These Book Covers are Prettier than Me: Some of my Favorite Book Covers

Let’s face it (haha! Face! Get it?), it’s not that hard for a book cover to be prettier than me when there are so many talented cover designers out there. But you know which book covers are not prettier then me? The ones with stock images and real life people/objects in them. I’m sorry but I’m a hoe for illustrated (is that what you call them? Basically the ones that aren’t photos taken with a camera) book covers and nothing else, so today I wanted to share some of my favorite ones.

[most of the cover images are low quality but they’re still beautiful 😢]

Puffin in Bloom Classics

The flowers and detailing in these are unbelievable! Most special editions of classics are gorgeous, but I feel like these are some of the most gorgeous ones. I own the Anne of Green Gables puffin in bloom edition, and it’s so nice to look at!

Charlotte Holmes Series 

Besides the fact that I am always attracted to illustrated covers, I love these because there are nods to scenes that occur in each book all throughout their respective covers. 😍

Skyward UK Cover

Image result for skyward uk cover

This cover screams, “read me,”  promising an epic sci-fi adventure within. The US version is also beautiful, but for me, the UK one wins because of—you guessed it, illustrations.

Nevernight US Covers 

Image result for nevernight series

These covers are so badass, perfect for a grimdark fantasy series following a female assassin. I like the UK covers too, but I’m ultimately more attracted to the US ones. 

Strange the Dreamer UK Covers

I’m gonna have to agree with everyone that these covers are magnificent. They look like ancient library books with magic spells within, and that’s the perfect vibe to go along with the contents of the story. 

Honorable Mention: A Very Large Expanse of Sea 

Image result for a very large expanse of sea
omg it blends in with the background hahA

Though this one lacks detailing because it’s literally just words on a white background, I appreciate the simplicity. I’m also a fan of the colors, and I’m the biggest idiot when it comes to art terms, but I think they are pastel (or they at least resemble pastel), and I love pastel colors so. Much.

Honorable Mention: Recent Romance Novel Covers

Remember how I said that I hate real life pictures on covers? Well, until now the romance genre was the cream of the crop when it came to stock images of shirtless men on covers. Needless to say, I wasn’t a fan, but lately, romance covers have evolved, and we’ve now been blessed with cute illustrated romance novel covers.This is truly a giant leap in the romance genre. We stan.

That’s all, folks! I guess what we can take away from this post is that I love illustrated book covers a whole lot and stock images are the bane of my existence. I also don’t know art terms, so I sincerely apologize if I got any of them wrong, and I hope you still understood what I was getting at :”) Feel free to correct me (politely please—I’m very sensitive) if I got anything wrong. What are some of your favorite book covers? Do you agree or disagree with anything I said? Do you love the new cover styles arising in the romance genre?

26 thoughts on “These Book Covers are Prettier than Me: Some of my Favorite Book Covers

  1. Okay these covers are so gorgeous omg I CAN’T?? especially those puffin in bloom classics? yes.

    i love your cover pun (ICONIC) and I’ trash for illustrated covers. Like, take all my money please and thank you. Ahhh they’re so pretty, I – 😩😭

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    1. i know right? puffin in bloom can like, get it.

      thank you!! i try my best! and yes aren’t illustrated book covers the absolute best? my wallet is crying but at least i can stare at all these beautiful book covers in person forever 💖💖


  2. I completely agree with Charlotte Holmes and Strange the Dreamer. I know you said you don’t like real people on the covers BUT… I still think The Selection series has A+++++ covers. 😁

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    1. two great series with great covers! 😍 I actually don’t think the selection series covers look bad! Since I have read the books, I think the covers match the insides pretty well. I think that those covers are good marketing tools because because of that!


  3. These covers are beautiful and I love how the series maintain that style and trend throughout all their book cover. It’s so satisfying to look at!

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  4. I love all of these! I have the Muse of Nightmares book but I have failed time and time again to get Strange the Dreamer in the pretty cover!

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  5. I burst out laughing at this title! Not true at all, you are completely adorable but what a great title! I totally agree that all these titles are so pretty. I’m not even typically a romance reader and now all the sudden I’m interested – like what even? It’s trickery! They are so pretty though – I can’t help it! They are hypnotizing me I swear!

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  6. All of these are just too pretty 😍 I’ve wanted to purchase the PUFFIN IN BLOOM CLASSICS for a long time, they are freaking stunning. I admit, I didn’t like NEVERNIGHT (only read the first book), but the series truly has some of the prettiest covers I’ve ever seen in the fantasy genre. I fully agree – romance covers have become so pretty and cute recently, I adore each one you mentioned. Though I think I like the UK cover more than this one. 🙂 Fantastic post!

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    1. I know right! I hope you get to soon!! Aw, that’s so sad to hear about Nevernight because I’ve been wanting to read it for a long time & it seems like it might have the potential to be a favorite. Oh well, at least if I don’t like it, the cover will still be beautiful 😆 Yes!! I’ve been loving this change in the romance genre & now I feel more comfortable with purchasing a book & being seen in public with it. UK covers are all beautiful though so I see why you would disagree! Thanks!


  7. Hello, I am one of those weirdos who actually prefers the US Strange the Dreamer covers. 😂 I mean, I like the UK ones, but I also like the others! And the Puffin in Bloom Classics are gorgeous! I’ve always wanted to buy some of those, but I’m afraid I would never read them! And yes, I also LOVE the UK cover for Skyward so much – I would do anything for one of those! It’s just *chef kisses*

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    1. No, I really don’t find that weird at all hahaha! Both versions are really pretty and I only prefer the UK by a bit! I bought one of the puffin in blooms like, months ago, but I haven’t read it yet so shame on me, but I hope to finally get to it this month or next month, so 😅 the only version of Skyward available where I live is the US & I bought it anyway because that cover is nice too, but I agree that if the UK one were available, I would immediately snatch! All of these covers are *chefs kisses* 🥰🥰

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  8. Oh god, the Nevernight series covers are SO gorgeous!! I think I like the UK covers better, though, but the US ones are still absolutely breathtaking. And I love the Strange the Dreamer covers! I honestly don’t know whether or not I like the US or UK editions more — they’re both so pretty 😍

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