The Waffle Book Tag (This post is worth clicking on just for the graphics, trust me.)

A few months ago, I was tagged to do the pancake book tag, but.. I still haven’t gotten to it.

However, the amazing Kat @ Novels and Waffles wasn’t a procrastinator like me and did the book tag. Being the waffle lover that she is, she decided that waffles needed their own tag too, and so.. this book tag was born! I was very lucky to be tagged by the creator herself, along with Marie and Nyx over at Drizzle & Hurricane Books!

I wholeheartedly agree that if there’s a pancake book tag, there should be a waffle book tag as well.

I think that most people have done the pancake book tag already, but have yet to do the waffle book tag. Well, I’m the opposite, and I’m gonna do the waffle book tag first! (I promise that I’ll be posting my pancake book tag soon though!)

Kat is an amazing graphic designer with her own design shop, and the graphics she made for her book tag will make you drool. No wonder she won Best Blog Aesthetic in the 2019 Book Blogger Awards! (Which, uhhh, I won the Best New Book Blogger category in, no biggie. No, actually it’s very big and I’m perpetually crying about it. I don’t deserve you guys–thank you so much for all of your support πŸ˜­πŸ’™ I’ll be crying about it more in my wrap-up–be warned!!)


  • Link back to the original creator, Kat @ Novels & Waffles (That’s me, btw)
  • Feel free to use any of the waffle graphics in this post, just make sure to credit me (pretty pretty please with lots of maple syrup on top)
  • Tag as many people as you want (or don’t want) to. No pressure here, folks πŸ™‚
waffle book tag belgian waffles
Anne of Green Gables Hardcover Book Published By Puffin in Bloom with Matching Bookmark

I HAVEN’T READ THIS BOOK YET, BUT I REALLY WANT TO. I own the edition above, and it’s so pretty, but I haven’t picked it up yet! I’m just really bad at reading classics–like really bad. But Anne of Green Gables is one of the few classics I’m interested in reading, and I answered it for this question just to inform you that if I haven’t gotten to it yet by the of the year, you are legally obligated to scream at me.

waffle book tag whole wheat waffles

I know that Sorcery of Thorns has been getting its fair share of buzz, but I have to add to the hype because guys, I think it’s my favorite book of the year so far. It features a found family of sorts, with the main character Elisabeth coming to live with a powerful sorcerer named Nathaniel, along with Silas, his demon companion. The bond that Elisabeth, Nathaniel and Silas come to share is so wholesome, and thinking about it fills me with joy. Silas isn’t even supposed to have feelings, because he’s a demon, but the fact that he comes to unconditionally care about Elisabeth and Nathaniel anyway makes me want to cry. I would die for Silas, not kidding.

waffle book tag eggo waffles

The book series that immediately comes to mind when I think of my childhood is the Ramona Quimby series by Beverly Cleary. It perfectly captures the transition from being a toddler to a pre-teen. Ramona experienced so many situations and thought processes that child me could hardcore relate to in these books. For example, as a kid, Ramona would only color the upper part of the paper blue in drawings, because “the sky is up.” I USED TO DO THAT TOO. RAMONA, LET’S BE DUMB TOGETHER. Also, I have two sisters and we never get along, like Ramona and her sister Beezus!

waffle book tag chocolate waffles
29748925. sy475

I’ll be real with you–I don’t remember much about Lazlo’s character, but I do know that he’s sugary sweet. He’s the soft, introverted, loyal, and compassionate librarian (!!!) that us book lovers will inevitably fall in love/have fallen in love with.

I mainly answered him for this question though, because I finally picked up Muse of Nightmares! Are you proud of me?? Finally, after putting it on so many TBRs, I’ve started it. And Laini Taylor’s writing is as lyrical and amazing as ever.

Me whenever I think about Laini Taylor’s writing
waffle book tag blueberry waffles
24178. sy475

A character death or unfortunate event will generate almost no reaction from me, but if you show me that the things we found joy or sadness in as children are fleeting, that eventually, all of us have to grow up, it’s emo hours for me.

waffle book tag waffle cone
41219451. sy475

Okay, so I rated Descendant of the Crane two stars–more on why in my wrap-up–but I can still appreciate its originality. It’s a YA fantasy that’s less about a hot love interest, a Chosen One protagonist who can do magicβ„’, or a giant magical battle. Instead, it’s about finding the truth, choosing to uphold the truth even in trying times, and what the truth even is. When I tell you that this book has twists, IT HAS TWISTS–be prepared.

waffle book tag maple syrup

I’m the worst at finishing book series, so I’m not a fan of the fact that authors always continue their finished series. Just let me pat myself on the back and be able to say that I finished your series. Don’t take that away from me!!

Lil’ rant aside, a series I did stick with until the end is the To All the Boys I’ve Loved series. It’s a duology turned trilogy, but surprisingly, I read all three of the books. I’m so glad I did too because this book series is so soft, fluffy and happy. It’s filled with fake dating, baked goods, first love–and did I say soft-ness? One of the first times I came across Asian rep in books was when I read this series, and it was good Asian rep and own voices Asian rep at that. *chef’s kiss* Also, family of three sisters solidarity!

waffle book tag waffle iron

I don’t know if this counts, but almost every book on my TBR is in my phone! I should really transition to a Kindle, but I’m so used to my phone already. And I can’t think of any other bookish accessory that I own (besides a few bookmarks, but I don’t use bookmarks haha), so I guess this goes to my phone by default!

I had so much fun doing this tag! I loved staring at Kat’s graphics while doing it, and I enjoyed screaming about some of my faves with you! I tag:



43 thoughts on “The Waffle Book Tag (This post is worth clicking on just for the graphics, trust me.)

  1. You were right! The graphics are freaking amazing and I am so glad she created this! I personally have never heard of the pancake tag? But I’m glad this one was created. It looks like a fun time and I really enjoyed your answers. I need to read Sorcery of Thorns this month somehow in between everything else I’m reading

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    1. SILAS YES I LOVE HIM!! And Sorcery of Thorns πŸ’–πŸ’– I’m loving it so far! Actually, I’m one of those people who don’t hate Minya so I’m very excited to see what Laini Taylor will do with her character. Also, Eril-Fane is really interesting so I’m really excited to see how he’ll develop !


  2. I always love reading the responses to this tag & I honestly never get sick of Kat’s graphics!! 😍 YES YES YES to Lazlo – he is actually the sweetest character in the history of time & I feel like he needs to be talked about more!!


    πŸ’› Ngoc

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  3. Ahh I’m so happy you did this tag, it’s such a fun tag and Kat does the best graphics ever, I have to agree with you on that πŸ˜€
    I haven’t read Sorcery of Thorns, but I feel like I should, I’ve been hearing so many great things about this book and I am SO intrigued! πŸ˜€

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  4. WAIT OK I HAVEN’T READ ANNE OF GREEN GABLES TOO. AT LEAST IM NOT ALONE NOW. I really want to read Sorcery of Thorns because I’ve been hearing SUCH great things, and I’m honestly so excited for a fantasy that’s wholesome. AWWW i remember Romona and Beezus so well, and I loved it with Judy Bloom books. 😍

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    1. YAY IM NOT ALONE. it really is a wholesome fantasy, and it just made me Very Happy!!

      Ahaha, I remember my mom trying to force me to read Judy Bloom and I just refused to for some reason. But then I listened to her and read Ramona and Beezuz, and it was amazing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  5. I love this so much!! I’m hoping to do this tag semi-soon because it’s beyond adorable and the truth is…I LOVE WAFFLES even more than pancakes.πŸ˜‚

    Aww, I really hope you enjoy Anne of Green Gables! I probably sound like a broken record, but it’s my favorite book and I adore it with my whole heart. Anne is such a free spirit and I love her. Also, Ramona and Beezus, yes! I randomly thought of it the other day because I was in class, saw a lamp, and suddenly was hit with the random memory of Ramona thinking the U.S. National Anthem said “donzerly light” instead of “dawn’s early light” and then calling a lamp a donzerly. It was a strangely vivid memory. I also love the R&B movie with Selena Gomez! So good.❀️

    I love the TATBILB series! I wasn’t the biggest fan of the second book, but I thought it more than redeemed itself with the third book. I’m really excited for the next couple of movies to come out, too! This was a lovely post, Caitlin!

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    1. Yes, do it!! I would love to see your answers Olivia!! Ofc they are. I mean, waffles have POCKETS in them to hold all the syrup and cream!

      Yes, I really will get to it soon ahh! I’m so excited to gush about it with you! Omg, she did!!! I forgot that!!! Ohhh, another relatable event πŸ˜‚ I always misheard songs as a kid and then sang them wrong πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ There was actually I point in my life where I watched that movie everyday. And now I can’t even reread a book I haven’t read in years!!

      Were you team John Ambrose? Because I honestly don’t remember who I was rooting for HAHA. The third book is so good though and I loved seeing Lara Jean grow 😍 me too!! I watched the first with my friends and it was so fun!
      Thank you so much, olivia πŸ’“πŸ’“

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      1. Okay, I haven’t read the second and third book in probably two or three years, but I remember thinking John Ambrose was pretty irrelevant?? I think I thought Peter was being annoying, but I didn’t want Lara Jean and John to be together either. THAT’S WHY I DIDN’T LOVE THE SECOND BOOK, I WAS TOOO CONFLICTED.πŸ˜‚

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      2. i think i was fine with any of them HAHAHA. like I’m pretty lukewarm about love triangles. it’s pretty obvious where most are going. but when it’s not, I just trust that the author knows who the MC is supposed to be with I guess Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

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  6. this tag looks so beautiful and now I’m hungry lol. I think you’ll really like anne of green gables! I read it over and over as a kid but now my memory is fuzzy. I really want to read sorcery of thorns as well now – I have a physical copy and it’s the most gorgeous thing

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    1. i haven’t had a waffle in what feels like ages, and doing this tag ignited my hunger. I hope I can read Anne of Green Gables soon!

      I know right!! I have a physical copy of it too and it’s so gorgeous! I think it’ll be right up your alley too, especially Silas πŸ˜‰

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      1. mmm belgian waffles with strawberries and vanilla ice cream.. also, I’ve been loving demonic servants ever since I watched/read black butler almost a decade ago lmao. I lot of my mutual adore it!

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  7. okay I LOVE THESE GRAPHICS?? and your answers are brilliant and now i want to read SO many more books!! also what?!?! YOU NEED TO READ ANNE OF GREEN GABLES!! It is amazing and so sweet and my heart melts every time I read it! Laini Taylor’s books have been on my TBR for so long now that it’s unreal but i’m sadly lazy and unproductive when it comes to trimming down my TBR >-<

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    1. Right?? Kat is a GODDESS. Thank you!! and I’m always super glad to add to your TBR πŸ˜‰

      YES PLEASE SCREAM AT ME TO READ IT. it’s been on my TBR for literal years and I always forget that I haven’t read it yet smh

      what a mood! I would highly recommend Strange the Dreamer! It’s so whimsical and it feels like magic packed into a book. I’m just not a fan of insta-love, and Strange the Dreamer has a rather bad case of insta-love. I read Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone before I read StD, but I sadly didn’t love it as much as everyone else, and I don’t think its series finale was well-received, so honestly.. just skip DOSAB?

      Muse of Nightmares has been AMAZING so far though, minus the horny teenagers. sigh


  8. I love your answers, Caitlin! AH YOU HAVE TO READ ANNE OF GREEN GABLES! I am going to scream at you right now to read it, because it is just so good and pure and wholesome and marvelous! Everyone in the world needs to read it! ❀ The Ramona Quimby books (along with Junie B. Jones) were my entire childhood! I love them so much! And, don't kill me, but I still haven't read Sorcery of Thorns yet. πŸ™ˆ

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    1. Thank you so much, Kelly!! And ahhhh, I appreciate the screaming! I need the reminder because that book sounds so good, and it’s been on my TBR for literal years.

      I don’t know why I refused to read Junie B. Jones as a child! I think I read one volume and it didn’t work for me, but I enjoyed Ramona Quimby so much that I proceeded to read the entire series!

      Oh, don’t worry! There are so many books and so little time, so I totally get it. I hope you can read it soon though!!


  9. kat’s graphics are truly on of the cutest things i’ve ever seen.
    omg sheer coincidence but i posted this tag the same day as you wow are we twins???
    CAITLIN IM HERE TO SCREAM AT YOU TO READ ANNE OF GREEN GABLES. i need a lot of motivating to read classics too but i found it a really cute, wholesome book, even if there were parts that made me terrible sad.
    dude, you cannot just say ‘sorcery of thorns’ is your favourite book of the year so far and nOT EXPECT ME TO FREAK OUT!! I NEED TO READ IT RIGHT NOW
    the world does not deserve lazlo strange, he is too pure. omg don’t bring nostalgic emo hour on me, charlotte’s web was one of the very first novels i read and the ending gutted fetus may 😭😭

    thank you so much for the tag caitlin, i really enjoyed reading your answers πŸ’–πŸ’–

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    1. right?? no wonder she won Best Blog Aesthetic!
      yes, we are twins now!! great minds think alike ;))
      YESS PLEASE SCREAM AT ME. cute and wholesome, but sometimes sad? sign me up!! I have to pick it up soon or else I’m gonna be so mad at myself :((
      YAY READ IT AND GUSH ABOUT SILAS WITH ME. reading Muse of Nightmares is really showing me how much we don’t deserve Lazlo πŸ˜‚ the ending gutted fetus
      caitlin too and I vividly remember it even though i read it in grade 1 :”)

      thank you ❀❀

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  10. I’m so glad this Tag exists too because WAFFLES πŸ₯° I’m also SO happy to see that you also liked Sorcery of Thorns! It’s among my favorite reads of the year & the Nathaniel, Elisabeth and Silas dynamic melted my heart πŸ’• I’m all here for demons who are not supposed to have feelings, but are soft πŸ™‚

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  11. Oooh, that edition of Anne of Green Gables is SO pretty!! Also *such* nostalgia from Ramona and Beezus! And now I’m remembering the movie, I think I watched it like 8 times because Selena Gomez was my favorite person ever πŸ˜‚

    High five for being terrible at finishing series! Though with TATBILB I’m having a problem with starting the series. As in I *have* all the books but sticking to a TBR is so hard πŸ˜… I also read all my e-books on my phone! My phone screens suuuuper small, and it looks like I’m just constantly on my phone when I’m like, no! I’m reading! But I still use it as my “kindle” because it is incredibly convenient.

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    1. Right?? I just have to read it :(( there was a point in my life wherein i watched Ramona and Beezus everyday HAHA

      *high fives you back* I also have trouble starting series, actually πŸ˜‚ do start TATBILB though! It’s so so cute and wholesome.

      ohh, one downside to having all my books on my phone is that I get easily distracted by the internet :(( but i still haven’t switched to a kindle because I carry my phone with me everywhere πŸ˜‚

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  12. You’re 100% right about those graphics… they are superb 😍 I love her art! Beezus & Romana makes me super nostalgic, too, especially because I used to read it with my little sister all the time! We were the real life characters πŸ˜‚ And OMG- speaking of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before… have you watched the movie? They just announced that they are already working on the THIRD movie and I… am so excited. I actually think that the series was also my first experience with Asian voices! I lovedddd the first book SO much. I read all 3 but my interest waned a little by the third. I love the series as a whole though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. right?? Kat is MAGICAL.

      AHA SAME. I’m the youngest in the family, and me and my sisters NEVER got along. We had fights for the same reason that Ramona and Beezus did, but we also had the occasional friendly interaction like them πŸ˜‚ Yes, I watched the movie! I actually watched it with my friends, and it was SO FUN to watch with other people. I’m so pumped for the third movie too ahhhh!! especially because it’s Asian :)) The world isn’t ready for the cuteness! Oh, same. I think the series actually peaked in the first book. The other two are still really enjoyable, but TATBILB was never replaced in my heart. I think that most people have a different fave to least fave book in the series, and I’m so happy that we share similar opinions!


  13. Ahh I want waffles please?! This was such a fun tag and I loved your answers!
    Please please please read Anne of Green Gables – my all time favourite classic and one I’ve reread multiple times! The cover of that edition is also so beautiful wow?! And 100% agree with To All The Boys, what a series <3<3.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. this tag inspired me to eat waffles yesterday after what feels like forever!! and thank you <33

      Ahh, everyone in the comment section is screaming at me to read Anne of Green Gables, and I LOVE IT. AHHH I CAN'T WAIT TO READ IT I JUST HAVE TO STOP BEING SUCH A HORRIBLE CLASSIC READER.

      Right? It's the ultimate fluffy and wholesome series!

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