Three of my Favorite Childhood Books // Happy Birthday, Beverly Cleary!

Hello, guys! As you may or may not know, I’ve been a reader my entire life because I come from a family of readers, my mother always supporting reading as a hobby. So in this post, I wanted to share three of my favorite books when I was a youngin!

(Harry Potter is not included because it’s a basic answer, and I remember nothing about HP even though I read and loved all of them. Percy Jackson is also not on this list because while those books were enjoyable for me, they weren’t my favorites.)

Nancy Drew

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I can’t talk about my favorite childhood books without mentioning these because I was obsessed with them. I bought about fifty of these books–I’m not kidding–and read them all. I think I did that because of the books’ premises, not because of their mystery elements. I was intrigued because we always followed something different and interesting in each book, like a mystery concerning a mannequin in one, and then a candle, and after that a creepy inn. Some mysteries were even set in different countries. And the titles were equally entrancing: The Clue of the Dancing Puppet, Nancy’s Mysterious Letter, etc. And the covers matched the titles too–how could I not get roped in?

Honestly, the mystery elements aren’t that strong–it got pretty easy for me to guess who the culprit was after reading dozens of the books. (Spoiler alert: you just have to pick out the person who Nancy never once suspects.) I don’t love this series as much now, but it’s still worth mentioning because they were the highlight of my childhood reading experience. And I think they’re great books for children!

A series of unfortunate events


This is a book series about hidden organizations; the narrator and “author” is named Lemony Snicket, and he is a character in the story of the Baudelaires. As I child, I was always intrigued by these books because of their settings. The Baudelaire orphans travel to a different place each book, and the world is vaguely steampunk, but it’s never mentioned when and where the books take place.

Also, Violet Baudelaire is one of the smartest characters I’ve ever read about. She’s an inventor, and she always uses her surroundings to DIY an invention that helps her and her siblings get out of a sticky situation–it’s unbelievable.

I learned a lot of new vocabulary words and new terms through this series, like “penultimate”, “anagram”, “austere” and more. Plus, kids can learn a lot of niche skills through reading these books because of the Baudelaires’ adventures, like how to soften brick by using water and spongey bread. Yes, I still remember that scene until now.

Ramona Quimby

Image result for ramona quimby series

I’m dedicating this blog post to Beverly Cleary, who happens to be 103 years old today! (Technically, her birthday is on April 12 and it’s 11pm on April 13 for me here in China, but I have a blog post schedule, so shhhh.) Anyways, any day is a good day to celebrate Beverly Cleary and her work, especially her Ramona Quimby series.

These were the books that spoke to my heart when I was a kid. They follow a girl named Ramona Quimby as she grows from a toddler to a middle schooler. Her experiences are probably going to be highly relatable to many children her age. Seriously, I can name so many instances in the books that are similar to things I experienced as a child–relationship dynamics, dialogue, embarrassing situations, etc. I get so nostalgic and teary-eyed when I look at the covers. I just, cannot.

That’s all, folks! This was sort of a short post, but I’m short on time because I’m pre-writing as many blog posts as I can in anticipation for the two month China study tour I’m joining. Let’s chat! Have you read any of these books? What were some of your favorite books as a child? Were you a reader growing up?

9 thoughts on “Three of my Favorite Childhood Books // Happy Birthday, Beverly Cleary!

  1. SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS YESSSS!! i also loved nancy drew, but in terms of a series where i was determined to read all the books, that was Bailey School Kids for me. even now i think about how i should still try to read them all lol

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  2. Oh my gosh YES I LOVE A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS AHHH!! I loved reading those books so much, and Violet was so great! I learned so many fancy words, too. 😂 I’m still going to remember learning so many big and new words from that series omg. Nancy Drew was so much fun to read! I didn’t get too far in that series cause my library only had like a few of them and I wasn’t *that* dedicated. But they were fun!

    (Ok but why isn’t Percy Jackson a favourite smh CAITLIN 😩😂)

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    1. LMAO why is this me when people read my faves and they don’t become instant faves 😂 I think that the series is a solid four stars for me, and I appreciate it for the incredibly funny writing and characters, but I sadly don’t feel any nostalgia for it :-(( I love Leo Valdez with all my heart and soul though 🖤🖤🖤


  3. Ahh I love this kind of post and it always warms my heart to see families of readers ❤ My mom is also a big reader and I got the love of books from her, too! ❤
    I haven't read any of these in my childhood, I mostly read obscure French books that no one will know if I ever mention their titles haha, but… well, I really need to read the Baudelaires at some point, I can't believe I haven't read this series at all haha 🙂

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