The Grey’s Anatomy Book Tag

Hello, everyone! I’d like to start off this post by saying that it’s finally my summer break! I just finished finals week and I’m so excited to have time for things again, namely sleep, blog hopping, reading–and more importantly, creating blog content, so today I’m going to be doing the Grey’s Anatomy book tag. This tag was created by Mari, and she was so kind to tag me in it!

I actually don’t keep up with Grey’s Anatomy, but I have watched some of its middle seasons. I never watched the beginning because I only happened to catch some of the episodes whenever my sister put the episodes she was currently watching on our TV. However, I remember really enjoying the show and its characters, and getting to see all the amazing surgeries and illnesses the doctors faced. Without further ado, let’s get into the tag.

Click on the book’s cover to go to its Goodreads page. art by michelle v art on tumblr

1.MEREDITH GREY- a character who never gives up


Imagine: you are a weak mortal forced to survive in Faerieland, where you are constantly looked down on and abused by faeries. I’d cry for the rest of my life, but Jude Duarte did none of that. Instead she made herself the power behind the throne through sheer determination and relentless planning. I especially chose Jude for this prompt because of The Wicked King‘s ending–no spoilers but I know she’s definitely not giving up after what happened to her!

Image result for jude duarte
Jude Duarte by monicaaborg

2. DEREK SHEPHERD- a book featuring a love triangle


The Selection is one of the original 2012 YA dystopian novels featuring a love triangle. I know so many people love to bash this series, and I love it when people bash it too, but The Selection is probably the reason I’m blogging today. One day, I was googling this book because my kid mind was obsessed with the romance, and I came across Christine‘s book review for this book. After that, I discovered booktube and in turn the whole book community. Honestly, I’m not even thankful this book brought me here as much as I am embarrassed. Of all the possible books, why this one? 😂 Oh well, I guess you take what you can get.

3. ALEX KAREV– best character development


How can people not appreciate the immense internal prejudice Matthias Helvar overcame throughout the Six of Crows duology? America, explain.

4. MAGGIE PIERCE- a book featuring a POC main character


On the Come Up is really high on my TBR list for this month! It’s about a black rapper who suddenly goes viral–but maybe for all the wrong reasons.

5. CHRISTINA YOUNG– a badass female lead


For this question, I’ve chosen to go with Kestrel whose last name is not Trajan from The Winner’s Curse. Seriously, Trajan is her father’s first name–it’s not their surname.

Back then, Kestrel was one of the first characters I’d read about who excelled in strategy rather than physical combat. But I’m forever salty that the last book in the series made Kestrel’s relationship with her love interest way more codependent than was necessary. Kestrel could’ve been so much more!

6. IZZIE AND DENNY- a book featuring forbidden love


Isn’t forbidden love Laini Taylor’s brand? Like Romeo and Juliet, Lazlo and Sarai come from two enemy sides, but fall in love with each other pretty quickly. The insta-love in Strange the Dreamer did put me off a bit, but I need to read Muse of Nightmares before I forget everything that went down in Strange the Dreamer.

Image result for lazlo and sarai
Lazlo and Sarai by taratjah

7. MIRANDA BAILEY- a book featuring mental illness


This is own voices representation for the OCD rep! Adam Silvera stated on twitter that the main character Griffin’s compulsions are 100% his own.

8. LEXIE AND MARK- favorite book couple


I still think about Damen and Laurent, imagining how they’d react to certain situations months after reading the Captive Prince series. And in the weeks after I first finished the books, I involuntarily reread my favorite Lamen scenes over and over again.

Damen and Laurent are truly the superior enemies to lovers, and I think that any human–whoever they may be–would have a high chance of falling in love with them too.



This underrated gem is representation galore! The main character is Vietnamese and bisexual, her best friend is trans (I think he’s also a person of color), and most of the characters in this series are diverse in one way or another.

Side note: I think that if this book were adapted, it would look great in animation.

10. GEORGE O’MALLEY- your favorite little cinnamon roll character


I googled the term “cinnamon roll character” and the most common definition I could find was a nice, innocent and trusting character who’s too good for this world. I’m not sure Jamie completely fits that description–he can be cynical at times–but I just want to protect!! him. He has such a cute crush on Charlotte Holmes, and he needs a major self-esteem boost because he is way more capable than he thinks he is!

That’s all, folks! Talk to me in the comments. What’s your favorite TV show? Mine is for sure Brooklyn 99. Also, I don’t know who to tag, so if you’re reading this and you want to do this tag, then consider yourself tagged!

7 thoughts on “The Grey’s Anatomy Book Tag

  1. I love your picks! Lmaooo the mini Kestrel’s-last-name-is-NOT-Trajan rant is everything. Also omg how have I not heard of Not Your Sidekick?? It literally sounds like everything I’ve ever wanted in a book and I need it, like, yesterday. And YES! Brooklyn 99 is one of my favourite tv shows as well! I mean, am I up to date? No. But that’s more to do with the fact that I’m complete trash at staying up to date on tv shows. The fact that I’m actually on the current season is pretty telling of how much I love the show, considering I’m normally two seasons behind on every show I watch 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe thank you!!! And yes you should def check out not your sidekick. I am also sooo behind on tv shows! I just forget about the next season/episodes release date and then when it happens I either forget or stop caring 😂. I’m not exaggerating when I say that B99 is the only show I’m up to date on, and only just recently when I binged the episodes of its latest season after being behind for like, months :,))

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Same!! I also get distracted so easily. Like I’ll start a show, get 5 episodes in, and then find a new show and start that and forget about the other lol. Ahaha I was literally a season behind on B99 a few months ago, I finally caught up, and now I’m already behind again 😅 But I’m starting to experience Andy Samberg withdrawals, so I’ll probably binge the latest episodes soon 😋

        Liked by 1 person

      2. This is why I have no idea what people talk about when they mention tv shows!! you should definitely catch up on b99 because imo, the latest episodes are somehow better then the others (it’s possible somehow)

        Liked by 1 person

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