Like this Book Blog? Watch this Booktuber!

I mention this all the time, but my introduction to the book community was through booktube. (If you’re unaware, booktube is where people make videos about books on Youtube!) I started watching it years ago, but I just recently discovered that there was such a thing as book blogging. As soon as I found out about it though, I immediately knew that I had to join, and so, here I am.

But then I started thinking about which book bloggers are similar to which booktubers. I’ve been both watching booktube and reading book blogs for a considerable amount of time, so today I want to recommend a few booktubers that you should watch based on what book blogs you like. There are people out there who only read book blogs and don’t watch booktube, and there are people who are the opposite. I hope this post encourages you to consume both forms of media, because they both of different things to offer!

Disclaimer: I think I’m only subscribed to about twenty booktubers, and a number are inactive. I also only follow about 40 WordPress blogs and less than 110 people on Twitter. I’ve always been picky about the people I choose to follow since I only want people who “bring me joy” to show up on my feed. That means that I wasn’t able to come up with as many booktubers to pair with book bloggers as I would’ve liked. I wasn’t able to give many of my faves a counterpart, and I’m really sad about that. But I may do a part two of this post if I find more booktubers to subscribe to!

If you like to read The Quiet Pond, watch Books and Lala!

Starting off with two fan favorites! Both CW and Lala bring such unique content to the table.

  • CW’s blog is a work of genius and art (literally because she draws art for each of her posts). I suck at explaining things so I’ll just direct quote from her blog’s About page: “The Quiet Pond (‘The Pond’) is a fantasy-themed book blog with a simple narrative, in which you are the main character. The Quiet Pond is an ongoing story about your frequent visits to the Pond and the magical pond creatures who live there.”
  • Like CW, Lala constantly provides original content, and most of her videos take so much time to put together. Her videos are so creative, like when she let Instagram control her weekend or read the same amount of pages each day for a month.
  • Both CW and Lala are also amazing resources if you’re looking for book recommendations!

If you like to read Sprinkles of Dreams, watch Books with Chloe!

  • Both Lily and Chloe have such admirable personalities. I associate Lily with the ☁ emoji, and Chloe with the ✨ emoji.
  • Both of their aesthetics are on point, and they both sprinkle (pun intended) in mangas into the books they read!

If you like to read Paper Blots, watch Paperback Dreams!

You should watch Kat if you like Ju’s blog because they both have paper in their channel names.

  • Wait, I’m just kidding–don’t leave yet! These two are similar because they are both absolutely hilarious! Their brand of comedy runs in the same vein, and if you want to laugh, just read Ju’s blog and watch Kat’s channel!

If you like to read The Bookish Actress, watch Jordan Harvey!

Elise and Jordan are so smart. What the heck.

  • Both create essay-like content and provide in-depth analyses of the things they consume.
  • Elise and Jordan also incorporate TV shows and other media besides books into their content!

If you like to read Novels & Waffles, watch Common Spence!

I LOVE BOTH OF THESE PEOPLE SO MUCH. They are both really underrated, so please go follow them immediately!

  • Their enthusiasm and energy are un-matched.
  • They both have incredible design skills. One look at Kat’s blog and one click on one of Spencer’s videos will show you this. Spencer is a graphic designer for a living, and Kat runs a graphic design shop!

If you like to read Sun and Chai, watch My Name is Marines!

Two people who are incredibly eloquent!

  • Their discussions are amazing, and when they choose to talk about a book or topic, they dissect it in such a deep and wonderfully executed way.
  • Both are advocates for diversity, especially people of color, in fiction!

If you like to read Sapphic Library, watch Chandler Ainsley!

I’m recommending these two, not based on the correlation of their personalities, but because they read similar things.

  • Both are queens of romance, and almost exclusively read romance books.
  • Mahana’s blog is perfect for f/f romance recommendations, and Chandler’s is perfect for m/m!

If you like to read Bookdragonism, watch Aphrodite Reads!

  • Both Rain and Heathur have an immense love for Rick Riordan and the Percy Jackson series.
  • I find that their reading tastes are different, but when they love a book, they’ll endlessly scream about it until you add the book to your TBR. I guess it just runs in Percy Jackson fans.

As we get to the end of this post, I would like to shout out three amazing book bloggers who somehow do booktube as well? How?? These people are Melanie, Fadwa and Kate! Click on their names to subscribe to their channels!

I know none of you probably noticed, and now I’m just making you notice, but I can’t get over it. PLEASE IGNORE THE FACT THAT I PUT COMMAS AFTER “IF YOU LIKED.” I can’t edit the graphics anymore, and I don’t want to remake eight graphics, so my grammar mistake will be immortalized forever rip.

Before you leave, just know that I won’t be replying to comments on this post or on any post this week because I have important exams coming up! I’ll get to them after this hell week is over though!

37 thoughts on “Like this Book Blog? Watch this Booktuber!

  1. i haven’t watched a lot of booktubers yet, so this post is amazing! i’m definitely going to check them out! also, good luck on your exams!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I need to watch booktube more often (right now, I barely watch it at all) so this post really helped with giving me people to follow! Thank you for making this post Caitlin!! Your posts are always so creative, I love them. ❤️

    Also! I know by the time you read this, you’ll probably be done with your exams, so I hope they went well! Again, you’ve got this!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I was also introduced to the book community through booktube, so it’s such an interesting idea for a post! ♥ I love many of these bloggers but don’t watch these booktubers so I have some watching and discovering to do in the future thanks to your recommendations!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Caitlin, I love this post so much! It’s such a unique idea, and I love the solidarity of booktubers and book bloggers. I really suck at watching booktube, yet when I do watch, I get sucked in and want to keep watching videos, but you’ve named some channels I definitely will be checking out! I love Chan and Lala’s channels, their videos are so fun and entertaining! And I definitely love all these bloggers ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you, May 💜 same, i love the solidarity too, and I can’t believe that it took me such a long time to discover book bloggers!

      ah, I love chan’s channel so much! her voice is so calming and I love her personality. Lala is so creative too 💕💕

      Liked by 1 person

    1. yay, so glad this came at the right time 💖💖 i ALWAYS go on an unsubscribe spree when it comes to booktube because I watch every post in my sub box, so i can’t be subscribed to too many. that being said, I’m subscribed/have been subscribed to all of these bloggers and I love them! (the ones I’ve unsubbed to are still really good, I just don’t like too many videos in my sub box haha)

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  5. this is suCH a good post and also omg I am 100% amazed that I was even featured in this post & compared to the iconic paperbackdreams??? my blogging days are blessed. ❤ also I totally totally need to get on watching more booktubers… but they take SO MUCH more time to watch than reading blog posts??? LMAO.

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  6. im actually not that into booktube (my interests are skewed towards book bloggers) but this post has me interested!! im definitely going to check these book bloggers out, especially books with chloe!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i’m so glad because book bloggers need more of an audience ahhhhh! definitely do check these booktubers out because I think booktube has its own merits. there are a lot more salty people on there and a LOT of reading vlogs haha. books with chloe has such an aesthetic! I just can’t describe it! definitely go check her out! (also, very weird but a booktuber I would recommend specifically to you is Sam from Thoughts on Tomes. I feel like you’d like her content???)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yes, readwithcindy is a goddess. if i had to pick only one booktuber to watch for the rest of my life, it would be her. (and omg not to flex, but i found her when she was at less than 1k subscribers, and i just KNEW that she would blow up.)

        ahh, i love thoughts on tomes! she’s pretty underrated, honestly. i mean, her thumbnails aren’t clickbait-y, and she doesn’t try to join any drama, but she has such a mature outlook on controversial topics. plus, she reviews books so well!!



    and yes it certainly runs in percy jackson fans. we love to scream and convince people to love what we love.

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  8. Okay, this post is PERFECT!! I really want to start watching Booktube channels, but I have no idea how to find good ones, so I’m definitely going to be using this post for reference. The only Booktuber here that I’ve heard of is Books and Lala, because Malka’s obsessed with her channel 😂 But I’m really excited to check out all the other ones you listed, especially since I mostly read book blogs and never see any Booktubers referenced.


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