Popular Books of the Past That I Probably Won’t Read

Hello, everyone! How’s it going? i hope you’re doing better than me because it feels like the past few days have just been me being a dumpster fire of a human. I haven’t been blog hopping or replying to recent comments on my posts, and I’m so sorry about that! I’m just really tired and unmotivated. I also get overwhelmed when it comes to replying to comments. I just do, and it takes a lot of energy for me to do it. I wonder if this happens to you guys too? *BUT* please don’t think that this is me saying being unappreciative of your comments because it’s the exact opposite. Thank you so much for taking the time to write something to me. I love reading what you have to say no matter how much I suck at saying something back. ❤️

This intro is already too long but I have to warn you that this post reflects how much of a dumpster fire I am. I drafted this back in March when I was pre-writing tons of posts in anticipation of my two-month China study tour. It’s not the best, but it’s all I have right now. Once I get back from China, I do plan to give my blog a much-needed makeover design-wise and post-wise because I’m not happy with its current state, but I don’t have the time or resources to make the changes I want here in China. I’m excited to get back to the Philippines and get my life (hopefully) back on track.

You’ll probably see some of your old favorites in this post. I mainly don’t want to read these books because I feel like their time has gone by. They were popular when I was still a little kid. I see no point in reading them now when there are so many more recent releases I’m interested in. Cover= Goodreads

Grisha trilogy

Image result for grisha trilogy

I have read the Six of Crows duology and King of Scars, but not the series that started it all. I briefly considered it before jumping into KoS, but honestly, I don’t think I want to read three whole books that contain past YA tropes that have since become outdated. I might like them, but that’s just a might. I would rather focus on books I actually think I’ll love. And I know all the major plot points already it’s impossible to avoid spoilers for a series as old and popular as the Grisha trilogy.

The raven cycle books 2-4

Image result for the raven cycle

I did read and enjoy The Raven Boys, but the thing is that it took so many tries to finish that first book. After that I tried to read The Dream Thieves and I couldn’t get through it again. I found the books slow and painful to get through. But because my reading tastes have changed over the years, I probably could read The Dream Thieves and continue on with the series, but I kinda don’t want to. I’ve heard mixed things about The Raven King’s ending (which I spoiled myself for, oops). I spoil myself for books I don’t plan to read and it backfires once I change my mind and decide I want to read it after all. I may read the Ronan series if the reviews for it and because I know it’s gonna be gay.



This book should just become a thing of the past. I feel like the only people who stan this series now do it out of nostalgia, and I have none of that for this series because I was a toddler when the books came out.

The fault in our stars (and every other John Green book)


I know the gist of this book’s plot because I watched the movie, so I don’t see the point in reading it. Lately, the general public has changed their mind about the merit of John Green books too. Also, they kiss in Anne Frank’s house? I don’t know if that happened in the book like it did in the movies, but yikes.


Image result for divergent trilogy

I watched the movies, so why read these? I know the ending of Allegiant and I’ve heard that the series as a whole isn’t even that great. This is a definite pass, and it has the least chance of me changing my mind and picking it up.

The hunger games 

Image result for the hunger games trilogy

I actually did sort of read these books. My sisters bought the trilogy around the time these books were getting popular, and I was curious so I got the books and skim read all of them. I scanned through the entirety of all three books in the trilogy for some reason, but never read them. I don’t know what child me was thinking. Also, again, I’ve already the watched the movies–all three of them.

The hobbit and the lord of the rings 

Image result for lord of the rings series

Oh no! I claim my favorite genre is fantasy yet I haven’t read these books! Actually, there’s no real reason for this—I have no personal vendetta against the author, I haven’t watched the movies, I don’t think I’ve been spoiled for important stuff. I’m just a lazy person, and I never reach for classic books. I have no hate for classics–it’s just that they don’t pop into my mind when I think of the next book I want to pick up. This one has a higher chance of me reading it eventually.

The perks of being a wallflower 


Again, I don’t have much of a reason for not wanting to pick this up. I feel like this is a bygone book, still a favorite and beloved, but less talked about. And I want to read the books that are currently being talked about. This is another one where I watched the movie and I think I know of a plot twist that happens. I know this is lot of people’s favorite book, and along with The Lord of the Rings, this one has a higher chance of me changing my mind about it compared to the rest of the books on this list.

That’s all, folks! This is such a depressing post. It simply consists of me saying “what’s the point” over and over again, but what we’ve learned from this post is that I like to spoil myself for books.It’s a bad habit and I’m trying to stop, okay? I also watch the movie before reading the book (which I honestly don’t think is that much of as sin? But I digress). In my defense, I happened to watch these films because we sometimes have family movie nights organized by my sister and she tends to pick movies that are adaptations of novels. 

I hope you’re not mad at me for any of these, or for spoiling myself for books. What’s a popular book you have no interest in? You can try and convince me about these books in the comments, but trust me, you’ll have better luck vouching for the last two books. I’ve basically made my mind about the others.

20 thoughts on “Popular Books of the Past That I Probably Won’t Read

  1. Oh I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been feeling so tired and unmotivated, take your time to come back to blogging and to your comments whenever you feel motivated again, we will all be there when you are ready to be back, sometimes forcing yourself can only result in a burn out. I’m sending you all the love ❤
    I have read… well, most of these books, actually 😂 I hope you'll end up giving the perks a try, I really liked it ❤

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  2. Most of these are on my “will never read” or “will never finish”. I read two of the Grisha books a few years back. Not worth it. Divergent- I didn’t even like the movies, so no desire to read the book. Hunger Games- I’m caught between wanting to read them and being worried it will ruin the movies for me.

    LOTR- I have read The Hobbit and The Fellowship. I would like to get through someday. I was halfway through Two Towers before I lost interest. Fun list!

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    1. yeah, I always hear two sides of the argument all the time. Some think that the grisha trilogy is worth the read while others just completely hate it. Knowing my own reading taste, I think I could enjoy those books but they wouldn’t be my all time faves. I honestly have just zero interest in Divergent and The Hunger Games because I know basically everything that goes down in the books + their time has come and gone.

      Honestly, I think my interest in LOTR is waning by the day, but maybe I’ll pick them up some day, who knows? I’m glad to know that we share the same-ish sentiments on these books! Happy reading!


  3. i actually have read most of the books on this post (except for divergent and lotr + thw hobbit) and i gotta say, it was mostly a ‘if you were a teen back then, you’d enjoy this’ sort of zeitgeist. the only series i’d try to convince you to read is the hunger games series. the movies did it so great and it is so, so much more satisfying and in depth and horrifying. there’s so much more character development.

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    1. Yes, I truly had that thought about most of the books on this list! Oh, really? I’ve never heard that argument for THG books before, so that’s definitely something I’ll ponder on! Thanks for this comment & happy reading ❤️


  4. I feel you so bad with Twilight. I tried to read up until New Moon back in high school, and I just could not with Bella obsessing over Edward every two pages. And I won’t even try to convince you with the Grisha trilogy. Great trilogy as it was, majority of the fandom was disappointed with the character arc that Leigh chose for Alina there, so I definitely feel you on the “what’s the point” part there, haha!

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    1. my chances of reading twilight in the future are at a big fat 0%. I really am not in the mood the waste my time on those books’ flaws, no matter how much they did for them YA genre today and blah blah blah. Oh, while I did read spoilery snyopses on the grisha trilogy prior to reading KOS. I know about the ending& I can say that I probably wouldn’t like it either! Thanks for this comment & happy reading 💙💙

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  5. Caitlin, first of all, I hope you don’t mind me commenting on your post after SO LONG since you posted it. I apologize for being a mess.
    I absolutely relate to what you said about feeling overwhelmed when replying to comments. I love commenting on other people’s posts, but when someone comments on mine, I’m always like?????? And I never know how to answer it properly. It’s a struggle and I put off answering for a looong time, so I completely understand if it takes you long to answer to this one too.
    I am already excited for your upcoming blog makeover. I’ve been considering having one myself, but I need to find time to brainstorm everything and hopefully make it work! I haven’t been 100% satisfied with my blog layout since I released it, but I’ll make it work this time around *hopefully?*.
    I totally spoil myself for books too and watch the movies before reading the book, so I RELATE. I am not interested in reading the Grishaverse either, as much as I liked the Six of Crows duology. I’ve heard so many bad comments about this original trilogy and I’m not hyped at all to pick it up. As far as The Raven Cycle goes, I feel like I should probably re-read it soon, though I anticipate not liking it as much as I first did. It’s just one of those series where I feel like the hype influenced me a lot, so I don’t know how much I’ll enjoy it now.
    Perks of Being a Wallflower is another one I have absolutely NO interest in reading. I watched the movie when it first came out because I was a huge Logan Lerman fan (me and the entirety of the Percy Jackson fandom on Tumblr, lol), but I was so triggered that I’ve never had the courage to re-watch the movie, moreover to read the book. It’s a beloved one, but as you said yourself: what’s the point?
    I’d much rather spend my time reading the new releases I’m excited about then catching up with people’s old favorites!

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    1. Oh yes, yes! We share the exact same thoughts! I really do love commenting on others people posts, but comments on mine are just?? As it seems, it did take me a long time to get to your comment so I’m super thankful that you forgave me in advance lmao.
      Aww, thank you! I don’t even know how much I’ll change, but I def plan on making some actual graphics! I hope it works out well & I’ll be 100% happy with my blog after, something I haven’t really been feeling lately. I hope that if you do give your blog a makeover, your email 100% happy with it too!! I’ll be your #1 supporter if/when it happens 🤩🤩 oh yes, someone else who spoils themselves for books& watches the movie before! I’m not alone and that’s so validating 😭😭 I have actually heard some problematic things about the author of TRC, Maggie stiefvater, so I’m really iffy on whether I’ll actually reread the Raven boys and continue on with the series. The mixed things about the ending are also putting me off. Aww I’m so sorry that TPOBAW movie triggered you. I personally have never been triggered by a piece of media but I know it must be awful. I really support you doing things to take care of your mental health 💜 yeah, “what’s the point” is definitely the mantra of this post and how I’m feeling about most of these books. All of the new releases are calling to & I must get to them along with books that are actually being talked about lmao 😂 thanks so much for this comment & happy reading 💕💕

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  6. Some of these series I just feel almost….pressured? obligated? required? not sure exactly what the right word is…? but I feel that, as a part of the YA community sometimes I feel out of the loop because I haven’t read some of these major series. Book boxes constantly include merch from The Raven Boys or The Grisha Trilogy or (not included on your list but I personally haven’t read it and not sure if I will) Strange the Dreamer, etc. I do want to read these but new books just keep coming out, ya know? lol

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    1. I know! New books keep coming out & backlist books just keep getting neglected by me. It’s one of my biggest reader problems. I do get that having read these popular series gives you context for all the references + merch. I think you should only read the books you’re genuinely interested in though no matter their popularity! Strange the Dreamer doesn’t really work for everyone but it did for me, so you could consider checking it out :)) I hope we both get to read all of the books we want to in this lifetime tbh 😭😂 thanks for this comment & happy reading!


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