Places Mentioned in Books that I’d Like to Visit | Top Ten Tuesday

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The prompt says visit, but I would like to live in Hogwarts HAHA. Who doesn’t want to attend Hogwarts and learn magic there? Just imagine the common rooms, visits to Hogsmeade and Quidditch matches!

Ketterdam (or just the whole Grishaverse in general)


I love that the Grishaverse is a world with both magic and technology. And I’d be happy to go anywhere in the Grishaverse, but since my fave is Six of Crows, I’ll just go ahead and pick Ketterdam in particular. I’d watch the play Komedie Brute, visit the Barrel and traverse the city’s many canals. Also, I’m obsessed with Ketterdam because we get an inside look at the greediness of its citizens and how polluted the world there actually is and I could write a whole essay about Ketterdam and the fantastic role it plays in the story, but that would be a (Ketter)damn long essay so I’ll save it for later. 

1889 Paris–but set in The Gilded Wolves!


I’m currently reading The Gilded Wolves, and though I can’t even begin to pronounce half the French proper nouns, I’d still like to visit the world. In this version of Paris, there is a kind of magic called Forging. Forging can do any number of things, but it is commonly used to decorate a room. It can animate plants to open and close by themselves, beautiful lights to flicker without electricity, etc. I’m really not doing Roshani’s descriptions justice, but just read this book and you’ll find out. It’s 19th century Paris but with magic that makes everything even more beautiful to look at. What more do you need to know?

South America


This is a PSA to please read Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard. It’s criminally underrated. It follows a teenage girl who has just graduated high school as she backpacks throughout South America. The main character has so much baggage (get it? Baggage?) to unpack, and we get to see her unpack all of it. Wanderlove also features one of the swoon-worthiest love interests I’ve ever read!

Wherever A Series of Unfortunate Events is set


This is a childhood favorite of mine. While I was reading it, I was hardcore wondering where and when the series was set. It’s never revealed, but I’m pretty sure the books are what you would call steampunk. There are so many places the Baudelaire children go to, but off the top of my head I can remember a weird-ass academy, a circus, a hotel, a submarine, a log factory (?), a slippery slope and an undiscovered island.

The Moors


Seanan McGuire really brought back vampires and werewolves with the dark and gothic Moors! This is my favorite portal in the entire Wayward Children series.

UA Academy


UA is like Hogwarts but for superheroes. It also houses AIZAWA-SENSEI. I really wanna be in this world so that I can find out what my quirk (superpower) would be.



I’ve only read the first book of this duology, and I really need to read the last book. But I would love to explore the many mysteries of Weep alongside the characters! Seriously, Weep is so mysterious and I would love to get to the bottom of all its secrets. Laini Taylor also described Weep so well that it’s impossible not to want to visit it. I’ll probably explore the other kingdoms of this world while I’m at it!

Watford Academy


Yet another fictional school where you can learn magic! I’m not gonna lie, this probably ranks lowest on my list of top fictional schools to visit, but I put this school on here for the characters! Baz and Simon are everything. I would love to meet them and maybe watch some spells in action. Plus, England is my dream country and London is my dream city.

The World of Howl’s Moving Castle


My reason for wanting to visit this world is really selfish. In this world, it’s a superstition?, rule?, gimmick? or whatever that if the youngest of three sisters were to seek out her fortune, she would succeed the most. And guess what? I’m the youngest of three sisters MWAHAHAHAHA.

And that’s it! This is one of my first blog posts. What I realize is that they are so time-consuming to create, but it takes such a short time to read them. I have more mad respect for bloggers now. Anyways, please know that the marble art I use for my blog is by michelle v art on tumblr.

Talk to me in the comments 🙂 What places mentioned in books do you want to visit?

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10 thoughts on “Places Mentioned in Books that I’d Like to Visit | Top Ten Tuesday

    1. I’d go to the Three Broomsticks for butterbeer! Also for SURE Ollivanders because how can I do magic without a wand? I’d also visit Weasley’s Joke Shop because I love Fred & George, and i would love to try and buy items from there! I checked your post out and you had such amazing picks❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This is such a fun post! I would also want to go to Ketterdam but it would be scary and I’m sure I’d get my wallet picked by Kaz ahah. Ravka would also be cool to visit but maybe once things are more peaceful over there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same, but i don’t know why but I’d kinda be grateful? Hahaha, and same, Ravka would be a good choice once the threat of war would be gone

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg yes, I would LOVE to visit Weep! It just seems so magical and whimsical there. I mean, I haven’t read the second book yet either, so maybe the entire city burns down or suddenly becomes horrifically terrible, but I kind of doubt that. Either way, I’m starting Muse of Nightmares with a friend tomorrow, so I guess I’ll find out soon enough, but hopefully the city stays as bright and fantastical as it was in the first book :)) Also, I’d totally visit Ketterdam if the idea of it weren’t so terrifying, but, as I’d rather not die quite yet, it’s probably better if I stay the hell away 😛


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