Blog Tour Review: The Dragon Warrior by Katie Zhao // a Love Letter to Chinese & Diaspora Kids

The gods didn’t give me ultimate strength. My friends and family did.

This! Book! I love it so much, and I know that it will be so important to many young Chinese and/or diaspora kids. Many thanks to Shealea @ Caffeine Book Tours for letting me be part of this blog tour, and for sending me a physical arc to review! If I hadn’t seen Shealea’s sign-ups for this tour, I probably would never have picked The Dragon Warrior up, and what I shame that would’ve been.

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Spooky & Dark Book Recommendations for the Halloween Season 🎃

BOO! 💀

Image result for halloween gifs

(I’m so scary, I know.)

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September 2019 Wrap-up // Another Blog Redesign, 3-Star Reads, & the Return of Gifs

“How is it the end of the month already?” I say for the millionth time.

I swear, months last for two seconds, not thirty days. Every single time, without fail, a month is gone before I can even blink. September was pretty meh, but with October—and I’ve been talking about my excitement for this non-stop—comes my semester break, and I’m so excited.

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The Liebster Award // Get to Know More About Me!

Hello, I’m trying to catch up on the humongous pile of things I’ve been tagged in.

Thank you so much to Laura @ Laura Herondale for nominating me for this award! She nominated me back when she was still posting, so you can guess how long overdue this post is. Anyways, please go follow Laura even though she’s on hiatus. Her content is god tier amazing, and she has the most iconic personality!!

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Blog Tour Review & an INTL Giveway: Crier’s War by Nina Varela // Enemies-to-Lovers but Make if F/F

Justice was a god, and Ayla didn’t believe in such childish things. She believed in blood.

This book worked for me in so many ways, and I can’t wait to boost it forever and always. Though I had some minor complaints, it was such a solid and strong debut. Definitely look out for this book when it comes out!

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