Book Characters’ Names I’d Give My Children

One of my favorite parts about being an aspiring author is researching names for characters, even though I’ll probably never use the whole notes document I keep for potential character names, let’s be real. But because I’m a hoe for names, I decided to write a whole post mentioning character names I find so nice I’d use them for my imaginary children, or some characters whom I love so much that I would name my children after them. By the way, this post was inspired by Xandra‘s!


Image result for luna lovegood

This name is the perfect balance of not too common, but not too outlandish. It also means moon, which completely adds to the whimsical vibe I get from it. Plus, Luna Lovegood is highly underrated, and I honestly like her a little more than Hermione.


If I lived in a world where Kaz wasn’t a name people would potentially make fun of someone for having, I’d for sure name my child Kaz. It’s short but memorable. And I love the name Cas, but I think Kaz is a nicer version of it. Also, it’s Kaz Brekker, the most iconic™️ YA character ever, how could you not name someone after him?


Image result for vicious book

I haven’t read Vicious by V.E Schwab yet (even though I’m excited to), but I do know that one of the characters is named Eli, and that’s a cool name! I’m just worried people will misread it as eh-lee or something when it’s ee-lai. It’s also a little short for my taste, so maybe I’d name my child Elijah and nickname him Eli.



A kestrel is a hunting bird, but it’s also the main character of The Winner’s Curse’s name. My family says her name sounds like cholesterol, but they’re just mean. I mean, wouldn’t it be cool to be named after a hunting bird?



I’d name my daughter Brianna just to nickname her Bri, who is the main character of On the Come Up by Angie Thomas. Bri is a rapper, and she incorporates her name in her verses sometimes, one instance being when she raps “you can only spell ‘brilliant’ by first spelling Bri.”


This name might be weird for some, but I like the name Perseus! It’s easy to pronounce and spell compared to other Greek names. Not only are you naming someone after a Greek hero, but also after the snarky main character of a popular middle grade series! If it’s too long or uncommon, you could shorten it to Percy, which I think is also a cool name. It’s a catchy one for sure.



I would name my child after August Flynn, my favorite philosophical monster of all time. August is a sunai, which means that unlike the malchai and corsai, he appears human, but he’s not–he doesn’t smile, his skin is unbreakable, and he can steal souls. Okay, I’m not doing Schwab’s fantastic world building justice by explaining it like this, though, so read the book and find out for yourself.



I’m mad I didn’t think of this name first, to be honest. It’s unique but pronounce-able, and the sound of it rolls right off the tongue.



Cleo is the main character of the Falling Kingdoms series, which has one of the most disappointing conclusions ever, in my opinion. The name Cleo has a nice ring to it, though. It’s supposed to be a nickname for Cleopatra, but I’m not too keen on naming someone that, so if I actually name my child Cleo, there won’t be any patra at the end.



If I had to pick a character I got this name from, it would be Enzo from The Young Elites, but even without having read the book, I would still love this name. There’s not much explanation–I just like the sound of it. Enzo is a shortened form of Lorenzo, so I’d name my kid that and nickname him Enzo.

That’s all, folks! In this post, I talk as if I’m sure that I’m gonna have kids in the future, which I’m definitely not, but if I do, you all know what I’m potentially gonna name them. Maybe a more accurate name for this post is “names for my future pets when I die alone“. Do you like/dislike any of these names? I’ve been told I have weird taste in names, so I’m sorry if this post horrified you. What bookish name would you give someone?

26 thoughts on “Book Characters’ Names I’d Give My Children

    1. Actually, sawyer is an amazing name and I love how catchy and fun it is. I never thought about naming girl that, though, but now that I think about it, it could work! Ah, sad that the father hated it :(( I am sure he loved and agreed with another equally awesome name!

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      1. Yeah- if she had been a boy he would have just been out of luck! But it grew on me for a girl’s name. I love her actual name too of course, it suits her very well and she seems very proud of it.

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  1. First of all: I love name lists and I’m so excited you wrote one! I obsess over names more than I probably should, but I just find it so fun!
    Enzo is a very popular name in my country and one of my least-favorites. I just have weird memories attached to it. Basically, I only had romantic crushes in two guys my whole life, and guess their names? Exactly. Enzo. It gives me a headache just thinking about it, lol.
    I’m currently reading Vicious and I LOVE the name Eli. In the book, it’s short for Eliot, but I’d probably go with something as Elijah too, because it’s gorgeous. It could also be a short for Elias, one of my favorite names ever.
    Kaz is pretty badass too. I also like the name Kai, as for Prince Kai in Cinder, by Marissa Meyer, and I’d absolutely name my son Kai if it wasn’t a little too weird for my country, hahah.
    Great list, Caitlin! I think I’ll be writing one like this in the future too, because I do love names a lot, hahah.

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    1. I obsess over them more than I probably should too 😂 I don’t know why I still remember the origins of certain names through mindlessly scrolling through name sites, but I can’t remember anything from my school textbooks 🤦🏻‍♀️
      Ohh, no! I’m sorry for reminding you of them! I totally get the name of someone bringing bad memories. Ahh, I hope you’re really enjoying it & yes, Elijah is a gorgeous name! Elias is a gorgeous too, but fun fact: I actually pronounced it like E-lee-yas when I first came across it. I was really confused when I watched YouTube videos and people would pronounce it like E-lai-yas, and even the author herself did. I guess that’s just my fear for the name Eli/Elias, that people will mispronounce it like I did ://.
      Cinder is an old fave of mine, and I love the name Kai too! I love so many obscure names that people would probably judge irl too so i feel you :((. Thank you, and I really can’t wait to read yours! 💕💕

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  2. Oof, I feel that “names for my future pets when I die alone”. I always talk about my future kids as if I’m /so sure/ they will exist, but I’ve honestly never even been in a relationship, so…

    But I love these names! 💕 Kaz, Eli, August, and Enzo are all great choices, in my opinion. They’re unique, but meaningful and fun! Like, I’ve never even read Six of Crows (I own it, I just haven’t had the time!), but I would totally name my son Kaz anyway.

    Or, these all work as great pet names, too. 10 cats is definitely acceptable by cat lady standards. Sign me up.

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    1. Same, right now, The probability of me having children is reallyyyy slim. Aww, thank you so much !! I really like names like that, and I hope you love Kaz as much as I do when you read Six of Crows :)). I think these would most likely be the names of my pets. Sigh, I’m just realizing that this title may have been clickbait..


  3. Omg I love this post and all your choices!
    Luna is such a pretty name, and is actually the name we gave our cat. Which is a tad weird, cuz it’s usually a girl’s name and he’s a male cat, but we were supposed to be getting a female cat and my mum had already picked out the name and was too stubborn and petty to change it when we realized our cat was actually a guy 😆
    I really like the name Kaz, but I think I think if I was gonna name my kid after a Six of Crows character, I’d go with Jesper. Not only is Jesper my actual obsession, but I also just love his name.
    Lmaoooooo, whilst I think that Kestrel is a gorgeous name, now that I think about it, it does low key sound like “cholesterol” 😂😂
    Omg I absolutely adore the name Enzo. Low key want a child just so I can name him that, though I’ll probably just get another cat instead 🙃
    If I ever have kids, I am 100% giving my son Owen as a middle name, because my obsession with Will Herondale runs DEEP
    Speaking of shadowhunter books, I really love the name Livia, and would totally name my kid that. Then I’d have an excuse to force my kids to read Cassie Clare’s books, cuz they’ll both be named after characters in them 😂
    I also really really love the name Noah, and would 100% name my kid after Noah from the Raven Cycle books because he is the most precious cinnamon roll character and deserves to have every child ever named after him.
    Scarlet wasn’t my favourite character in The Lunar Chronicles, but I absolutely love her name. Plus, you can shorten it to “Lettie”, and I’m weirdly obsessed with that nickname, so I’d definitely name my future kid Scarlet.
    I also love the name Novali from Muse of Nightmares. Like, you can shorten it to Nova, which is also such a pretty name, and idk, it’s kind of a weird and unique name, but I love it.
    In saying all that, idk if I’m gonna have kids either, whoops, so I guess we both might end up with 27 cats named after book characters 😆

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    1. That is such a funny story, but I really feel like a male cat named Luna is super cute. I just love that name so much that I guess it doesn’t bother me 😂
      Jesper Fahey, we stan!! And same, I would be okay with naming my children after all the six dregs. Jesper is a great twist on the name Jasper, and even Matthias is a name that I love!
      Okay, yes it does. I guess it would have to be bumped down to a middle name for my hypothetical child. Lmao, I feel like middle names will be my dumping ground for really obscure and weird character names that I love!
      Yes, same! But me naming my beloved pet Enzo is way more realistic 🤷🏻‍♀️
      Ahaha, that is SUCH a great way to force your kids to read your faves. I might have to steal the strategy 😏
      Actually, scarlet almost made it onto this list, but I decided to shorten it!! Scarlet was my favorite character in the series (unpopular opinion, I know), so I would want to name someone after her. But you’re absolutely right that her name is also beautiful—I love the sound of it!
      This comment just reminded me that I need to read Muse of Nightmares ASAP. Thank you but I am also aSHAMED. Novali actually sounds like Nuvali, a place here in the Philippines, and Nova is the name of a chip brand in the Philippines! Not gonna lie, Nova chips are good, and my food loving ass would probably name someone Nova as a homage to junk food. Hehehe, yes, let’s be old cat ladies who read books together!!

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      1. Ahaha it was a little weird at first, but I’ve gotten so used to it that Luna low key feels like a guys name now? 😂
        Yessss. Honestly want to have six children and name them all after one of the dregs 😆 And yes, I really like the name Jasper, and Jesper is like a unique, better version of it AND the name of one of my favourite book characters, so it’s definitely on my list of future child (/cat lol) names. And ahhh yes. Honestly, all the dregs have such amazing names, I’m obsessed 😍
        YES. All my kids will end up with, like, 7 middle names that are just weird names of all my favourite book characters 😆
        I mean, I loved Scarlet, but Thorne, you know? 😂 But her name is so beautiful.
        YES READ IT. Ahahaha omg now I want to name all my hypothetical kids after book characters AND junk food 😂😂
        Yesss, and every time we read a new amazing book we get a new cat to name after it 😆 We’ll end up drowning in cats but it’ll be worth it!

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  4. Oh, wow, I like Eli and Lazlo so much! I don’t want to have children, but my favorite names for girls are Iulia ( the romanian version of Julia, where you pronounce J like the english E) or Joanna and for the boys Caleb ( which in romanian would be pronounced Khaleb) and Iosua ( romanian for Joshua). I love english names but I think it is beautiful to give your children names that also hold their nationality and culture inside, but at the same time do have a more “international” equivalent if they change countries and want to easier integrate themselves 🙂

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    1. Ohh, man, I have never heard of those versions of names! Thanks so much for sharing them because they sound awesome! True, I really want my children (if I ever have any, which is not gonna happen for the foreseeable future), to have a connection to their cultural roots through their names. And I think that foreign versions of common English names would be a great way to do that! I love this comment so much, and happy reading 🖤

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  5. The trick for me will be finding a bookish name that’s not super obviously attached to a book (like naming my kid Bella or Edward). Naming after secondary characters is definitely the way to go!

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  6. This was such a great idea for a blog post! I hadn’t thought much about it before, but I totally agree that Eli is a really amazing name I would give my kid. 🙂 I’m trying to think of some other names but I’m drawing a blank… going to be pondering this for the rest of the bank holiday weekend. 😀

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