Why You Should NEVER Compare Your Blogging Statistics with Others’

As you may or may not know, I recently went back to school last month. Because of this, I’ve had less time to allocate for blogging and blog hopping. And I’ve noticed that this has led to a decline in my stats, and I’m not gonna lie, it’s discouraging to compare how well my blog was doing in the summer to how well it’s doing now.

I was born comparing myself to others. It’s not just limited to blogging–I compare every aspect of my life to others’, and it’s one of my unhealthiest habits. I think that this is a problem a lot of people face as well, so I decided to write this post for the both of us.

Just to be clear, I’m not writing this to complain about how more people should interact with my posts or follow me. This is a post to reassure you, but mostly me, honestly, that stats aren’t everything.

So without further ado, here are reasons why comparing your blog statistics with others’ is doing yourself a disservice.

Some people just have more time on their hands.

Posting more often will lead to sure growth. And when you blog hop, more people are inclined to check out your blog. You know what these two things have in common? They both take time. And sometimes we just don’t have that.

Tons of bloggers are students, balancing homework and keeping grades up with book blogging. Tons more have full-time jobs that are the primary sources of their income. So if your stats aren’t booming because you haven’t had the time to draft blog posts and comment on other people’s blogs, just remind yourself that everybody’s work load is different. Time is a scarce resource, and you shouldn’t blame yourself for not being able to dedicate more of it to growing your blog.

The state of everyone’s mental health is different.

I myself don’t suffer from anxiety, depression, or any mental illness, but I know that having a mental illness can suck all the motivation out of you. It isn’t even limited to mental illness. Sometimes it’s your physical health, a low point in your life, etc.

Some people, myself included, have the privilege of not suffering from mental health issues, and therefore have more energy to dedicate to their blogs. But don’t blame yourself for not being one of those people. Mental health before book blogging, guys.

Maybe blog hopping just isn’t for you.

One of the easiest and most sure ways to grow your blog is to comment on other people’s blogs. Commenting leads others to notice your blog, follow you, and interact with your posts.

Maybe, as I mentioned before, you just don’t have the time to blog hop. Or the case could also be that you’re just not interested in blog hopping. Moreover, you may have a preference for certain blogs only, and those are the only blogs you want to interact with.

If either of these is the case for you, don’t force yourself to do something you don’t want to do just to improve your blog stats. Blogging should be fun, and ultimately, you should do what what suits your fancy.

Maybe you have no interest in the posts/books that garner more engagement.

I’m sure you all know what posts are popular in the blogosphere–recommendations, Top Ten Tuesdays, and the like will probably generate more engagement. Subsequently, book reviews, especially those of lesser known books, don’t perform as well.

But maybe you just want to write book reviews. And that’s okay. Your blog is for you to do what you love, and you should never change that.

The book community is also very focused on YA books, so bloggers who primarily read and blog about YA novels are obviously gonna do better. But maybe you have no interest in YA, and just want to blog about Adult and/or Middle Grade books. You are valid and appreciated. Don’t change what you’re reading for the sake of blogging statistics.

The bloggers you compare yourself to started blogging earlier than you did.

This is a no brainer. Why compare yourself to other people who have had more time to grow a following, find what works for them, and refine their blogging voice?

Just don’t do it. You’re setting yourself up for sadness.

You should just be grateful for what you have.

Ultimately, what I’m trying to tell myself and those like me is that we’re all growing at our own pace.

Maybe you want twenty likes on your post instead ten, ten comments instead of five. But at the end of the day, everyone’s blogs are amazing no matter what. The work you’re doing is amazing, and it’s appreciated no matter what your stats tell you.

Overall, comparing yourself with those who are doing better than you is a losing game.

There are millions of outside factors that affect our blogging stats, and we shouldn’t blame ourselves for having no control over them. The only thing we can do is be happy with what we have. To share one of my favorite quotes, “Don’t compare your behind the scenes to someone’s highlight reel.”

I hope we both learn to stop comparing ourselves to others. And if you don’t compare yourself to other bloggers, props to you, and I’d like to know how you do it.

I know I missed a lot of reasons, so I would love to know your thoughts in the comments!

Do you compare yourself to other bloggers as well? Do you agree with my reasons? Anything you’d like to add?

65 thoughts on “Why You Should NEVER Compare Your Blogging Statistics with Others’

  1. the title of this post attacked me lmao i have such a BAD habit of comparing myself to big book bloggers. but!!! i came to the same realisation as you did in this post: some people have been at this for WAY longer and have built their following, and it’s no use competing and comparing if you’re just going to make yourself unhappy. instead, i have friendly competition with myself and try to beat my own stats. stats can be a good indicator of growth and what works, but getting too caught up in it makes me supremely dissatisfied. thanks for the great discussion post!!

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    1. don’t worry, I attacked myself with it 😂 don’t worry! I think we’ve all done compared ourselves with them because, they’re big for a reason, you know? but yes, this is what I tell myself all the time, and I think it somehow works! yes, to all of this! there’s really no use in comparing yourself with others because you’re gonna end up unhappy for no reason. I really should remember that the only person I should compare myself to is my past self! oh yes, stats are double-edged swords. when I see progress, I get unbelievably happy, but I get sooo sad when they decline! thanks for reading it and for thanking the time to leave a comment 💖

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  2. Woah, this is such an important post that everyone needs to read! I totally understand comparing yourself to others. I do fairly well in school, but I have a lot of pressure to make sure my grades stay up. this was mainly as a startign point at school, but it got ingrained in me to be the best and I start to stress and compare. Time is such an important thing, too! Thank you so much for this post, Caitlin!

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    1. thank you so much Emma! I definitely wrote it because I knew I needed it and I wondered if anyone else did too! haha same, I always compare myself to other people in school. it’s unreal how much it occupies my thoughts. and what I hate the most about my grades is that I’m not very consistent with them! I hope we both learn that we should just compete with ourselves and no one else 💕 yes, time is such a scarce resource and people who have a lot of it are automatically gonna grow more! thank you for reading this post and taking the time to leave a comment ❤

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  3. i totally agree with this! i’ve stopped checking my stats because although they can be interesting to analyze, i realized that i’m blogging for myself first and others second. it’s super important to not change what you’re posting just to gain more of a following because the whole reason why we start blogging is to have fun and enjoy the book community. great post, caitlin!

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    1. so glad you do, Audrey! I naturally just don’t really check the stats page on my wordpress, but I am sooo obsessed with counting how many likes/follows I get. but yes, it’s so important to realize that you’re blogging for yourself first and for others second! and I really think that posting things just to get more of a following is just gonna backfire. I feel like as someone who consumes a lot of blog posts and media myself, it’s kinda easy to tell if someone is just doing things for the views/likes/etc. On the other hand, I notice that when someone’s passion really shines through in what they create, more people flock to them! thank you so much, Audrey 💙

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    1. thank you! ohhh, I just checked out your blog, and I think that you’re such a seasoned blogger already! (definitely better than I was when I first started haha) I left instagram, and I’ve never had a bookstagram, but I have had two previous accounts on instagram that we’re dedicated to two completely different things. what was common about both of my experiences with them was that I just spent my whole time on that app comparing myself to others. and that’s honestly why I really don’t want to join instagram right now, for a personal account or a bookstagram! (also I don’t have the supplies, time, skills, etc. to take nice pics but that’s a conversation for another day.)

      anyways, comparing yourself to others, on any platform, is really unhealthy, and it’s the source of a lot of my insecurities! I am trying to do better as well and I hope you’re making progress. 💖

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      1. Aw thank you! I’m having so much fun with blogging and it’s helped me with spending less time on insta which is good 🙂 Comparison is definitely the root of insecurity and I’m making progress 💕☺️

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  4. Ahh, this blog post is so sweet and lovely, and I love it so much! ❤ It gave me a good reminder to stop comparing myself to other bloggers, which I do way too often LMAO (and also bookstagrammers, unfortunately…). It's definitely good for me to keep in mind my mental health issues?? Like, this may seem really stupid but sometimes I wish I was a workoholic because while that's an unhealthy mindset, I feel like I would just feel ~better~ with my productivity instead of feeling like I'm not doing anything that I'm *supposed* to be doing.

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    1. thank you so much Ju 💙💙 omg, if it helps, you are such a good blogger and bookstagrammer, and I love reading your posts and seeing your pics! noo, it’s not stupid. I actually think that too. I view myself as a lazy perfectionist, and I’m naturally a crammer and procrastinator. and that combination is terrible! even though I’ve read horror stories about workaholics, and about how their habits have severely impacted their health, some part of my mind thinks, “but they got so much work done,” and i should really stop.

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      1. OMG CAITLIN AHHHHH THAT MAKES ME GENUINELY SO HAPPY!! ❤ Oh, same same same!! My procrastination habits are entirely getting too out of hand and it's just.. bad. Yeah!! I've seen people talk about how they feel overwhelmed with themselves and how they hardly can give themselves time to rest, I just… still wish I had that amount of productivity, and it's not good AHH.

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  5. This post is so important, YES YES YES to everything you’ve said.
    It’s so easy to compare yourself to others, particularly in blogging/other social media where numbers are the key focus. That’s why I’m in agreement with the removal of showing likes on Instagram – means you can’t compare yourself at a glance due to statistics.
    I love that quote at the end – so important and applies to so many instances in life not just blogging.
    I really loved this post Caitlin💛

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    1. yay, I’m so so glad you liked it Emme!
      so true, and it’s something that I naturally do, so i feel like it’s just worse for me :’) i am such a number-focused person and i should really stop! ohhh, I’ve been off instagram for a long time because while I was on there, (surprise) I compared myself to others so much that it just wasn’t fun for me anymore. but I totally think that it’s so cool that instagram is doing that! I definitely see how it would help someone like me whose eyes immediately go to the number of likes :’)
      I’m so glad you loved it! I was worried I’d come off a little cheesy, but I love that quote so much anyway. and yes, I tell myself that quote all the time, not just when I compare myself to other bloggers!
      I’m so glad you loved it. thank you so much for the incredible comment 💚


  6. Great post Caitlin. It is really hard not to compare blog stats.. or even just wonder where I stand. My blog is kind of niche- mostly adult, mostly SF & F.. where as more popular categories feel like romance or thriller and as you said, YA.

    The only time it really hurts is when Tor declines me for e-galleys 😢. I feel like I’ll never reach the level required to get approved by them (which stinks, because I read A LOT of what they put out- and I often even have an interest in their less popular titles I rarely see anyone promoting).

    But for the most part I have a pretty dedicated (if small) group of readers that I’ve become quite fond of, and I’m happy/lucky to have “met” them.

    I also wish I had more time for blog hopping in general! I feel like it’s all I can do to keep up with the blogs I do follow!

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    1. Thank you Sarah! I totally get what you mean. I love how your blog is mainly based on adult sff books. I really appreciate the work you do as an adult sff blogger, and I for one truly appreciate your blog even if you feel like others don’t.

      Ahhh, that’s so sad! Here’s hoping that they wake up because you of all people deserve to be granted access to their e-galleys.

      Yes, I notice that too! I’m proud to say that I’m part of that group, and I’m so happy that other people are appreciating your work.

      same! it’s really fun to do, but sometimes really stressful when I let posts pile up like I often do. I sometimes also feel really cheap because it seems like I’m just blog hopping so that other people will like my posts and comment on them, and they’re just commenting on my posts just so that I can comment on their posts. Idk, but thank you so much for this sweet comment, Sarah ❤ Your blog is such a light in the community even if you may feel otherwise.

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      1. You are way too kind- but this was definitely a nice lift to my day- so thank you! And I don’t mean to sound entitled to ARCs (I don’t feel that way at all). I know international bloggers have an even harder time than I do.

        And thanks for being part of my blogging circle and welcoming me into yours! Don’t feel bad if you don’t always get to comment/like/read- I think most bloggers understand it’s hard to keep up when we all have real-life-stuff that needs to take precedence.

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    1. Yay, I’m so glad I was able to help! I really needed this post too haha. Ahhhh, school is horrible honestly 😦 I wish I could just blog and ready everyday :’) But I wish you all the luck on your studies too Divine! I’m sure you’re gonna kill it! thanks for this wonderful comment ❤

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  7. Not comparing yourself to others is just good life advice in general. I know it’s something I’ve had a huge issue with, not just with blogging, but in many other areas. It’s so easy to do! And yes, having time to blog is a HUUUUGGGEEE part of it. When I could only post a handful of posts per month, of course I didn’t have many people paying attention. And for whatever reason, that’s when I really compared myself to the other blogs I followed, that had tons of posts and lots of likes and comments. Now that I have a bit more time and have been able to blog more, I don’t worry about it as much. Part of that is because I do have slightly better stats now due to my activity being up, but I also just focus more on blogging for me. Do I think some people are interested in what I have to say? Sometimes. But other times, I am flat out boring. And that’s okay too.

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    1. Yes, to all of this! thank you so much for commenting, Denise! I always compare myself to others, especially when it comes to grades. It’s not even funny. Like, if there were a talent show for the people who compared themselves to others the most I would win it :’) It really is very easy to do, even though you know that what you’re thinking isn’t fair to you or the person you’re comparing yourself to. Yes, time is really of the essence! that is why I kinda hate myself for starting my blog at the height of the school year, and then joining a study tour for summer, so I didn’t even have the time to blog and read during the majority of my summer.I really think it’s especially easy to compare yourself to others when you’re experiencing a low point in your blogging career while others are in their high. I just really think that everybody has their highs and lows, and they just happen at different times! I’m so happy that you have more time though! and I’m really trying to get better at just blogging for myself. I’d honestly rather be having low stats and be having fun while blogging rather than vice versa! Omg same. I reread some of my posts, and I just wonder how anyone could have liked and commented on them, because I just seemed so unenthusiastic in them! one of my biggest blogging insecurities is that my blogging voice is boring, and sometimes I feel like people are just showing my blog love despite the boring-ness because I comment on their posts so they feel obligated to comment back :/


  8. This is a really great post and always a great reminder for me and everyone, I think. I can’t stop comparing myself to other bloggers and I always, always do that and it’s frustrating and makes me feel a lot of things and a lot of anxiety I’d rather not be feeling, to be honest. But you’re so, so right . We are all different, we all have different time on our hands for our blog, we are all blogging differently and that’s the beauty of it, too. Everyone has their own path and it’s important to remind ourselves of that.
    Thank you for this great post ❤

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    1. thank you so much, Marie! I really needed it, and I hope at least one other person needed it too. Ok, I know this doesn’t help, but what Marie your blog is *amazing*! I really think it has everything, and that it’s helped so many people, including me. But yes, I relate so much. comparing myself to others gives me so much guilt and anxiety because I know that it’s insensible, but I can’t seem to stop anyway. I really think it’s good to remind myself when it gets bad that we’re all different.
      thank so much for the kind comment ❤

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      1. Caitlin you’re going to make me cry 😭 you’re too sweet, thank you ❤ ❤ this post is bookmarked and such an important reminder always ❤

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  9. I’m about to come back from hiatus so I know my stats are not going to look great for a while. It’s great to see these kinds of posts popping up every couple of months because the reminder is always welcome. Growing up in a society where productivity is valued above all else and then having social media on top of that showing you where you stand compared to (a polished version) of everyone else isn’t great.

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    1. I’m so glad you’re back! I’m so glad I was able to help, even just a little bit.

      Yes. I agree so much! I am not the most productive person, and that combined with the fact that I have a tendency to compare myself to everyone is the worst. especially, when, like you said, everyone on social media is a polished version of themselves!

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  10. This is such a wonderful post! I’ve done a whole discussion about why I actually enjoy looking at my stats, but I definitely hear the point about comparing yourself. That is a DEFINITE no-no from me! But what’s funny is, I actually like when other people share their stats. I somehow manage not to compare myself most of the time, but rather I love seeing the journey people’s stats tell.

    And while it’s super frustrating to see stats go down when you don’t have the time to post, I also find something comforting in that. You know WHY your stats are declining. For me that’s really important, because if I’ve made my peace with not blogging during my busy weeks, then I’m expecting to see my stats decline, and so it doesn’t bother me as much. Plus it’s always wonderful to see how excited people get when you interact and/or post after having been gone a while!

    (I say this as I restart blogging and blog-hopping after posting and interacting sporadically throughout the past few weeks because of my summer class. Today the stats are pitiful, but I know that as soon as I get back into the swing of things, that should hopefully fix itself.)

    Great post!

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    1. thank you, Malka! I think I read the discussion a while ago, but I don’t think I commented on it because it was already an old post and I didn’t want to seem creepy haha. It was a wonderful post though, and I do enjoy looking at my stats! it’s just that when I compare them with others’ that I get really sad. but, I’m a hundred percent on board with people sharing their stats!when i mentioned stats in this blog posts, I was thinking more the number of likes and comments someone’s posts have and how many followers they get. I like it when people share their stats too because I appreciate their transparency. Idk why I don’t compare their stats with my own when it comes to post like that, but when my eyes drift to the like counter on a post that’s when the comparing begins haha.

      Ohh, that mindset is so amazing and I should really adopt it! You have such a point! your blog is amazing!

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  11. MY GOSH, THIS POST IS PURE GOLD. Like, it is priceless. And also exactly what I needed to read right now, so thank you for that. As a mother of a toddler, I just don’t have as much time as I would like to blog. And it just can’t be my number one priority – the little guy has to come first. But sometimes it can be discouraging when I see other bloggers growing faster than I am. But like you said, we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others! Anyways, thank you so much for this 💛💛💛

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    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH💜😭 I really needed to remind myself of all the things I said in this post, and I’m so glad I was able to help others, even in the littlest of ways! gosh, I have so much respect for mothers! God knows I give my own a hard time :’) I know your little boy will grow up to be an amazing person one day because it’s you who’s raising him though. ❤ thank you so much for this amazing comment!!😭

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  12. Ahh.. this was an amazing post!! And all so true– I love the quote you have included at the end– Don’t compare your behind the scenes to someone’s highlight reel. So true!!
    Everyone progresses at their own pace and it doesn’t help to compare yourself to everyone else when there are so many different factors that can influence statistics and blog growth. It is tiring to compare yourself to everyone because then every achievement would be followed with ‘but they are doing better’!! Every blog is amazing in different ways and the journey that people go on will always be different so you should enjoy your path instead of comparing it to everyone elses– it is much more productive!!
    Amazing post– I loved reading it and it is all so true!! ❤

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    1. SOPHIE!! thank you for this comment!! I really needed it😭 that’s one of my favorite quotes and it rings true in every aspect of life, at least for me.
      there are so many different factors was exactly the point I wanted to make with this post! ..and to myself, honestly! and it’s so true. if you look at it from any perspective, you could say that anyone’s achievement is inferior to someone else’s. it’s honestly so tiring to compare yourself to others, but I’m really working on reminding myself that we’re all growing differently and so remarkable no matter what our stats tell us. Thank you so much, for this amazing comment ❤

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  13. I absolutely LOVE this post and am so glad you took the time to make it. I’m also super grateful because coming back to WordPress after being gone for nearly a month does not have me feeling good about my stats. I was pouting while trying to blog hop and came across this post and it was exactly what I needed. I agree with all of the points you make in this! Stats can feel like the most important thing sometimes, but like you said, it’s really the effort you put into your blog and content that makes it amazing.

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    1. ahh, Brittany, I’m so glad that you’re back, and that this post touched you at the right time! you’re such a light in the community, and I’m so glad that you’ve decided to return. I’m being completely honest–I think you’ll be able to get those stats back in no time, though! yes, stats are the bane but also light of my existence sometimes. when I see growth I’m happy, but when I see a decline, I get sad haha. But I should really just learn that stats are never gonna be consistent, but the one consistent thing I should blog for is my passion for reading and the book community!

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      1. Caitlin, you are truly such a kind soul! 😭 thank you so much for those kind words; they mean so much to me! I am so excited to be back!! Also, I am so glad that you blog because you’re passionate about it. That makes even the lower stats days worth it, ya know? Because you still get to talk about what love & enjoy (books/reading).

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  14. This is an amazing post and I agree with everything that you said! Thank you for writing this. ❤️

    Despite blogging for awhile I still have trouble not comparing myself to other bloggers out there. Right now I just can’t put blogging on my priority list, even if I have the posts that I CAN schedule – there’s too much going on, and everyone has a different work load. Some people just have more time and energy and that’s okay.

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    1. thank YOU for this amazing comment, Sophia!

      though I don’t think I’ve blogged for long enough, I definitely get the fact that it’s super hard not to compare yourself to others. same! I have school, and I just think that it’s becoming more clear that I can’t prioritize those two things at once because one will inevitably fall, and I’d rather it not be my grades. I also have a few posts I can schedule, but I’m always a quality over quantity person, but I do really want to post more because I love posting. that’s exactly the point I was trying to make with this post and trying to remind yourself. thank you so much again for stopping by ❤

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  15. THIS!! POST!! IS!!! EVERYTHING!! You are seriously such a bright light in this community and I know this post has helped so many people, including myself. You are amazing and wonderful and incredible and so is this post!✨

    The TIME is such a big thing for me. I’m still in summer, but I already know that everything for my blog is going to backtrack when I start school again. That’s something I’ve been struggling with a lot lately because I’ve finally started getting my stats to a place where I feel encouraged, and it’s disheartening to think about them turning around when I can’t post multiple times a week or interact on a daily or even weekly basis. But thank you for this encouragement, because it really gave me that reminder that it is OKAY to not have blogging as my #1 priority!!

    At the end of the day, I really just got the message from this post that I can’t compare myself to other bloggers because everyone is in a different situation and it’s like comparing apples to oranges, honestly. Thank you so so much for this because you don’t know how much I needed to read this right now!💗

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    1. Olivia I could say the exact same thing to you AHHH 😭💓❤️ so glad I helped!

      Same! I really don’t have time right now, juggling everything I have in school with reading, blogging and interaction. I just feel so stretched thin right now and is not a fun time. But you’re right, it’s okay to put blogging in the back burner!

      Omg yes!! That was exactly the message I wanted to send out to myself and to other like me! “Comparing apple to oranges” is the perfect way to describe comparing yourself to other bloggers. Thank you so much for the incredibly kind comment that just really made my day! 😭✨

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  16. This is so true! I relate so much. Last semester, I had literally 0 time to do anything because I was juggling college, 2 hour travelling time six days a week (I have classes monday through saturday and it is STRESSFUL), plus projects and an online course over assignments and tests. It was a struggle and I have no clue how I made it through the semester. As a result, I barely had time to blog and blog hop. I posted max 5 posts a month, and one of the months had no post go up. My stats declined so much and it was demotivating as heck because I was comparing the stats to my older stats. I’m starting to come to terms with it, though. I’m blogging as much as I can now because I know that next semester will be even worse.

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    1. school really does suck up all your time, but i really hope you can survive your next semester! you can do this! 💖 i think it’s great that you’re maximizing your free time right now, and I hope you can get your stats back! but if you don’t, just know that it wasn’t any fault of yours because there are so many outside factors that affect our stats 💚💚

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  17. I have to remind myself about people’s work loads being different a lot. I dropped off the face of the Blogosphere when I started my job, and again after I was promoted a couple of times, because I had pretty much no energy to blog hop or draft posts. I didn’t know how other people managed to balance everything!

    I feel like I’ve been doing a lot better recently, and I think having the time to blog hop then spurs me on on the blogging front because I’m so inspired and enthused. So it really all goes hand in hand!

    I love this post and the message. It’s ok. Everything is ok. You do you!

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    1. me too!! some people are just soo good at managing their time though! but congrats on getting promoted! That’s amazing, and I think promotions are way better than blog traffic! go get that bread :))

      same!! i just lovee a lot of blogs, and I have to remind myself to be happy for other people because this isn’t a competition!

      i’m so so glad that you loved it <333 and that's exactly the message I wanted to send

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  18. I’m applauding you for this post! It’s such an easy hole to fall into. I’m like you and constantly compare myself to others over every single thing in life but especially when it comes to blogging. Thank you for all of the reminders you gave to try and not do this!

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