Bubble Tea & My Book Blogging Journey || 200 follower Q&A

Oops. This post is long overdue, especially since I hit 200 WordPress followers *check’s notes* exactly a month ago?? It’s July 12th as I’m finally getting around to drafting this post, and I hit 200 on June 12th! Wow, what a coincidence! (No, seriously, this isn’t staged–I’m genuinely shocked because I just checked the date I hit 200 now hahaha.) Well, at least now there’s some symbolism to this celebratory blog post going up so late.

Anyways, in case you haven’t gleaned it from the title yet, I hit 200 followers a month ago! Wow.. that is just wild?? I don’t know, when I started this blog, I really had no expectations for it, and I didn’t even stop to think about whether it would actually grow or not.

When I first started blogging I had no idea what blog themes were. No, seriously, I started blogging and I was pulling my hair out because I didn’t know how everyone got their blogs to look a certain way? What the heck, Caitlin, I am disappointed but not surprised!

Also, anyone remember my marble theme? Maybe I could’ve made it work, but gosh, I look back and I realize that design was not my blog’s strong suit. Seriously, props to you if you followed my blog while my design was absolutely hideous and you had to bear with it.

But somehow, my blog managed to grow and gain somewhat of a following?? I know 200 is not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but honestly, it seems like a lot when I see you guys’ comments on any of my posts. I cannot begin to thank you all for how supportive you have been. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Book Blogging is a hard job. Sometimes you spend hours drafting and formatting a post, only for no one to interact with it. I’m so glad that there’s at least one person reading what I have to say, and assuring me that I am not just yelling my thoughts into a void. Seriously, thank you so much for stopping by. It means the world to me.

Anyways, on to the questions and my answers!

If you could travel to any fictional world where would you travel, and why?

from Lauren @ Much Ado About Books

Funny that you ask this, because the first thing I ever posted on my blog was a Top Ten Tuesday featuring ten places mentioned in books that I’d like to visit. The obvious answer is Hogwarts, but that’s a no brainer and a generic answer, so I’m gonna have to go with the world in Howl’s Moving Castle, for a very petty but funny reason. Since it is based on fairy tales, this world has a rule of sorts that the youngest of three sisters will definitely succeed if she chooses to seek out her own fortune, and she’ll have an adventure fitting for the main character of a fairy tale. Well, I am the youngest of three sisters, so sign me the hell up!

what is your favourite bubble tea place? (i’m assuming you take bubble tea haha)

from Taasia @ Librae Paints Pages

I don’t know why, but bubble tea is referred to as milk tea here in the Philippines. But yes, I do love bubble tea/milk tea–whatever it’s called! But I wouldn’t really say that I have a favorite bubble tea place. I’m exposing myself for how much I like food and will just consume anything you give me, but every bubble tea place that I’ve tried serves good bubble tea. I just can’t tell the difference. But the most recent bubble tea place I bought from is Gong Cha, and I’d say that their bubble tea is pretty good! And I don’t know if this is considered bubble tea, but Happy Lemon serves these rock salt and cheese drinks, and they are heavenly I tell you. Seriously, do yourself a favor and buy a rock salt and cheese drink now!

Favourite review you’ve ever written? Fictional character you relate to the most? All time favourite food? Country you wanna travel to most? You can only read 5 books for the rest of your life, what 5 do you choose? Enneagram type? Damen and Laurent are both dying and you can only save one of them. Who would you choose?

from Laura @ Laura Herondale

Favourite review you’ve ever written?

Since I’ve started this blog, quite a few people have complimented me on my reviews, and I’m honestly pretty shocked, because I never thought that reviews would be my strong suit! I think it’s just that I’ve always been into writing, but nevertheless, thank you so much for all the love on my reviews! I appreciate it so much.

However, I can’t think of a review that stands out among all of the reviews I’ve posted on my blog. I am pretty proud of them all (except the first ones I ever posted, let’s not speak of them). I recently reread my review for The Weight of Our Sky, my first 5-star read of 2019 that more people need to read, and it wasn’t bad. I also like my review of Spin the Dawn, which features my favorite quotes from the book and an excerpt alongside my thoughts. I am a big fan of about three of the paragraphs I wrote in it, though there’s one section wherein I was trying to state that I don’t support the book being called “not Asian enough,” but my phrasing did not make sense at all. Lastly, I gotta hype up my latest review of Into the Drowning Deep. I drafted the post way back at the end of May, but I thought that it was a lost cause after I finished the writing it. I then went back to edit it in preparation for uploading in July, and when I read it, it actually made sense? I was so worried that I couldn’t convey the uniqueness of the writing pretty well, but I think I did so nicely. And I like how I concisely stated all of my thoughts on the book, so yes, please check my previous post out!

Fictional character you relate to the most?

The last book I finished was Radio Silence by Alice Oseman, and I really related to Frances Janvier, its main character. I’m not saying that I’m as smart as she is, because I could never, but I do relate to her perspective on grades and how other people view her. I get really anxious about the scores I get like she does, and there was one spoiler-y situation in the book that I could relate to so much.

All time favourite food?

I love food so much, so this is a little hard, but it has to be ramen! Remember when my site tagline was reader, rambler, ramen enthusiast? Even though I changed it, it still rings true now. Ramen is so versatile and delicious. It has everything–noodles, egg, vegetables, soup, meat. I’m so blessed to have a family who regularly takes trips to Japan, where I can taste authentic ramen!

Country you wanna travel to most?

I’ve always wanted to travel to Europe–any country there, because I’ve never been to that continent, and I desperately want to visit. My top countries to visit there would be France, England and Scotland. I seriously can’t choose which I want to travel to most because they all look so beautiful and have so many quirks! I would love to get the chance to see the Eiffel tower and visit Paris. England is my dream country to live in because I love how dreary but alluring it is. And I would love to see Scottish castles and explore the mystical country of Scotland in general.

You can only read 5 books for the rest of your life, what 5 do you choose?

Okay, only five books to read for the rest of my life. Well, this question stumps me because I’m the worst rereader ever. But I think that one book I would never get tired of rereading–and I actually have reread, shockingly–is Six of Crows. It does get a bit dense, but there’s just so much genius to analyze in it that I could probably be content spending the rest of my life dissecting the story and characters. Second would be Prince’s Gambit, the second book in the Captive Prince series, because I can always just comfort myself about being destined to reread the same five books by rereading Lamen scenes.

I don’t know if this is a good idea, but I would reread Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, even though I haven’t reread books 1-6 of the series yet, and the finale is probably not gonna make sense if I don’t reread the previous books first. But HP7 is a god tier finale, and I guess I’d just have to make do with my bad memory while rereading it.

So far I’ve just been mentioning fantasies and I really need to break them up with something light! A fluffy contemporary that I recently finished is I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver! The beginning isn’t really that fluffy since the protagonist Ben comes out to their parents and gets kicked out of their house, but Ben and Nathan’s relationship is the cutest! I could deal with reading about Ben finally finding a home for the rest of my life.

And finally, the last book I would reread for the rest of my life is We Set the Dark on Fire by Tehlor Kay Mejia, because I highly enjoyed this 2019 release, and I would love to get sucked into the world of Medio again and again, and continue reading about Dani and Carmen, my fave Latinx girlfriends.

Enneagram type?

I actually took the test a while back, and I don’t remember my results. Wait a second.. let me retake it [insert cool transition music or whatever]

I’m back after 14 pages of questions–some of which felt like a personal attack, but either way, my enneagram type is *drumroll please* Type 3 with balanced wings! It is a bit weird since I remember getting something like a seven or eight when I first took the test. But I do think that Type 3 fits me well. My basic fear is being worthless, which is, admittedly, true, and I am a little bit of an achiever.

Damen and Laurent are both dying and you can only save one of them. Who would you choose?

First of all, evil. But I’m gonna cut the part where I cry and scream at Laura for giving me this absolutely cruel dilemma, and say that I would have to save Laurent. Don’t get me wrong, I love Damen so much, but I feel like he’s already lived his life? He’s already had countless sexual and romantic relationships with people, won many battles, and overall has lived a fulfilling life.

Laurent, however, spent a good deal of his life being abused and having to fend for himself in a treacherous court. I would save him so that he could experience the life he didn’t get to live, and commit the good deeds that he wasn’t able to commit while playing his uncle’s game. (Let’s just ignore the fact that Damen is dead, and he would probably spend a good deal of said life mourning him.)

Do you have any readathons you like to participate in? Are you a writer as well or just a reader? Any fun hobbies other than reading and blogging?

from Arin @ Tomes of Our Lives

Do you have any readathons you like to participate in?

This is such a good question that I may write a discussion on! I want to participate in any read-a-thon I come across, as in any, because as soon as I see a list of challenges I immediately think of books from my TBR that can fit the challenge. Sadly, I don’t have the time to participate in any read-a-thons during the school year. I want to join the most popular read-a-thons the most, like the Reading Rush or The Book Junkie Trials.

I’ve wanted to participate in the Booktube-a-thon, or the Reading Rush as it has now been renamed, for years. It’s just that it always takes place in July, which is summer in the northern hemisphere, but is a school month for me. However, since our universities start school in August or September like they do in America, the summer after senior year is always long for those who study at my school. It’s a promise I’ve made to myself that in the summer of my senior year, I’m finally going to participate in the Reading Rush and ace it!

Are you a writer as well or just a reader?

It’s been a goal of mine since I was a child and discovered that writing was actually something I was good at to be an author. However, the right idea for a story hasn’t come to me just yet. And even if it does, I wouldn’t have time for it because my schedule is already filled with school, reading and blogging. That’s fine with me, though. Writing my own story isn’t something that I urgently want to do now, but one day, I do plan to become a published author.

Any fun hobbies other than reading and blogging?

I can’t think of a lot that are as prominent as reading and blogging–maybe eating, but I don’t think that counts. I do play table tennis! I was in my school’s team for two years, though I fell out of love with the sport during the second year I joined. Last year, I didn’t join it anymore, but this year I went back, and I’m slowly falling in love with the sport again.

What were your favourite books growing up? Favourite genre to read? Least favourite? What’s your earliest memory? Most recent 5 star read? Music while reading – yay or nay? Favourite thing about blogging? Most difficult thing about blogging? Do you have any pets?

from Iris @ Hoard of Books

What were your favourite books growing up?

I did a whole post on this. But the most notable childhood fave of mine is the Nancy Drew books! I read and collected almost all of those books. But the mystery aspect of the books wasn’t what charmed me. It was just that every book took place in a new setting and the mysteries all had to do with different things, like a candle, a mannequin, an artifact, etc., so child me just had to find out how those things played out!

Though a book series that I didn’t mention in that post is the Geronimo Stilton and Thea Stilton books. Again, much like Nancy Drew, their plots weren’t what drew little Caitlin in, but rather it was their different premises and settings. I wasted so much of my parent’s money on my quest to collect these books all the while when they were available at my school’s library too! The mistakes…

Favourite genre to read? Least favourite?

I think I’ve mentioned a few times that my favorite genre is fantasy, or just anything speculative fiction in general. I read so that I can lose myself in worlds and situations that would never happen in real life. As for my least favorite, I don’t think I’ve read widely enough to deduce that. I think that every genre has something to offer! Maybe problematic books if that counts as a genre.

What’s your earliest memory?

I honestly don’t know. I have no idea which of my early memories is the earliest one. But I remember this one time when I was watching an episode of iCarly, and Freddie said something along the lines of, “What does she think I am? Four-years-old?” and I remember me, who was four-years-old at the time, thinking “Hey, I’m four-years-old.” I also have this very early memory of looking at my hands and noticing the hair on my knuckles for the first time lmao.

Most recent 5 star read?

My last read was a 5-star-read! It was Radio Silence by Alice Oseman, which is only my second 5-star-read of the year. I definitely don’t think that the book is perfect–that one scene involving an animal death was very unnecessary, but I’m with everyone else that the purely platonic relationship between Frances and Aled, the main characters, is incredible. Plus, the author portrayed internet culture so well, which is unsurprising since she’s pretty young herself. And as someone who recently went back to school and is inevitably stressed about her grades again, the book’s messages on grades were super important to me. Bottom line, we need more books centering around the pressure to do well in school and attend a good university, because it’s such a prevalent issue that many teens face today.

Music while reading – yay or nay?

I am really sorry, but it’s a nay from me. I’m very susceptible to loud sounds while I’m reading. I can’t even read while in the proximity of a conversation, because my brain naturally tries to listen to it. Though if it makes you feel better, I’m like that with any other activity that requires focus, like studying. I cannot have music on in the background because I’m physically incapable of focusing on two things at once.

Favourite thing about blogging? Most difficult thing about blogging?

My favorite thing would have to be putting my all into drafting, editing and formatting a post, and having my work reciprocated through comments and interactions. It is always such a delight to see your thoughts on everything I have to say, and I love to interact with everyone. The fact that you all actually read what I have to say and share your own feelings is incredible, and it makes me feel not so alone in the blogosphere and book community in general. ❤❤❤❤😭😭

My least favorite thing would definitely have to be how long it takes for me to write a post. I’m sure there are some bloggers out there who can draft and schedule a post within an hour or so. But I’m not like that. It takes me about two or three hours to finish a post. And it’s because my first drafts consist of me thought dumping everything I have to say in an incoherent manner. I then leave future me to edit the mess I made into something understandable. This editing process takes a lot of time.

I also have this weird habit of continually rereading posts, altering some phrases and/or words, undoing my alterations, and then altering them again. I think that’s why some of my old posts are clunky. It’s because I keep overthinking how I structure my sentences, and then I go back, read my old posts and just cringe at how abrupt my paragraph transitions are and HOW I STILL HAVE TYPOS DESPITE THE FACT THAT I WENT OVER THE POST 3944848 TIMES.

Do you have any pets?

YES. I don’t talk about this enough, but I’ve had a family pet dog named Gordon since I was very young. I post pictures of him sometimes on Twitter, but I haven’t in a while–I should really change that. This is him!

I dare you to tell me he isn’t cute!

What or who inspired you to start a blog?

from @legcat123

My introduction to the book community was through booktube. I had no idea what book blogging was at the time. I then proceeded to dip in and out of keeping up with the book community. However, a little over a year ago, I got back into keeping up with the book community again, and I decided to make a new Goodreads account (I have an old one that is very cringey). There, I followed Chaima who blogs at Runaway with Dream Thieves. I’m sure we all know of Chaima’s popularity on Goodreads, and I was no exception to being a fan of her reviews. Since she links her reviews posted on her blog first before posting the actual review on Goodreads, and she hypes up the tags and TBRs she posts on her blog on Goodreads, I gradually read more from her blog and fell in love with it.

As someone who discovered the book community through booktube and considered joining countless times, but ultimately decided against it for many reasons, one of them being that I am so awkward in front of a camera, I realized that book blogging was the perfect way to solve the problem. I could just write everything I wanted to say, and I would be doing the same kinds of posts that booktubers were doing, only in written form, with the opportunity to edit everything I said before uploading it.

How has book blogging changed your reading game?

from Olivia @ Purely Olivia

I wasn’t very consistent with reading in the past. There would be periods of time wherein I wasn’t keeping up to date with book news, or reading in general. However, now that I’ve started this book blog, I am more dedicated to reading, and I don’t plan on dipping out of reading again any time soon. I am really adamant about not letting reading leave my daily to-do list no matter how busy my day gets, because there’s always another hyped book that I want to form my own opinions on, or a blog tour I’m a part of, etc.

Is being a book blogger what you expected it to be?

from Sophie @ Me and Ink

Again, exposing myself for how much I didn’t think about it before I started this book blog, but I didn’t really have any expectations for being a book blogger. I just knew that I wanted at least one person to read everything I had to say. One day I just registered to WordPress and started my blog.

I will say that book blogging has been so much fun, because I love blog hopping and interacting with everyone. Like the rest of the book community, the book blogger community is so kind. I’m just really sad because I want to post consistently, but it takes me forever to produce just one post.

What is the biggest challenge being a book blogger outside of North America?

from Mel @ TBR and Beyond

There is definitely a lot of privilege that comes with being a reviewer based in America, or even Canada.The first challenge that comes to mind as an international book blogger is the fact that most giveaways aren’t open to residents outside the US. I know it’s stupid, but whenever I see a Goodreads giveaway going on and excitedly enter my information, only to realize that the giveaway is US only, I get so sad.

I haven’t really tried requesting physical arcs from publishers yet because I have too many books to read as it is, but I probably would not get one since I am based in the Philippines. In some of the blog tours I’ve joined, physical arcs are gifted to US participants only, and international book bloggers have to settle for an e-arc.

As for author events or reader events, like Bookcon, BEA, etc., hypothetically, I’d like to go, but I’m way too lazy and antisocial of a person. That personally isn’t a challenge that I face, but I know a lot of fellow international bloggers who feel excluded by the fact that all the big reader occasions are based in America.

Additionally, I know that people always say that libraries are a good place to get free books. But no libraries here in the Philippines are near enough to my house, and they probably don’t have most of the books on my TBR.

By the way, I’m not mentioning any of this to shame anyone. If you live in North America and are able to experience these privileges, I’m so happy for you. I also acknowledge that I don’t really experience the usual obstacles that international bloggers face. I’m not the person to go to when it comes to the challenges of being a book blogger outside of North America, but I can redirect you to Marie’s post entitled The struggles of being an international book blogger. Marie is the queen of posts like this, and she could enumerate all the challenges we face way better than I ever could!

This Q&A is finally done, clocking in at about 4,230 words. I hope all of my typing has helped you learn more about me. I think that I divulged some facts about myself that I haven’t talked about much.

Once again, thank you so much for 200 followers, no matter how late this is. I love you all so much, and you all are such a light in my life. Seriously, I can’t imagine what my life would be like without the book blogging community. xx

Were you able to learn more about me? What’s your fave bubble tea place/drink? If you have a book blog, what or who inspired you to start it and is it what you expected it to be? Are you a writer as well as a reader?

60 thoughts on “Bubble Tea & My Book Blogging Journey || 200 follower Q&A

  1. i love this q&a!! i also used to read a lot of nancy drew and geronimo stilton as a kid! my inspiration to start book blogging was chaima as well, she’s such an icon. i’m also a writer as well as a reader, but i think thats it’s smart of you to put writing on hold until you have the time and attention available to devote to it.

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    1. Thanks Sabs! AND UGH I’M SO SORRY I FORGOT UR QUESTION. I WAS LITERALLY LYING AWAKE AT NIGHT AND THEN I REMEMBERED THAT YOU ASKED A QUESTION YOURSELF AND IT JUST WASN’T IN THE SAME PLACE AS EVERYONE ELSE’S. anyways, I don’t really know about cat cafes in the Philippines but I wouldn’t say that there are none. I think it’s probable that we’ve had one! and the bookstores in the Philippines are actually pretty rad! Fully Booked has everything–new releases, backlist titles, I love them. But National Bookstore has a limited collection of books and I don’t really like shopping from them. Idk about indie or used ones because I’ve never really gone exploring for them, but there probably are some!

      I actually don’t think that those two books aged well for me because I probably wouldn’t like them now, but I do appreciate the nostalgia they gave me! ahh, ikr? i was obsessed with her blog back in the day. Yeah, I don’t really feel the need to write right now, but I’m wishing you all the luck with your wip/s, and they sound so delightfully chaotic! can’t wait to learn more about them!


      1. ahhh i saw the sales at national bookstore and got a tiny bit jealous because wrapped!! books!!! if only. also, a lot of my fave books are nostalgia books as well and i’d like them to stay that way lol. and thank you for the well-wish on the wips! hopefully i’ll have something to show one day 💖💖

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  2. Congratulations on the 200 that is amazing. Loved your answers to all these questions. You are not alone, it takes me such a long time to write a review. I always have trouble putting my thoughts together and though I am bilingual English is not my first language. I have to go back and edit and I do sometimes makeup words 😂 occasionally

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    1. thank you so much! ugh, same, reviews are so hard to write, but honestly, they are still one of my favorite types of posts to do. ahh, I didn’t know you were bilingual! I’ve always wanted to be fluent in more than one language. But I honestly never could have told from your posts hahaha 😂

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  3. Yay Caitlin!! Ramen is honestly the best comfort food you can have ❤ Before I did fencing, I loved to play table tennis with my grandfather. Loved all your answers! I hope you'll enjoy visiting Europe. Hopefully you can come to North America one day as well! (not being biased or anything :P) Congrats on the milestone 🙂

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    1. yes! there’s even an instant version like wow the blessings. oh and you fence? that is so cool! and I love that you play table tennis as well! thank you! I really do too, it’s like my dream haha. I did visit the US ones a looong time ago, but I remember enjoying my trip so much! I would love to go back. thank you so much, Jennifer 💙

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  4. Oh gosh this post makes me feel old.
    1. I don’t know what bubble tea is. Ive seen it gaining popularity in advertising/menus, etc. but I honestly don’t know.
    2. I don’t know what an enneagram is either.
    3. Who are Damen and Laurent?

    Lol. Sorry- being self deprecating here. I wish I’d been blogging about books as a young adult. It was a lot of fun getting to know you better Caitlin! And the dog is ADORABLE.

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    1. ohhh, bubble tea aka milk tea is basically just this drink comprised of.. honestly I don’t even know what it’s comprised of it’s just really good. they do contain a lot of sugar unless you lessen them at the counter haha! and enneagram is a personality test that sorts people into types with different personality traits! damen and laurent are the main characters of this adult fantasy trilogy (there’s not magic it’s just set in a world apart from ours), and they are me and Laura’s loves! hope that helps and no you’re not old haha. yay I’m so happy that you had so much fun! IKR?? i don’t know who allowed Gordon to be this cute

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      1. Ohh- what’s the series? Maybe I should check it out? And thanks for explaining! I try to avoid high-sugar drinks, but maybe I’ll give bubble tea/milk tea a try one day. I’ll have to check out the enneagram.

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      2. it’s Captive Prince! honestly it’s pretty trashy but it’s such good trash! also, I just realized how to describe the drink! ugh it’s literally in the name–it’s like a combination of milk and tea! and some people are really into enneagram, but I’m personally more of an MBTI test person haha! but i think both personality tests are pretty accurate

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      3. Haha- I guess I should have put 2 and 2 together on milk tea. I’ll have to check out captive prince. I’m okay with trashy honestly. Lol


  5. Your dog is the CUTEST omfg!! And lmao I love music while I’m reading, but S A M E I cannot deal with conversations near me while I’m trying to read I will get soooo distracted by eavesdropping… 🙈

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      1. S A M E like it’s not on purpose it just,,, happens.

        Also lmao I’m realizing I forgot to say this but: Congrats on 200 followers!

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  6. I loved reading this Q+A!! I hope you get to travel to all the places you want to go to– I really like Scotland and I liked exploring the castles– it always feel so magical in a way!! 😂
    I would love to participate in a readathon too but I haven’t really had enough time and I would probably have to buy all the books for the prompt as my owned TBR is quite small so I need to be more organised for it really 😂 but I hope you enjoy participating in one in the summer after senior year!! 😊
    I love that you play table tennis and are falling back in love with it. I played few times at school and I was terrible!! 😂
    I can’t listen to music whilst reading either– I need silence to read!! 😂
    Ahh… Gordon is so cute! 😍
    I was the same with starting as I have no clue what I was doing– I just randomly started so I can’t really remember what I expected it to be either! 😂 but the book community is amazing! (Thank you for answering my question 💕)
    Great post– I loved reading it! 💛

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    1. thank you so much Sophie! and I’m so happy that you got to go to Scotland, i really hope I can experience what you’re talking about soon!
      same, the problems! but ahhh it’s amazing that you have a small tbr that you’d have to buy more books to fit all challenges! Most of the books on my tbr can already fit for the whole list, but occasionally there’s one challenge that I don’t have a book to match with, and so I have to read a book that wasn’t on my tbr just to complete the challenge–another reason I don’t really participate in read-a-thons!
      ohh, that’s what everyone says when I encourage them to join our team (we’re really small and we need more people haha), but I was sooo bad when I first joined the team too, but I gradually learned and I really encourage people not to give up on the sport!
      Same, silence to read it key! I was trying to read in our table just today, and my sister was watching this behind the scenes video without earphones on right beside me, and I just couldn’t focus on my book ahh!
      He isss! I don’t know who gave him to right!
      of course! I tried to answer everyone’s questions! and I’m so glad that I’m not alone in just randomly starting one day unceremoniously
      thank you so so much for the kind comment sophie 💖💖

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  7. Eeeep congrats on 200!!! That’s an AMAZING milestone, especially considering that you just started this February. So glad I discovered your blog (and only now discovered that you’re also Chinese-Filipino)! ❤ I’m not a ramen person (I’m your typical rice-loving Asian), but I freaking love the ramen from Ichiran. 😍

    I also feel the same way about your thoughts on blogging as well as American blogger privilege. I love working really hard on a post, and getting validation from my fellow readers and bloggers who have thoughts on what I’ve written. I also take SUPER long to draft a post — usually takes me days, since I can’t blog contiguously. Like I’d write two paragraphs this day, then write three more tomorrow. 😂 AAAAND I feel the same about bookish events! I’m ~super~ shy, and while I’d love to go to BookExpo, I know I won’t make the most of it because I’d probably hide from people. I’ve been to a few book signings here in the PH, and I always go with a close friend so that I won’t feel awkward about not interacting with other bloggers/readers. 😅

    Anyway, congrats again on 200!!!! Your writing voice is really lovely, and your 4000 words were really easy to go through. Can’t wait to see more from you, lovely!!! 😊

    Also hit me up on Twitter (@aimeereads) and we can talk about Fil-Chi stuff hehe. 😂

    ❤ Aimee @ Aimee, Always

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    1. Thank you 💕 and yeah, I’m pretty surprised myself because I started my blog at such an inopportune time when I would be busy for months on end! Ahh, you’re Chinese-filipino too!? Yay I’m so glad that I’m no the only one in the book blogger community! Please don’t kill me, but I’m the only asian who doesn’t love rice. (I associate some traumatic, not really traumatic traumatic but weird, events with it & I like it cooked a specific way.) YES I LOVE GOING TO ICHIRAN. I love their ordering system!

      I’m glad that you do. I know right? One of the best feelings! we can be long blog post drafters together! Ok but the way you write a blog post is me with reading. Since school started, I’ve barely had time to read so I just bring a book with me to school and try to squeeze in a few pages during break time because I don’t have a social life anyway 😂😭 same, I just would not know who to go with during those events! Oh I think the last book signing I went to wasn’t even for me, it was to get my sisters’ book signed 😂 I just think that I’m too antisocial to care about bookish events, sadly. I don’t think any of my friends are big readers, but I could convince one of them! Thanks for the idea!

      Thank you so much 😭💚 nobody has ever complimented my writing voice before!! Ahhhhh

      Followed but beware that i suck at conversations haha!


  8. Congrats on 200 followers!! You so deserve it!!

    I think I had a somewhat similar introduction into blogging – one day I decided that it sounded like a cool thing to do, so I just jumped in without thinking about it much and then realized WOAH there’s a whole community here and I actually love doing this! I loved reading all your thoughts here and learning more about you and your blogging experience! 😄

    Also your dog is so cute 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  9. AHHH AHH CONGRATULATIONS ON 200 FOLLOWERS, so so very happy for you and hoping for more and more, you deserve them all. You’re amazing and I always have the greatest of times chatting with you and reading your blog posts. ❤ you're doing amazing!!! ❤
    And ahhh, your love for Radio Silence makes me so happy. I adore this book with all of my heart, it is such a wonderful, relatable read and Alice Oseman is such a great writer. ❤
    Thank you for mentioning my post about the struggles of an international blogger (It's an old post now wow?), you're so sweet ❤ and I'm sorry you are experiencing these struggles as well. Being an intl blogger is sometimes very, very frustrating but I've found such a lovely support among bloggers always making me happy and feel less alone in these no libraries, missing all of the events and opportunities struggles haha 🙂 always here for you too if you need to rant about it all ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK U 😭💛 ahh you’re gonna make me cry!!
      Yes, it’s such an important book! And it’s one of my favorite YA contemporaries now!
      Ah no, I really meant it when I said that you’re the queen of posts like that! You’re always discussing the things that go through my head it’s unreal!! Yeah, I spent a good chunk of my life yearning that I lived in the US instead, and I’m honestly still thinking that now, but I’m trying my best to battle it! For real tho I don’t deserve you Marie 😭❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahh you’re too sweet ❤ ❤ <3, I'm really really happy if you can relate to it and… right here with you on that one, I dreamed about just … well, being there in the US to get all the opportunities more than once as well! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  10. 200 followers is AMAZING!!#!(#)!!! what do you mean it’s not a big deal? it’s a fantastic achievement and i’m so happy for you! i cracked up when you mentioned the themes, though, hahah. it’s so fun to see how much you’ve grown and now your blog is looking like fine art, so that’s what i call character development!
    i feel a bit left out because i’ve actually never tried bubble tea or ramen, but hopefully we can still be friends??? these two are actually popular here in brazil as well, but i am very picky with food and i hardly ever like trying out something new and different, so i keep ordering the same dishes over and over again. but one day i plan on venturing more and i’m sure i’d love ramen!
    france, england and scotland are at the top of my list as well! i’d love to live in england too; it’s the place i dream of going to the most and i can definitely see myself being there for a loooong time.
    i’m an enneagram 5, and it’s kinda crazy how much i see myself in it. i love taking personality tests and stuff like that. if you’ve taken the myers-briggs one, what is your personality type? i’m an INFJ!
    ok but you watching icarly at the age of four tho??? like did you even understand what was going on in the show kadkasj that’s hilarious though, that you have such a precise memory of that moment! i think at the age of four i was watching caillou or backyardigans or really kid-ish shows and only got around the ones with actual people instead of cartoon when i was probably around six or seven.
    i love that we both started book blogging for similar reasons! i also found out about booktube first, considered joining it for a really long time, but ultimately decided it wasn’t for me; and then moved on to book blogging, where i definitely feel much more comfortable to express my thoughts and feelings. i’m really glad we both decided on blogging, then! 💛
    ah, i’m really sorry for the gigantic comment, but all of your answers were amazing! once again, congrats on the amazing milestone!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly Lais I should just give them all to you!!! Ugh you deserve way more love on your blog 💖 yeah, I have no idea what I was doing 😂 yay, at least I did grow though! We love character development!
      Nah, it’s ok!! Honestly, bubble tea is like super bad for your health and so is ramen probably, so I’m kind happy for you 😂 that’s me with food too! It’s just that bubble tea and ramen were ingrained in me very early so these two are in my comfort zone already!
      Yesss!!! Omg if I could choose the country I would want to live in, it would a hundred percent be England! I’ve never even seen that country in person but I long for it so much 😭😂
      Oh, I’m way more familiar with the MBTI than the enneagram! I’m an INFP btw, and no matter how many times I take the test, I’m always an INFP 😂 I love personality test because I get to know & and define parts of myself as well!
      Wait—idk, it may just be a false memory or something like that, but it’s one of my most vivid memories nonetheless! Yeah, I think I was watching it at such a young age because the age gap between my sisters and is big, so I just watched the shows they watched with them no matter the fact that I was probably too young for them! & No, I don’t think I really did understand it until I was watching it at an older age 😂 Yay, someone else who discovered booktube first! Honestly tho, I think the book blogging community deserves as much clout as booktube gets! I’m not trying to attack anyone, but bloggers work just as hard as well & it’s just really sad that booktubers have a higher success rate! And yeah, I’ve always been better at writing than speaking. Idk why part of me still wants to try booktube eventually tho 😂 (but not for a long time)! I’m really glad too 🧡
      No it’s okay!! thank you for writing it!! Lais this community doesn’t deserve you and your comments 😭💛 thank youuu

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ohhh, my sister is an INFP! i love personality types for the exact same reason, and i’ve only recently became obsessed with the enneagram one, but both are really accurate for me in different ways.
        and, ugh, i totally get that. i feel like every time people in the bookish community have amazing opportunities, such as hanging out with authors or being extras at book adaptations, they’re always booktubers, and i really think book bloggers should get the same amount of recognition, because there are so many amazing & hardworking people in this community!
        you’re the sweetest, caitlin! thank you so much for all your kind words 💞

        Liked by 1 person

  11. Congrats on 200 (or should I say 272 because you are just killing the game??)!! I remember the marble theme haha, I remember I disappeared from blog hopping due to midterms and came back and your posts had flowers and at first I was like ? is this the same person? I hope that you get to participate in a readathon soon! I love them so so much and always have so much fun with them. I like how you talked about how blogging has changed your reading because I have thinking about that a lot lately.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Arin!! 💕 ohh yeah, you’re an OG! And wow that is hilarious yeah I really did just say bye bye to the whole marble theme 😂 me too! I think I can during my semester break but that’s not til October :”) I’ll hold out tho, and I guess I’ll just live vicariously through you! I definitely think that blogging has done a lot to change my reading. I think I could go more in-depth about it!

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Huge congratulations on 200 followers Caitlin, that’s amazing! I’m so happy for you! And to answer your question, I’m also an aspiring writer (who has yet to finish writing a full novel, but I’m working on it!) as well as a reader 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  13. whoooooo (belated) congrats on 200 followers!!!

    lucky you being the youngest of three sisters, you’d definitely thrive in Howl and Sophie’s world! ramen is fantastic and it makes me sad that I have never had truly authentic ramen in Japan (though I grew up in the SF Bay Area, which has a large Asian and Asian-American population, so some of the places I’ve been are probably as close as they can get?)

    “school, reading and blogging” definitely take tons of time; I’d signed up to do Camp NaNoWriMo this month but have made very little progress, in part because I’m just out of the habit of writing fiction 😕 it’s a skill like any other, use it or lose it, but I’m glad you don’t feel pressure to do it on top of everything else you already have going on!

    it was lovely to learn more about you and your blogging journey! my favorite bubble tea drink is oolong milk tea, half sugar, no ice (sometimes I’ll even order it warm, if it’s cold out), sometimes with and sometimes without the classic pearls 😋 my favorite bubble tea place near campus apparently closed down earlier this year so I’m still on the hunt for a new one, though – Gong Cha is pretty great, just not within walking distance haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Isabelle!! 💖

      Yeah, it’s one of the only lucky aspects of my life :”) Ah yes that is a little sad, but I love ramen in all forms haha!

      It does!! Ugh I’m just dying over here. But I wish you all the luck with Camp Nano! I hope you get out of this hard patch! I think part of the reason is that I don’t have an idea right now that just begs to be written. And I just have so much on my plate that my mind would probably rebel if I added writing to it 😅

      Thank you💖 oh I’ll definitely have to try that! It sound like it tastes good! ahhh no, that’s so sad. Hope you find a new one! And yeah, gong cha is pretty great but one of my friends hate it with a passion for some reason 🤷🏻‍♀️

      Liked by 1 person

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  15. Congrats on 200 followers!!! Gordon is so cute 😍😍 You should definitely post more pictures of him on twitter. There’s only one bubble tea place in my area, so I guess that’s my favorite? I have mixed feelings about bubble tea because I like the taste but I don’t really like pieces of things in my drinks 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks you so much Chana! ahh he definitely is! and I really want to but he kinda hates me because I try and get his attention too much :’). Ohh, I like bubble tea but I don’t go out of my way to get it, and I only ever order if friends/family are ordering as well. sadly, I really like the addition of pearls, but I do get that sometimes they get annoying. I’m especially annoyed when it’s like the drink is 90% pearls that taste like nothing lmao. and that’s why I much prefer nata de coco in my bubble tea!


  16. I loved reading this Q&A!! Congrats again on 200 followers, you deserve all the world and more and I’m so excited for you that your blog is taking off!💖

    AHH I want to go to Europe too! My dream trip would be a cross-country European trip where I could go to England, France, Italy, Germany, etc. and see all the beautiful sights and cute towns and of course eat all the delicious food I’m sure they have there.

    What Enneagram test did you take? I’m trying to find one to take, but I can’t figure out which ones are trustworthy, haha. Also, that’s so cool that you’re into table tennis, ahh!


    Ohhh my goodness Gordon is the cutest lil pup in the whole world??? (Besides my pup because I’m biased.) I want to hug him!! Please give him a pat from me.☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Olivia! 😭❤❤ I really hope it does! and I could say the same for your blog!

      omg Same! I would literally be content with any place in Europe ahhh. a cross country trip sounds amazing and I think I would just take pictures everywhere!

      Ohh, I just got the first one that showed up when I typed “enneagram test.” the link is here: https://www.eclecticenergies.com/enneagram/test ! I don’t know if it’s accurate accurate but I think the result I got was good enough!

      Yesssss, it was so worth the hype I’m so happy ahhhhh. I would die for Aled!! and the writing is spectacular!

      I know!!!! me and my sisters just fangirl over him and take a bunch of pictures even though weekly even though it’s been about 7 years since we first got him! but yes, your own pup is so cute. give him a pat for me as well! I’ll try and pat Gordon, but he kinda hates me because I’m always trying to get his attention and telling him that he’s really cute 😅 he literally hates going near me!

      Liked by 1 person

  17. I know this is a little late, but congratulations on reaching 200+ followers! You deserve it! 🤗 🎉

    I remember your marble theme of course, and I remember thinking it wasn’t the best choice! 😂 But I’m so glad you changed it! As for the questions, I love that you relate to Frances – me too! I did Radio Silence as one of my first reviews, and I related to both Frances and Aled a lot. Something about the tone of the book even made me want to quit school at the time, and it was a bit strange and sad, but I still loved the book overall!

    But wait, I didn’t even notice you changed your tagline! Still, I love ramen, too. And btw, I saw your tweet with your TBR list, and please read A Thousand Perfect Notes! I want to know what you think! I could possibly read The Fever King, Small Spaces, or The Boy Who Steals Houses with you, if you want, because I need someone to encourage me to finally read them! 😂 And honestly, we share a lot of the same TBR.

    As for travel, I actually went to England, Scotland, and France all last year! They were wonderful, and I hope you get to visit at one point in your life! English was my favorite. 🙂 (I’m going to post about my trip eventually, too!) Anyway, this is getting too long, so I’ll stop now! Congrats again! 💕

    (And your dog is so cute!! He looks like my dog, except she’s a girl! What breed is he?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you Xandra!! and it’s definitely okay if you’re a little late 💖

      omg “not the best choice” is such an understatement! I am seriously questioning everyone who complimented me on my blog design when I still had the marble theme because they were dead wrong. Same! the atmosphere in the book is created so perfectly. and I think I relate to Frances more, but I think I’d die for Aled!

      I don’t think a lot of people noticed, so it’s fine! Oh yay, I remember reading your review and being very intrigued. Cait is also such an amazing blogger and all around funny person, so I really want to support the books she’s written. yes, please! do tell me when you plan to start any of the books I shared, because I’d honestly be fine with starting them at any possible moment!

      Oh my, I’m so jealous! those have been my dream countries for forever lol. but I am so glad that you enjoyed visiting them! and if I really had to pick, I’d be most excited for England because it’s my dream country to live in! can’t wait to see your post ahhh. no, i love comments! thank you so so much for taking the time to write to me. 💕💕💕 thank you again!

      omg yes, that’s why me and my sister fawn over him 24/7 haha. ahhh, really? He actually has a bunch of siblings who look exactly like him :00. I know for sure that he’s mostly chihuahua, but he might have something else mixed in there. I honestly don’t know myself 😅

      Liked by 1 person

  18. CONGRATS ON 200 FOLLOWERSSSS! *throws confetti everywhere like the crazy person she is* But seriously, you deserve it all and more! Anyways, I loved reading your answers for these – I feel like I got to know you a bit better because of it! I’m totally the same about music while reading, I get too distracted wayyyy too easily *ohhhh look a butterfly* but also your Howl’s Moving Castle answer is TOP NOTCH haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YAY THANK YOU SO MUCH KAT!! *dances around in the confetti like an equally crazy person* no, I don’t deserve you :(( so glad you got to know me better though! ahaha, I’ve tried listening to music and it does not end well lmao. yes, I know! if Hogwarts didn’t exist that would be my number 1 answer for every fictional setting question!!

      Liked by 1 person

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