I’ve had a terrible blogging month! I’m only now getting around to uploading my Nov wrap up 😂 I really want to read Vicious and Cruel Prince at some point, I have heard the best things!

    I’m struggling to think up blog post ideas as well, besides the common ones like anticipated releases etc. I hope you find some good ideas!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh, I’m so sorry to hear that, Amy! I hope it gets better, but take it easy ❤️ and don’t worry, I always post my wrap-ups late :”) I hope you enjoy them if you read them!!

      I hope you find some good ideas as well! And your post about anticipated LGBT releases was a godsend & it’ll definitely help me a lot when I make my post!!


  10. Yesss LOVE She’s The Man! literally so funny! I am also a huge fan of 10 Things I Hate About You and cannot recommend it highly enough! I agree w your thoughts on The Queen Of Nothing while I love love love this series as a whole I cant help but think the last half of the book was a tiny bit of a let down for me?! Awesome wrap up 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I laughed so much while I watched it, and it was really needed bc I was so stressed that day ❤️ I can’t wait to watch 10 Things!
      Yeah, the whole snake thing threw me off so much. my brain was like ????
      Thank you!! I hope you have a great December ✨


  11. I can totally relate to taking forever to write a review! The last review I wrote was for Crier’s War which I loved with all of my heart and yet, it took me forever to write the review. The first time I sat down to write it, I wrote 3 sentences which ended up being deleted when I finally wrote the whole thing 😂
    I’m in a reading slump so four books seems like A LOT to me at the minute. I hope you enjoyed them 💙 I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on 10 things I hate about you, because I remember liking it a lot!
    I’m so glad you’re happy with your blog aesthetic too, it’s so great! I love it as well, it’s so soft!
    I hope you have a wonderful December Caitlin!

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    1. Reviews are one of the hardest posts to write 😫 I read your review for Crier’s War though, & it was amazing! If I hadn’t already read it, I would’ve immediately added it to my TBR! I feel like I’m gonna have to delete everything I wrote (which is a lot) for my AFTG review and restart as well 😅
      I really did enjoy them! And no, I hope you get over your reading slump soon! I’m so excited to watch it! And thank you so much :(( You’re so sweet 😭 Your aesthetic is so soft as well 💓
      I hope you have an amazing rest of the year!!

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      1. That is such a lovely thing to say Caitlin, thank you! I tried my best, and I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed it ♥ I can’t wait to read your AFTG review! I read them a few years ago and never really enjoyed them? But I see so many people loving them I feel like maybe I missed out on some things!

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  12. Classic rom coms are so much fun- I like all the ones you mentioned, but I have a particular soft spot for easy A cos I just found it so funny 😀 I’m glad queen of nothing was okay for you, even if you’ve had ups and down with the series. Really like your blog aesthetic! Sounds like you had a great month 😀 Awesome wrap up!

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  13. I’m glad that you’re finally pleased with your blog design!!! And also, you know even if November was not that interesting blogging or reading wise, it still sounds like you had fun, so that’s still a big plus ❤ I’m glad December has been off to a great start for you, and I hope it stays that way!! And I can’t believe I missed your review for Vicious. But YES I’m so glad you liked it! It’s one of my all time favorites too 😍❤❤
    I was going to do the usual, end of the year book tag, favorite and worst books of the year, most anticipated books for 2020 (even though I only have like 1 or 2 books for that lol), wrap-up for the whole year…so yeah, I don’t have any other interesting ideas either. Sorry!
    But amazing post nonetheless, and I hope December is spectacular for you 💖

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    1. Thank you, Rukky!! 💚 You are so, so sweet. I hope December is great for you as well!
      Ah, it’s ok! You really didn’t have to read the review. It was probably a mess 😅 But yeah, Vicious is such a nicely crafted story 😍
      Ah, thank you for the help!! I think I’ve finally figured out my end of the year posts. I’m looking forward to reading yours!
      Thank you so much 💗💗

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  14. Wow, you just watched Legally Blonde, I’m kind of surprised you’ve never watched it before but be warned- that won’t be your last time. In your future be preparing for randomly re-watching the movie!!
    And your blog aesthetic is so beautiful and simple, I definitely love what you did with it and am glad that you love it as well.
    This was very fun to read, and I hope the rest of your December goes as well, and maybe a little bit better, than your November!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, yes, I live under a rock when it comes to movies. To emphasize my point, I’ve never seen The Breakfast Club or Frozen 2 yet :”) And I’ll probably rewatch it in the future! It’s such a great comfort movie, and I love the message about working hard ❤
      Thank you!! I've went through so many blog redesigns—I can't even—and I'm so happy that I've finally found my permanent look, at least for the foreseeable future.
      I'm so glad! I hope the rest of the year goes well for you, and that 2020 is even better than 2019!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, don’t feel bad, I haven’t watched The Breakfast Club or Frozen 2 yet, either! And yes, Legally Blonde has an AMAZING message and it’s just inspiring.
        Your welcome, it takes a while to find the design for you, but when you do it always ends up looking spectacular! Thank you, I hope your 2020 is filled with happiness and that it goes well for you as well.

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  15. unrelated, but: i was in the cemetery recently as well for an exhumation and it was a really unique experience. i wanted to laugh the whole time, which was probably really insensitive, but i just didn’t know what to do with myself. but i have to agree: the food was good, lol.
    i’d have LOVED to write an entire essay on she’s the man. every essay i had to write in high school were about these really, really long and boring movies, but she’s the man is hilarious! i love legally blonde too and i think you have great recommendations already. my favorite rom-com of all times, though, is 27 dresses. it’s different from the ones you mentioned because it doesn’t follow high schoolers and not even college students, but full-on adults. still, it’s trope-y and hilarious and super romantic!
    i am so happy you enjoyed vicious so much! it’ll definitely be in my list of favorites for 2019 too. as far as the all for the game series, i have yet to carry on with it, but i’m not 100% positive if i will. i really didn’t like the first book, but i heard it gets better, so i’m willing to give it a chance. i just don’t know when!
    i love the end-of-the-year blog posts too! it’s the best time to be blogging in my opinion, hahah. i really like reading life recaps (all the exciting things/changes that happened in your life), or even “things i learned this decade”, lol. all recaps are interesting to me!
    wishing you a fantastic november, caitlin! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, don’t worry! I definitely think that’s related. Haha, I’m glad that I’m not the only person who notices food the most when they go to the cemetery!
      Ah, it’s really sad that you never got to write an essay on it or anything that really interested you :(( If it helps, this was a one time thing. every other piece of media i’ve had to write an essay on has been boring as well! i’m actually shocked that you wrote essays on movies, because at my school, we usually only write essays on books.
      I’ve heard of 27 dresses! It sounds super amazing, and I’m for sure gonna watch it now that I know you love it ❤ I'm excited to watch a romcom with full-on adults as main characters!
      ughh, it's most probably gonna be my number one favorite book of the year—I LOVE IT. i think that if you don't want to read AFTG, you probably shouldn't push through. i mean, the series kinda gets better, but for me.. not really. i've since lowered my rating of The King's Men to 3 stars, actually. there are other books and book series that are good throughout their entirety 🤷‍♀️
      YES. i'm excited to write mine and read everyone else's. I'm definitely gonna be doing a recap type of post! i don't really trust my memory though, but i'll have to try my best :") and i would love to do an end-of-the-decade post, but OMG. if I'm struggling to remember what happened this year, i have no idea how I'll remember what happened in the past decade.
      wishing you a fantastic rest of your year <2

      Liked by 1 person

  16. I’m glad you found a blog theme that you love and stuck with it (: and congratulations on that essay result too!! I love Easy A so I really hope that you enjoy it. I can’t actually remember if Ive ever seen the other one that you want to though 🤔 as for other suggestions maybe How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days (although it’s been ages since I saw it so I could be misremembering it). I hope you find more movies to enjoy though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you so much!!! sadly, i haven’t gotten to watch more romcoms yet, but knowing that you love it, Easy A has been moved to the top priority! and i’m gonna have to watch How To Lose A Guy in Ten Days! i’ve heard so many people mention that movie for years now, and to this day, i still don’t know what it’s about, haha 😂 i guess i’ll go into the movie blind—that seems like it’ll be fun!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah well I hope you end up enjoying it then. Oh really? :L I think I probably have a few films like that although none are coming to mind. There was definitely a Christmas one that I hadn’t heard of that I saw mentioned a lot last month but I can’t remember what it was now :L yeah not knowing what to expect with films – and books – can make them even more exciting.

        Liked by 1 person

  17. Wow, I’m so late and also I don’t even remember November. I know that I started Wayward Son, and that I planned to start a reread of Red, White, & Royal Blue but never did. I went to the beach? Wow this was only like two months ago but its a completely blur.

    Congrats on your essay! I know the feeling of getting a good grade on an assignment with a tough teacher, it so satisfying. Also, the thought of having to pick a path like that in high school seems so hard. I’m glad I never had to do that, but I hope you end up truly enjoying what you pick!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha, no worries! this is me all the time! i swear, months pass by in a blur to me, and whenever i look back on them, i feel like they lasted only a second.

      thank you!! lmao, i bragged about it to my friend who had that teacher and told me that she was strict at grading essays. i’m petty, what can i say. ugh, it was super hard! i seriously considered all of the strand offered, plus the IBDP program, but that’s another story. but i think that STEM will be the right path for me, because it helps a lot with college, and… you know, all everyone cares about these days is science and math lmao. i’m not sure if i’ll enjoy it because it’s gonna be *extremely* difficult, but i hope that everything will pay off in the end!


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